You Have A Purpose

IMG_0398We were all created to be productive in this world, none of us are inherently bad. We each were born to fulfill a purpose! We each have talents and abilities that may seem similar but are like no other person. Everything you do plays a role in your understanding of your purpose in life. Every relationship and interaction contributes to your understanding and encouragement of your purpose. Relationships and interactions are opportunities to extract information that’s useful to you reaching your goals.

You need to become clear about where you’re headed by focusing on your ideas and plans. Then you must stick to it and not allow yourself or others to get you off track. People have a tendency to be influenced by their environment and lose touch with their authentic self ¬†and their purpose on earth.

The information you need to get back on track and pursue your purpose is readily available to you, because it belongs to you and you’re worthy of having it. Having a healthy balance of mind, body and soul will help bring forth the authentic you and reveal your purpose. You’ll be driven in the direction of your purpose and all you’ve learned along the way will enable you to succeed.

You may still be wondering what your purpose is? Sit down, think of what moves you, your life’s experiences and ask your creator for help and instructions. The divine spirit is available 24/7 and waiting to assist you, just ask. Your purpose awaits your presence!

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_MG_3114Do you think you’re worthy of a miracle? Do you feel as though incredible things should happen in your life, like in the lives of others? Do you think if you asked for a miracle, it’ll become part of divine order and the divine spirit will grant your request?

Miracles are possible if you’re willing to open up your heart to receiving. You must have faith and be open for the divine to work miracles in your life. If you believe it can happen, it really can happen because miracles happen all the time but only if you believe you’re worthy of the miracle and you’re open to receiving it.

Feeling worthy may be a new feeling for you but it’s like any other new feeling. You’ll be a little uncomfortable at first, but as time goes on you’ll become more comfortable. With that comfort comes less doubt, more confidence and with confidence comes the belief you deserve more for the positive work you’ve put in.

This new feeling is part of the path to receiving miracles and believing you’re worthy. Just keep asking the divine for miracles and working on moving in a positive direction. Providing positive service to the masses and increasing your self-worth, which will increase your divine connection and probability of receiving your miracle.

So open up your heart, nourish and honor your dreams, believe in miracles, know you deserve your miracle, you’ve done the work and you’re worthy!

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Eliminate Restrictive Thought’s About Yourself

IMG_2228Don’t confine yourself by limiting your thought’s and beliefs about you. Your present circumstances may affect your thought’s of you but they’re not permanent. Circumstances can, do and will change! They may have an effect on you but aren’t the deciding factor in life, so don’t limit your thought’s and belief’s to what is now.

You’re not what’s happening to you right now. You’re how you handle what’s happening to you right now! I’ve always felt you should leave a relationship or situation the same pleasant loving way you entered, never thinking less of yourself but learning from that interaction. Extracting positive information and relieving yourself of the negative, which will allow you to grow forward. You’re the person traveling through your present surroundings, you’re not the surrounding itself .

You can’t allow yourself to be limited to what you see before you, your potential is boundless so think beyond your present moment in a positive manner. Only things that matter are the things you allow too! So give life to the boundless, limitless, unstoppable, loving, honorable, respectful, energetic force you are and know circumstances are temporary. You can’t get down on yourself; worry and anxiety blocks your connection to the divine. But have faith and keep moving forward, which strengthens your connection with the divine and fuels your future, opening doors along the way.

Never allow your identity to be determined by your present surroundings, circumstances or conditions. Think and live in the boundless arena which is you, eliminating restrictive thought’s of you, that can stunt your growth!

“Mellow Into The Moment” and “Enjoy A Better You”

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What Is Love Itself

IMG_1752Love is what you are already. Love doesn’t seek anything, it’s already complete. Love doesn’t want, need, have obligations nor is it conditional. It already has everything it wants and needs, a full helping of just being love. So when I hear people say they love someone and want them to love them back. I know they’re not talking about true love. They’re talking about something else because love doesn’t need to be loved back it’s already loving itself.

Seeking love is where you lose the awareness of loves presence and begin an illusion in the moment but you can’t lose love because that’s what we all are. When you rid your mind of the crap and start to love, honor and respect yourself. You become clear and love pours into your life and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Love brings everything together without condition and to have it you must be free of needs from others. You already have everything you need and if you feel you need something from someone else, take a look at your thinking process. Anything someone wants you to have they’ll give you and if they don’t you shouldn’t feel any less loved, take time to love you some you because you are love.

Love is so boundless, there’s nothing you can do with it. All you can do is be it, BE LOVE!

