Where Are All The Good Black Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normally I don’t write about race, I just write about people growing forward because we all share the same types of emotions and desires for joy in our lives. There’s no separation due to race in my heart and being, separation based on race, color or creed are some of the reasons our world is in turmoil and causes great suffering to the masses, drowning in ignorance! But I’ve been asked about this subject often and I feel a need to respond.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the ratio of black women to men in the U.S. is approximately 150 million women to 144 million men. That breaks down to, for every 100 black females, there are about 88 black males.

Many black men don’t understand the reasoning behind the black female’s belief that there’s a shortage of good black men. To men, it appears that women have become so transfixed on there being a shortage, many don’t take the time to notice the “Good Black Men” who are available. This is true and makes it easy for black women to become dismissive of the black male when things don’t go their way, “Girl he was no good” is what they’ll say.  A number of black women never take responsibility for their own actions and run black men away. This is where the true exploration of the depths of the thought exist.

Women aren’t looking for just any guy. They want quality men, with good character, and are of substance. Men tend to be more logical in their thought process, we want tangible facts. We tend to take a more physical position by believing that if you can hear, see and touch us, how can we not exist and there not be enough of us for you?

But ask any woman and she’ll admit plenty of black men exist, but not many of whom she would want to give the time of day.

Also, there is a well known fact Black women believe there are specific reasons for the shortages. The number of Black men residing in prisons, black men who choose to date women outside of their race and black men who are homosexual, bisexual, or live in a manner society doesn’t consider to be, “heterosexual.” This makes up a good portion of men who don’t typically seek relationships with women. For these reasons subtract 20 from the 88, leaving 68 men for 100 women.

But then you have to ask, “What is woman’s definition of a good man?” If women desire men of integrity and great moral fiber, then you must subtract another 20 from the group of 68 left. This accounts for the black males who just aren’t living right. Who let the dogs out! But remember there are female dogs too!

Where does this leave us and what does it leave us with?

We’re left with 48 available Black men for every 100 Black women. This doesn’t include the good black men who’re already married and assuming there are 100 good Black women out there for the 48 black men to meet. How many of you ladies should be removed from that 100? Surely not all 100 women are good and a number of you don’t take responsibility and will blame men for everything! Though your numbers are higher, some men think you’re hard to find too. Are you ladies realistic in your assessment of yourself?

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their crap, heighten their awareness and become better more responsible people.

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People May Think You’re Crazy! Still move Forward!

Jesus Family thought he was crazy! Jesus family heard what he was doing, they thought he was crazy and wanted to get him under control! His mother and brothers went to see Jesus and bring him home. Even the people in his village thought he was beside himself!

Whatever course you decide upon there will be people who think you’re crazy, not worthy, have low expectations of you or just want to hold you back. Difficulties will arise and your critic’s will smile and say, “I told you so!”  Don’t listen to them, they don’t have a clue concerning your divine order and what’s in store for you.

Don’t deny yourself because of someone else’s opinion of you, lack of belief in you or thinking you’re not in your right mind. Step up and make a choice to succeed. Your life changes the moment you flip the switch and make a decision to do something different to obtain a different result towards your positive growth. Don’t stand stagnant with the masses! Change and move forward! Change doesn’t take years it happens in a moment. Just flip the switch, have faith and don’t worry about others thinking you’re crazy!

Have the courage and faith to see beyond your critics, beyond your family, friends and others opinion of you!

What Is Your Spiritual Plan?

Let’s start the work week off by remembering, acknowledging, trusting, having faith and expressing gratitude for the divine spirit seeing us through and bringing us to this exact moment in time. Now do you have a clear spiritual plan? Do you know where you want to be and where you’re headed? You cannot achieve success without spiritual stamina and strength. How do you achieve and maintain it?

A spiritual plan clearly states your intentions, what growth you want to experience within yourself and what needs to be done to make it happen. It’s not only prayer and meditation but it’s actions concerning what you will and wont do and what you can and can’t, in order to achieve your goal. You must be willing to have a real open honest heart to heart talk with yourself about where you are and how you arrived there. Then you’ll have to truthfully ask yourself if that’s where you want to be. If not you must make a behavioral change to eliminate or incorporate what’s needed to grow forward. This must be done for you and by you, if you’re really serious about spiritual growth.

Take the time to examine where you are, how you got there and what’s needed to get through it and grow. You can’t grow spiritually until you clear the way and you must have a plan to clear the way.

Assuming Isn’t Clarity!

During your lifetime you’ll meet people who assume they have all the answers, some who think they know and some who are total impostors of understanding. They’ll smile and laugh with you all the while leading you down the wrong road. They’ll tell you all is well and you should feel great about what they’re saying, “trust me” is what they’ll say. They’ll tell you they understand, they’ll tell you they know and want you to be comfortable with their decisions because, THEY KNOW!

But when it comes to the confirmation of understanding, all you’ll get from them is bad representation, communication and interpretation. Then in the end you’ll be blamed for all that has happened due to the misunderstanding. Sounds crazy huh? This happens everyday, all over the world.

People will mimic knowledge, kindness, love, honor, respect, compassion and concern to uplift themselves and convince you their on your side. Then they’ll abandon you, leaving you wondering what happened and why!

When this occurs don’t be shocked and surprised. When dealing with other people you must accept they’re not always on your side  or the same page as you. You must heighten your level of awareness and consciousness, so you’ll have a better chance of gaining clarity in the beginning and not when it’s too late. Unless you seek clarity in the beginning and stop assuming people know what you want, where you’re headed, you’ll end up behind the eight ball in awkward situations in life. People will continue to impersonate and mislead you until you take responsibility to make sure, YOU KNOW!

Assuming isn’t clarity, KNOWING IS! Take the time to gain clarity in all situations, it’ll make life’s direction clearer and smoother. Don’t assume others know how you feel, what you want or expect. Express yourself clearly by defining what you want and what you expect to happen.

Clarify what you’re saying, what you expect, what you understand and know, not assume! GAIN CLARITY!

Life Will Never Give Up On You!

I’m here to tell you today that “life will never give up on you” you’re too special and you have a purpose. Sometimes you may believe that life is working against you. You must understand that life’s experiences strengthens you, every weakness you have is strengthened through experience. You may be ready to give up sometimes but when things get tough it’s good to remember it can’t stay that way forever. A setback is a setup for a come up! What you’re missing is the fact that your character, which is developed over time creates the strength and essence of you. How you respond when your back is against the wall speaks volumes about your character. Your character is continually being adjusted and fine tuned especially for you and your life.

When life sees an opportunity for you to grow, it’ll move the universe out of your way so you can step into the light. Your character must move you to respond appropriately and step into this perfect place of being. Take time to develop and allow your character to shine. Focus on being full of faith, trust, consideration, joy, awareness,  acknowledgment, acceptance, kindness, compassion, patience, love, honor and respect! These are tools used to create and fine tune your character, determining your response to life’s ups and downs, circumstances and situations.

Be patient and allow the divine spirit to work divine order, “life will never give up on you” you’re too special and you have a purpose.