Greatness Is Yours!

Greatness exist in all of us, it’s not esoteric, a mystery or a secret, we all have it within us to be great and we’re born complete, with all the tools needed!

This is who I am, what I believe and I’m going to do what’s needed to achieve my goals. That’s it, yes it’s that simple but we tend to complicate things for ourselves by looking for complexities and sabotaging our own lives with the crap we seek and we find. Yes, we seek and we find crap that stagnates our growth and in a lot of cases put us in reverse! We must make a behavioral change and not seek complexities, this will enable us to achieve a positive result and move forward.

Where you are, isn’t where you have to be! There’s a higher level of consciousness and existence but you have to show up and be willing to do the work. We all have some sort of talent but how hard do you work at turning that talent into a skill that’s better than the rest? You have to build a strong work ethic and in it’s growth, you’ll grow too. Grow to believe in yourself, grow in self worth, faith, honor, respect and project the positive energy needed to achieve anything. This skill has to be nurtured, while others are sleeping, partying or walking around in a delusional state, you’re working, studying to become better and advancing each day. Everyday, you must do at least one thing geared towards where you want to be. I don’t care how small it is, always do your best. The divine spirit and the universe will open up to your desires, if you move towards your goals faithfully!

Represent a positive idea, know that you can really do anything you desire and make this world a better place! You can have an idea and make that idea reality! But first you must believe in yourself! You have to believe that things can be different and you can make a difference! Our thoughts, ideas and dreams are realistic material in the spiritual realm of being. If we visualize and expand our dreams, we can make them reality! You must commit yourself to your goals and move towards them and demand it happen. Commit, believe and do the work. DO THE WORK!  Don’t get off the path! When you encounter something or someone trying to change your direction. Say, “excuse me but I’m not going that way, I’m going over here” and move towards your goals. You’re going to leave a number of people behind and piss them off but that’s O.K., you have somewhere to go, so go! You can flow effortlessly if you’re willing to do the work and have faith and trust yourself. Don’t allow fear to conquer you, let it motivate you, your breakthrough is on the other side of your fear! He who says he can and he who says he can’t are usually both right. Be the one who says I can, because yes you can! Dream, stand-up and go execute!

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  1. Good Morning Milo: love the pic, This is right on point. I always remember there are no mistakes only lessons. so when you love your self, you trust your choices
    and everything is possible. Life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances,
    losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories and learning from the day. I’ve always said the proof of your desire is in your pursuit! Much love to Milo
    keep being the gift of god. Keep up the great work your doing. Much lox maan

  2. Thank you for this Milo! I love where you say, “Where you are, isn’t where you have to be! There’s a higher level of consciousness and existence but you have to show up and be willing to do the work.” That’s the key right there. Being willing to show up and do the work. We sometimes get into the What I call, “Bunny Foo Foo” Mentality, which says””Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms” from the childrens song. But that is a defeatist attitude. And when we look back on our lives a year, ten or more we find we have gotten no further than where we starte. God made no failures. We all have greatness in us as you said. Now it’s a matter of believing it, and living it!

  3. Hello Milo,

    Look like you’ve done it again! I usually enjoy reading the many topics you write about and some usually hit home. Greatness is Yours should be a motto for everyone. This makes me think about damaged goods, even though the package outside is damaged, it’s what is inside that matters. We ALL have good inside of us we just need to focus on what it is. Fear of the unknown is what stops many in their tracks, but using that FEAR to motivates, never thought about that, “…your breakthrough is on the other side of that fear”. Thank you Milo, I will start using my fear to motivate me.

  4. I needed this. I have a lot of Work to do. And I do sometimes want to give up. But so much has been revealed to me recently about my life course. I really can’t afford to give up now. Giving up would be resigning to my past. I needed this to re-focus on first things first..
    Thank You Milo
    And you have a GREAT DAY!

  5. Thank you! Very encouraging and TRUE!

  6. Thanks Milo, I needed to hear this. I am embarking on several of my goals this year. I know I have greatness in me, but I was allowing the fear of failure to stagnate me. I will do want I need to do this year to accomplish those things I know I need to do. I might and you said, piss some people off, but I have to do wants best for me. My affirmation this year will be, I can, I will, and I must! God Bless you! xoxo

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