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Move Closer To Clarity

_MG_3049Let today be the beginning of your plan to remove clutter, congestion and conflict from your life. Free yourself from unproductive, negative thought’s of yourself and others. Release all grudges, pinned up negatives, heal old wounds and settle mental debts. Starting today clear the debris from your mind getting rid of anger, guilt, shame and fear that’s clogging your mind and holds you back.

Once you clear this crap from your mind, you’ll find you have more time to celebrate the beauty and creativity of you, embrace you, your self value and build a stronger connection with the divine. Which will open the door for you to become aware of your blessings and your connection with the spirit. Clearing your mind will allow you to make better decisions and see the changes needed to be made in your life.

A clear mind is the perfect roadmap to exactly what you’re looking for. You’ve got to have a plan seeking clarity in order to secure positive mental health heading into the future. This plan will provide you with the energy and time to think about what’s going on and how you want to grow. You must filter all things that come into your life. Say no to the negative entering your mind because even though you say, “It’s nothing,” it’s always something and registers in your brain. You must exercise your mind daily removing what’s not needed and making room for the boundless positive new beginnings. This will keep you from getting stuck and promote positive growth!

Create a mental plan for clarity, to free yourself, improve and develop your mental facilities, promoting growth!

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Your Spirit Is Your Driving Force

IMG_2300Your spirit guides you not your family, friends, lover or associates! They’re passengers, only your spirit is the driving force in your life. Some believe it’s their morals, personality and character that matter. In that case you’ll believe there’s things you can’t do, due to those beliefs. As long as you listen to the passengers in your life, you’ll probably wander in the wilderness lost.

When you’re ready to make a life changing decision, rely upon your spirit as the driving force, not your passengers. Your passengers are always questioning, judging, seeking complexities, looking over your shoulder, pointing fingers and trying to lead you and they don’t totally know you.

The true leader, your driven spirit has it all under control and doesn’t need the passengers advice. If you ask, your spirit will guide you like a GPS system and you’ll never become lost. Because your spirit knows, what to do, when to do it, how to do it and what the end result will be. Your spirit knows when to work, when to rest and what conditions await you in the future. Your spirit unlike your passengers seeks a smooth comfortable ride for you and knows the best way to get it. Your spirit has great concern for your personal growth on this journey and will protect you from the negatives.

Don’t allow the passengers in your life to drive you, allow your spirit to connect with the divine in you and flow. Take a look at yourself and acknowledge how you’ve allowed passengers in your life to drive you. Then make the behavioral change and allow your driven spirit to take control of the wheel. You’ll soon begin to see your spirit guiding you in the direction the divine would have you go. Your Spirit Is Your Driving Force!

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Open Your Heart And Mind To Awareness

IMG_0379One day something in your brain will click and you’ll become aware of just what you’re suppose to be doing! At that moment you’ll be drawn into a new yet unknown place of being meant for you. It may scare you but at the same time you’ll be at ease in the not knowing state, because your faith will take over and you’ll open up to learn what you need on this journey of discovery. You’ll be willing to surrender everything in order to move towards your destiny. You’ll be aware of what needs to be done and do it. It’s going to upset some people because you’ll no longer have time for their crap, you’ll outgrow some relationships and start living beyond others opinions. Some will become extremely confused because you’re so clear. They’ll try to make you feel you’re confused but don’t worry about their lack of clarity.

As people in your life begin to know who you are, they’ll become comfortable with you. Knowing what to expect from you and what you expect from them. Awareness is a beautiful self loving thing you should be grateful for. It’s a starting point of growth and if you get a little off track, sit and ask the divine spirit to guide you. You’ll soon find yourself on track again growing onward and upward.

So when your brain clicks and you see the light be thankful for awareness! You don’t need anyone to approve your thoughts, ideas or insights. Turn it over to the divine and enjoy the light that shines form your heart and mind!

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Program Your Mind For Victory

ThinkerPROGRAM YOUR MIND FOR VICTORY! Speak kindly to yourself at all times and know your blessing are chasing you down. All you have to do is get out of the way of yourself! Your mind works perfectly fine at allowing you to become exactly what you think. Whatever you want to be expand your mind focus on it, be and become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, dentist, chef, entrepreneur etc. So think positive and become stronger, having greater results by programming your mind for success. Get in agreement with the divine spirit and know you have favor. Start acting like you have favor, be thankful for it and live by faith. Stop putting things off and seeking excuses, stand up and say, “this is what needs to be done today” and do it. Speak your future into being and move in the direction of growth. Take action with what you know, just knowing isn’t good enough. The richest man in the world isn’t the smartest, he’s the one who took action. Stop denying yourself and make a change now.

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