Why Should We Practice Forgiveness?

We’ve all been hurt by the actions of another person. These wounds can leave you with the feelings of anger and bitterness. If you’re a person who doesn’t practice forgiveness you’re setting yourself up to pay one hell of a price for holding on to toxic things that’ll do you no good. But if you choose to embrace forgiveness, you’re embracing peace and a joy filled life.

Forgiveness is the decision to let go of anger, resentment and thoughts of getting even. A large number of people always claim they forgive and let go but that’s not true. We must forgive and with true forgiveness, you don’t get angry when you think about the wrongful act in the future because you’ve let it go. If you get angry about the act after you say you’ve forgiven, you didn’t forgive. Simple as that! Harboring old crap will disrupt and possibly destroy your present moment, blocking your blessings. Forgiving can lead to better understanding of things, compassion and empathy, even for the one who wronged you.

This doesn’t mean that you allow the other person to dodge responsibility for hurting you, it also doesn’t mean you minimize the misdeed. It just means that even though you’ve been wronged, you’re going to have peace and move forward with your life. Leaving the past behind and remaining open to the boundless positive possibilities the future has to offer.

You can’t expect something positive to enter your life when you’re dragging around your past, which clogs up the entrance. Let go and be grateful! Forgiving leads to healthier relationships, low stress, mental well-being and lessens the possibility of anxiety and depression.

We must practice forgiveness in order to grow forward in a positive light!

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  1. I was just tellin my girlfriend Gioia about forgiveness. My B.F. Is not the greatest but for the moment we live together. There’s lots of little stupid stuff he does cause he’s…well still not mature..even though he’s 41. And im always forgiving him cause its not worth the anger or the time it takes up in our lives. That’s soooo wierd how will be talkin about somethin and there u go posting somethin about it…ur tooo much!!..LOVE that ur in my brain…I still call u my twin..have a great night Milo…lots of Love, april

    • We are one in the same energy April!

  2. Amen!Lack of Forgiveness traps us of a shiny future and often does not allow one to see all the beautiful things thats present as well as the greatness we can achieve in the future…..also be patient with yourself,dont force it- one has to be willing and ready to let the past go.Then stay present in the Moment,The NOW!-cause that is all we got,the future is unknown,the past is over and the now is here…so live it up-FOrgive and be FREE!!!!!.

    • Fly and be free Carol, forgiveness gives you wings.

  3. Hi Milo, I am amazed at how in tune you are with the Spirit. I just had to forgive. I have always practice forgiveness, but from afar. I just had to forgive something and someone who I could have just walked away from, but I chose to forgive. We are continuing the relationship, I have not forgotten what they did, and they acknowledged what they did. My Pastor preached a message to men on Sunday pasted, which help me alot when it came to understanding why that person did what they did. The message was entitled “A Caveman with a King’s Anointing.” It explained how men cope with they problems, by withdrawing from those they love ones, in order to solve their problem. It was an awesome message. I appreciate your willingness to be open to hear from God, so his people can be blessed! xoxo

    • Thanks Sylvia, I meditate daily and live in the truth. Thanks for your acknowledgment!

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