Greatness is Yours!

Milo EdwardsGreatness exist in all of us, it’s not esoteric, a mystery or a secret, we all have it within us to be great and we’re born complete, with all the tools needed!

This is who I am, what I believe and I’m going to do what’s needed to achieve my goals. That’s it, yes it’s that simple but we tend to complicate things for ourselves by looking for complexities and sabotaging our own lives with the crap we seek and we find. Yes, we seek and we find crap that stagnates our growth and in a lot of cases put us in reverse! We must make a behavioral change and not seek complexities, this will enable us to achieve a positive result and move forward.

Where you are, isn’t where you have to be! There’s a higher level of consciousness and existence but you have to show up and be willing to do the work. We all have some sort of talent but how hard do you work at turning that talent into a skill that’s better than the rest? You have to build a strong work ethic and in it’s growth, you’ll grow too. Grow to believe in yourself, grow in self worth, faith, honor, respect and project the positive energy needed to achieve anything. This skill has to be nurtured, while others are sleeping, partying or walking around in a delusional state, you’re working, studying to become better and advancing each day. Everyday, you must do at least one thing geared towards where you want to be. I don’t care how small it is, always do your best. The divine spirit and the universe will open up to your desires, if you move towards your goals faithfully!

Represent a positive idea, know that you can really do anything you desire and make this world a better place! You can have an idea and make that idea reality! But first you must believe in yourself! You have to believe that things can be different and you can make a difference! Our thoughts, ideas and dreams are realistic material in the spiritual realm of being. If we visualize and expand our dreams, we can make them reality! You must commit yourself to your goals and move towards them and demand it happen. Commit, believe and do the work. DO THE WORK!  Don’t get off the path! When you encounter something or someone trying to change your direction. Say, “excuse me but I’m not going that way, I’m going over here” and move towards your goals. You’re going to leave a number of people behind and piss them off but that’s O.K., you have somewhere to go, so go! You can flow effortlessly if you’re willing to do the work and have faith and trust yourself. Don’t allow fear to conquer you, let it motivate you, your breakthrough is on the other side of your fear! He who says he can and he who says he can’t are usually both right. Be the one who says I can, because yes you can! Dream, stand-up and go execute!

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  1. Hello,

    Just to say, i’m agree with you !!!
    respect, enjoy, pray, be a god person and work a lot ourself and others to make a good life, family, job.

    Sometimes is difficult to think like that but we don’t built in one day, take time, stay focus if you want really something and… one day your dream come !!!!!


  2. “So far from where I started out;
    So far from where I wanna be…” (india.arie)
    This was a fantstic way to start the week, Milo. Thanks, again, for the heart-felt words and reminders. You are an inspiration! ♥

  3. Milo, Ahhhhhhhhhh..this was magnificent. Well, I’m here to tell you my wait is over, “This morning, while on my walk, I was thinking about this same thing. I was asking myself if I was pursuing the right career, Does it celebrate my strengths, creativity and leave me feeling fulfilled and enriched at the end of the day. I’m I reaping the financial rewards I deserve. Finally someone who can help me connect the dots, to believe in me, and make sense of it all. I Got It! I think this is your most empowering message yet Milo. This will help me clarify my mission in life from now on. Thanks Milo..

  4. “Everyday, you must do at least one thing geared towards where you WANT to be.” This is the most motivating directive we can receive, and beneficial if we take heed and execute. I agree that we are born with everything we need to acheive everything God has wired us to accomplish – it is up to each individual to decide to DO THE WORK. Thank you Milo for reminding some of us who we are, and challenging us to make whatever we have to offer – do what it do!! Your inspiration is refreshing!

