Live A Purpose Driven Life!

What is your purpose? What is your destiny? Have you known for some time what you are meant to do, but you just aren’t sure how to transfer it to your life? Are you still searching for that path you can call your own?

Everyone is blessed with certain gifts, talents and personality traits that can be transferred into a fulfilling, satisfying and wonderful life. Some people know at a young age what they want to be when they grow up. Others, like me, find their purpose through an evolvement of life’s experiences and challenges. Either way, you come to find that it is perfectly right for you.
I truly believe that you have the full potential to feel, develop and achieve your dreams. Yes, you can do it! One of the things that is sad, is when someone with such potential for greatness, is not allowing themselves to step into it and fully own it.

As you commit to living a life of purpose, what drives you may still feel a bit elusive. Many people have no idea if they have a real purpose on earth. Your life purpose is most likely connected to the areas that create passion and meaning in your life.

Get in touch with what really matters to you in the world and in your life. What do you get passionate talking about, doing or exploring? Before taking action or steps think about what gives you that inner surge of excitement. This could be the most important key for long-term staying power and success.

Gather your thoughts and focus your energy towards these ideas. Find a way to involve yourself in this activity. Explore several possibilities before settling on one. However, if one really moves you, go for it!

Connect with other people on a regular basis who are passionate about the same ideals or activities. See how you feel in this new area of movement. Does it stir your passionate energy? This is known as “alignment,” or “being in harmony.” When we are expressing our true inner thoughts, beliefs and ideals through external actions that match those thoughts, beliefs and ideals, we are operating in harmony rather than in conflict. We are practicing what we preach and the flow is smooth and continuous.

Not doing what you love is detrimental to your health, it breaks down your body and being quickly.

Most people think that doing what you love is a luxury, so they settle for something they don’t enjoy. Someone who loves what they’re doing will always perform better than those who don’t. This person will eventually be greatly rewarded because this work matters to them. Part of what you’ll get from being out of alignment in your work is dissatisfaction and burnout. You’ll become bitter and unpleasant, people will not enjoy being around you.

So seek living a purposeful life and enjoy the benefits of doing what you love. I know you can do it. After all, it’s your greatness I am talking about.

Live with Purpose and step into the greatness meant for you! “Mellow Into The Moment” and start “Enjoying A Better You!”


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  1. Thank yu for continue giving us positive energy,yr words creates wonders,disasters,straight thinking,some Men might not like yu,seeing thier women changing….LOL LOL…xxxxx Peace..

    • Change is continuous and we must flow with them. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Wonderful & Inspirational Milo. Like many, I detoured from what I TRULY like to do. Although I have a lucrative job, it does not fill MY sense of purpose. Disclaimer: I ENJOY what I do, and have MASTERED what I do, but I am not PASSIONATE about what I do, and there is a difference. I recently got back on the path to what brings me JOY, my own PURPOSE in life. WE ALL HAVE ONE. We just have to embrace our gifts and/or talents, even if what you do now is not even remotely close to what you want to do. It is NEVER to late to find your purpose, and START living the life you envisioned. You will receive continuous confirmation when you live a purpose filled life, and will be Blessed with unlimited rewards.
    Thank you for the GOOD START to the New Year…CYD

  3. Happy New Year! This article, Live A Purpose Driven Life, is great. This is a good way to start off a new year. Knowing ones purpose and destiny takes planning. We must be meticulous at establishing our individualize goals. Very inspirational.

  4. I thank you also for the GOOD START of the New Year.
    I just can’t believe that you posted this Note in a very late at night.
    You are amazing.
    You are a very good man who loves pumping up other people’s spirits so we all can be better and better in everyday of our lives.
    We are SO blessed to have you here.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, smiley face
    Happy Wonderful New Year.

  5. Happy New Year, Milo!! Thank you again for such Inspiring words!!

  6. Great insights Milo. Well written. Not doing what you are passionate about is certainly detrimental. It will affect your health adversely.

  7. Thanks Milo for the encouragement! I’m doing what I love. I’m a teacher. This is my gift and a part of my purpose. I joke about this job being for me. I tell people this is the only job I’ve ever had, that when I wait up, I don’t tell myself I do not want to go to work. It’s not an easy job, but I love teaching children. I am very passionate about teaching and I know it goes beyond the classroom. Someday, I will see this aspect of my destiny come to pass! I am looking forward to growing with you this year! xoxo

  8. Hello Milo,

    Happy New Year! I am a work in progress…Smile. I too, like you Milo, I am finding my purpose through my life experiences and involvement. I don’t have a complete target as of yet, but I know it is coming. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your positive words…that assist in thinking and feeling with our heart where we are at in life. To do this for someone is a gift, so keep it up Milo.

    So, with the new energy taking over, new creative things will start happening. We are the ones to creative the new all for the better for everyone.

    Thank you again,
    Many blessings, peace, love, light
    be with you this year.
    Gina Marlena

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