Realizing Your Full Potential, You’ll Have to Let People Go!


Mellow Into The Moment......With Milo

Milo EdwardsDo you want to realize your full potential? Well you better be ready to piss some people off! People you know will be upset at you stretching out and becoming more than what they thought of you. Anytime you grow beyond someone’s opinion of you, they’ll get upset because you think more of yourself. In their eyes, who the hell do you think you are! So, “Mellow Into The Moment” and know during your growth you’ll have to leave a number of people behind. You must be willing to outgrow the company you keep and claim what the divine spirit has in store for you! It doesn’t mean you’re better than them or should look down your nose at them, you just decided to go beyond the norm! Grow beyond their opinions, don’t feel guilty and find the authentic you. Let them go and find comfort in being you, you’re…

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