  5. GREAT WAY 2BEGIN THE WEEK——INSPIRED!!! I am my own cheerleader2 Milo-meaning just that. I cheer 4me all the time. It is GOOD 2have GOOD people around you ALWAYS, don’t get me wrong on that. However, when the door closes, and the lights go out, there are 3people that are always there ALWAYS—-ME, MYSELF and I. You can listen 2 an inspirational speaker, read inspirational books, watch inspirational shows and plays. BUT in the long run and at the end of the day, it is still up to you to get up and EXECUTE your plan. It is time 2 stop saying what you are going 2 do thru empty promises and JUST SIMPLY DO IT. When you are on a mission of self improvement, you ALWAYS are going2 leave some former associations behind. Some people are only meant 2b in your life 4a season while others are there 4them ALL! Having said that people, we are approaching FALL 2GETHER–hope 2see you in the WINTER months as well! BE BLESSED, BE SAFE, BE INSPIRED……CYD

  6. Milo…you are 100%right! Greatness is within each of us. Our job is, however, is to dive in and dig out all of the golden nuggets of wisdom God has placed within us. Greatness is there…but it’s our job to discover it within ourselves and bring it up to the surface so that it can be seen by all who feast their eyes in our direction. God didn’t make “mediocre” people, “mediocre” is the byproduct of how a person thinks and, consequently, what a person does! As the saying goes “AS A MAN THINKETH…SO IS HE! That applies to women as well. THANKS FOR MY DAILY DOSE OF NOURISHMENT! Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  7. Milo,
    I am so glad to have found you…It is so inspiring to have a positive person around you…I enjoyed the article tremendously. There is so much truth to what you write.

    Thank you and I look forward to reading and being inspired by you…also doing my part in the band of things.

    Love, Peace, Light
    Gina Marlena


  9. Each of us is great insofar as we perceive and act on the infinite possibilities which lie undiscovered and unrecognized about us.

    Thanks for the reminder Milo!
    Be Blessed.

  10. I CAN! I WILL! I MUST! Thank you for these words. We all have a vision or dream that we must work toward. It is daily to execute toward the manifestation of what we see or whatever we desire. We must not stress over what we didn’t get done today, but must look at todays work and say, “it is good.” then wake tomorrow and work towards our goal in efforts to make our dream reality. And while i don’t mind people going with me, not everyone is destined to dwell in my destiny…i will lead but i wont drag or send an invite. I look forward to more inspiration. I am proud of you.

    miss charuty

    • Thank you Charity for your kind words. I’ll always do my best to share all I can!

  11. MILO! Whats up man. Thanks for the very inspirational pep talk coach! Keep it up, I might get my cape out the cleaners and get back to doin some good. Haha. Good work bro!

  12. LOVE IT! Needed to hear this today! Keep on inspiring like you doing my friend!

  13. Work ethic is key! I often wonder why so many people can give 8, 10, 15 hours a day to an employer but when it comes time to working on their own dreams it’s now time to take a nap or sit in front of the TV. There is nothing more up lifting and motivating than to work on your own projects. Passion will always out rule ambition for money. Put enough effort towards your passions and money will never be an issue again.

    Perfect message to start the week! Thanks Milo.

  14. You are so right! We must step back and take a good look at ourselves and evaluate the positive things in our lives. Once we recognize who we are and work on those strengths within us, we can conquer all.
    I personally hang onto the biblical verse that states:
    “I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me.”
    Thank you for your words of inspiration.

  15. Hello Milo, Thanks a lot. I want my behavioral change!!! God bless you!

  16. Thank you Milo I’ve started to make that change, little things one at a time, taking a closer look at myself and noticing the behaviour that needs improvement, I have started to work on it but simply acknowledging it has been a major thing. The last two days I have started to feel so relieved and at peace with myself something I haven’t felt for a very long time. I have started to visualize my dreams what I really want and know I will get it if I dont allow the crap to come into my life again. Thanks for being there

    • Acknowledgment is the first and biggest step!

  17. Milo, Your inspiration is very refreshing, I feel if you
    can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it. So follow your dreams and God will work with you to achieve it. Be the change you want to see. Never believe in your doubts…….and never doubt your beliefs. It’s always better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret!

    Thank Milo as always.

  18. I apprecite this reminder. Self Fulfilling Prophecy, if you think you can, then you will!

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