Why Should We Practice Forgiveness?

We’ve all been hurt by the actions of another person. These wounds can leave you with the feelings of anger and bitterness. If you’re a person who doesn’t practice forgiveness you’re setting yourself up to pay one hell of a price for holding on to toxic things that’ll do you no good. But if you choose to embrace forgiveness, you’re embracing peace and a joy filled life.

Forgiveness is the decision to let go of anger, resentment and thoughts of getting even. A large number of people always claim they forgive and let go but that’s not true. We must forgive and with true forgiveness, you don’t get angry when you think about the wrongful act in the future because you’ve let it go. If you get angry about the act after you say you’ve forgiven, you didn’t forgive. Simple as that! Harboring old crap will disrupt and possibly destroy your present moment, blocking your blessings. Forgiving can lead to better understanding of things, compassion and empathy, even for the one who wronged you.

This doesn’t mean that you allow the other person to dodge responsibility for hurting you, it also doesn’t mean you minimize the misdeed. It just means that even though you’ve been wronged, you’re going to have peace and move forward with your life. Leaving the past behind and remaining open to the boundless positive possibilities the future has to offer.

You can’t expect something positive to enter your life when you’re dragging around your past, which clogs up the entrance. Let go and be grateful! Forgiving leads to healthier relationships, low stress, mental well-being and lessens the possibility of anxiety and depression.

We must practice forgiveness in order to grow forward in a positive light!

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Give Without Expectation of Receiving Anything in Return!

Giving isn’t always about helping someone, it’s about serving. It’s about giving what you have to offer the world without the expectation of receiving anything in return. It’s about doing what needs to be done without being asked to do it. You’ll be giving of yourself and giving attention to things and people around you without taking anything anyway from yourself. Anything less than this is an injustice to the essence of giving and anything more is a potential domination based action.

Give of what you have without expecting to receive anything in return. Do what needs to be done; nothing more, nothing less! Give lovingly and joyously, there’s nothing more to do or can be done. There are many things you receive daily that were given by others out of the kindness of their hearts. We’re all guilty of not noticing these free gifts that are a blessing in our daily lives. We don’t even know what person to thank in most cases. But they were given because it needed to be done and someone took the responsibility to make it happen.

Put forth an effort to give! This is a reward within itself for you, the universe and those who benefit from your thoughtfulness. Sit for a moment and think of what you know needs to be done and go do it.

Someone will be grateful and it will not deplete you, it’ll display the love, joy, kindness and compassion that lives within you! Your service to the world is to share your message and talents! The only responsibility you have is to deliver and not judge!

Why Are People Afraid To Be Alone!

Just because you’re afraid of being alone isn’t a good reason to stay in a relationship. For you to stay in that situation is a betrayal and dishonor to yourself. When you stay stuck in that illusion of  happiness, just to be with someone you lose your connection to your self-worth. At that point you’re being unsupported, unappreciated and/or unacknowledged in your relatioship. When you have to give yourself a reason to stay and think happiness, joy and love is just around the corner, you’re minimizing you! We also often get into relationships with the wrong people just because we are afraid and don’t want to be alone.

I know it’s hard to realize that the way we treat ourselves sets an example for others as to how to treat us, but it’s true. Many of us allow people to treat us the way they have because we have no idea we can be treated better. Being treated badly becomes acceptable because we think it’s better than being alone. I’ve been guilty of it myself and just wanted to hold on to her, just so I could say, “I have a woman!” During my weakened state of being due to unfortunate events in my life. She treated me bad because I allowed her to treat me bad and I was treating myself bad by not loving, honoring and respecting myself enough to know better. That was the ultimate act of me betraying me! The ultimate insult to self-love! By the time I acknowledged to myself what was happening and tried to change it, it was too late. I’d let it go on for so long it became common place to her and I couldn’t change it, she was too comfortable with it. After acknowledging it to myself and trying to make a change, I could no longer claim being a victim. If I stayed, I would be creating and facilitating the abuse, dishonor and disrespect I was receiving. So I left and never looked back! It was hard but every time I felt uneasy about it, I reminded myself how bad I was treated and I had taken enough, time to let go and grow.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in a relationship to work things out but when nothings working it’s time to go. There’s nothing wrong with being alone, it’s better than being treated bad. It allows you time to become more aware of you, heal, heighten your level of consciousness, self-love and get back in touch with your self-worth. Being alone treating your self better will be an example to the next person entering your life how to treat you.

You may think being alone is worse than being in a relationship that isn’t working. Take some time for you to have an open honest conversation with you. Tell yourself the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! He or she who lies to themselves is a fool! Ask yourself, “Why am I afraid to be alone with me? Why do I continue to allow them to treat me bad? Is this the best I can do? Why do I stay in this relationship? Am I truly loving, honoring and respecting myself? Is this where I want to be? Are they ever going to change? Are they actively working towards change? Write the answers down and read them to yourself out loud! Hear yourself speaking the truth that is coming from within you. Then make a decision as to the direction you want to go and stick to it!

Spend some time with you and you’ll realize you can consult, console and respond appropriately to anything! There’s nothing wrong with being alone sometime. If you can’t stand to be alone with you, how can you expect anyone else to want too!

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Greatness Is Yours!

Greatness exist in all of us, it’s not esoteric, a mystery or a secret, we all have it within us to be great and we’re born complete, with all the tools needed!

This is who I am, what I believe and I’m going to do what’s needed to achieve my goals. That’s it, yes it’s that simple but we tend to complicate things for ourselves by looking for complexities and sabotaging our own lives with the crap we seek and we find. Yes, we seek and we find crap that stagnates our growth and in a lot of cases put us in reverse! We must make a behavioral change and not seek complexities, this will enable us to achieve a positive result and move forward.

Where you are, isn’t where you have to be! There’s a higher level of consciousness and existence but you have to show up and be willing to do the work. We all have some sort of talent but how hard do you work at turning that talent into a skill that’s better than the rest? You have to build a strong work ethic and in it’s growth, you’ll grow too. Grow to believe in yourself, grow in self worth, faith, honor, respect and project the positive energy needed to achieve anything. This skill has to be nurtured, while others are sleeping, partying or walking around in a delusional state, you’re working, studying to become better and advancing each day. Everyday, you must do at least one thing geared towards where you want to be. I don’t care how small it is, always do your best. The divine spirit and the universe will open up to your desires, if you move towards your goals faithfully!

Represent a positive idea, know that you can really do anything you desire and make this world a better place! You can have an idea and make that idea reality! But first you must believe in yourself! You have to believe that things can be different and you can make a difference! Our thoughts, ideas and dreams are realistic material in the spiritual realm of being. If we visualize and expand our dreams, we can make them reality! You must commit yourself to your goals and move towards them and demand it happen. Commit, believe and do the work. DO THE WORK!  Don’t get off the path! When you encounter something or someone trying to change your direction. Say, “excuse me but I’m not going that way, I’m going over here” and move towards your goals. You’re going to leave a number of people behind and piss them off but that’s O.K., you have somewhere to go, so go! You can flow effortlessly if you’re willing to do the work and have faith and trust yourself. Don’t allow fear to conquer you, let it motivate you, your breakthrough is on the other side of your fear! He who says he can and he who says he can’t are usually both right. Be the one who says I can, because yes you can! Dream, stand-up and go execute!

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