Stop Criticizing So Much!

_MG_2053Why deprive yourself of a great experience because you wont open up to the divine within you. You’re so protective of yourself, confined to a small group of people recycling the same ideals over and over, never growing or venturing from that spot.

You’re busy putting people down and judging so much, you’ve lost your way! You criticize your friends, associates and people you don’t even know! Criticizing their life styles, ideas and their associates. People will get fed up with you because all you do is criticize. Does it make you feel better about yourself to put others down and/or question the validity of any and everything they say and/or do? Is that how you drag people into your crap? Do you need to be right? Accepted? Confirm your own thoughts whether right or wrong? Makes you feel big?

Stop and take a look at you, odds are you’re talking about yourself! It’s not them it’s you! Stop criticizing other people, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything! Seek the positive in all things rather than the negative. How long are you going to hold on to things that aren’t in your best interest? Things that aren’t productive are counter productive!

“Mellow Into The Moment” and take the opportunity to let go of old beliefs, behaviors, thought’s and ideas. Your criticism can stand in the way of your desires and really promote worthlessness, rather than growth and a higher level of consciousness. Focus on the positive and let the negative go! Be love and promote love!

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Open Your Heart and Mind!

IMG_2207If you tell yourself something long enough you’ll believe it! If you don’t take the time to question yourself concerning why you do what you do, you’ll think what you’re doing is all you can do and it’s the correct thing to do! Even your irrational behavior will be seen as rational by you and maybe only you! People have a habit of telling others who they are and who they aren’t. Truth is they don’t even know themselves but claim to know you. If you buy into this crap you’ll end up lost, unable to be yourself and you’ll become something else for a period of time putting yourself in darkness, away from the light of the real you.

How can you be you and satisfy others? What do you expect of you? How can you be you and have others love, honor and respect you?

When happy with yourself and in a joyful place, you’ll be living without feeling guilty and please others freely. You’re comfortable and know your self worth and feel no need to always win, be right or in control. When you’re loving and you open your heart and allow people to see exactly who you are, you’ll attract more people than you know what to do with. People will pour into your life and want to be in your presence and enjoy your positive energy!

But if you choose to always have to be right, in control, judging, offering excuses for your irrational behavior, staying closed and not open to the new. You may never discover who you are and become stuck being someone you weren’t meant to be! Open your heart and mind, there you can discover you!

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Spread Love No Matter What Has Been Done!

_MG_3062In a perfect world everyone would be nice and loving. Unfortunately we’re not living in a perfect world and not everyone is on the road to spiritual enlightenment or even willing to join you on the journey to Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love. There’s a huge portion of our society in a great deal of pain and consciously or unconsciously they’ll project and inflict their pain upon you.

People will speak and act negatively and  for no good reason. They’ll attempt to punch holes in all your positive efforts and return a favor with a negative slap in the face. They’ll lie, betray your trust, wish bad upon you and may even physically attack you if they’re sick and hurting enough.

When hurt by others, it’s a natural reaction to get mad and insult them in return, try to hurt them with a betrayal or a deed worse than what they did to you. For us to grow spiritually and stay on our divine path, we must not counter a bad act with a bad act. Instead we must be loving regardless of the ill will presented by the other person. A large portion of society would say punish those who hurt you! In the spiritual realm we see the more unloving a person is, the more they need love and healing.

If someone is mean to you, speaking unkindly and trying to project negativity into your day. “Mellow Into The Moment” and know they’re in pain and it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them and what’s going on in their lives. Counter their negativity with a loving reaction, taking the life out of their negativity and keeping the negative energy off you. Hopefully they’ll see the love, recognize the error of their ways and respond in a positive manner. But if they don’t, you stand your ground in a loving positive manner and don’t allow your bright light to dim!

Seek peace first and always spread love no matter what has been done!

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Tell Yourself The Truth & Let It Go!

IMG_9621When was the last time you had a good heart to heart talk with yourself? Are you harboring old wounds? Frightened? Angry? Ashamed or Guilty? Need to forgive someone or apologize? Need to treat yourself better? Need to let go? Are you stubborn and blaming others? Do you take responsibility for your crap? Are you loving you some you? Are you respecting yourself and others? You consider yourself positive but speak negativity?

Sit down and have a heart to heart talk with yourself!

Tell yourself the truth, the truth is abosolute, the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, it’s eternal. When you’re courageous enough to examine the truth! You’ll eliminate needs to be anything other than what you are. The Truth allows you to just “BE!” If you really want to make a difference! Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth about you! He who lies to himself is a fool! Are you a fool? Take responsibility for the role you’ve played in the drama in your life. It wasn’t all the other person, IT WAS YOU TOO! You were there and you participated in the whole event. So don’t say you had nothing to do with it, you had everything to do with it!

Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done and forgive others for what they’ve done to you. Holding on and harboring the past will only filter over into every aspect of your life and ruin future relationships. Forgive and move forward and the past can’t follow. If you allow your old past into your new present life, you’ll open the door to all the old past crap to enter also, just let it go!

Then make a BEHAVIORAL CHANGE that will change the world around you. Hopefully it’ll have a positive ripple effect on the people you meet and pay forward! Be the type of love you want to recieve. Open your heart and soul to the abundance of love ever present in your daily life. It’s boundless but can’t get in uless you’re open. So welcome love into your life and have a wonderful day.

Have a Heart to Heart with yourself and do it soon, so you can let go and grow!

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Heighten Your Level of Consciousness

ThinkerWe all desire to be totally focused but at times have trouble and wonder off our path. The universal mind choreographs everything with precision and intelligence. Intelligence is the ultimate and is in every fiber of existence. One way to increase this intelligence is to be conscious.

Some will say, I’m conscious! I’m living, breathing, walking, talking and making decisions. I’m conscious! Are you really?

Maybe you are but by heightening your level of consciousness you obtain and retain more information, allowing you to make better decisions because you have more information to choose from. Have you ever said why the hell did I do or say that? Thinking it made sense and was correct when it was totally wrong? In an unconscious state you’ll do a number of things wrong and rationalize they’re right. You must wake up or you’ll find people exiting your life.

When you walk down a street in a conscious state of mind you’ll recognize the structures, people and plants. You wont step in that pothole or trip over the curb and twist your ankle because you’ll be conscious of its presence. That same consciousness will help you not trip over the potholes of life.

Walking through life in a conscious state will expose every person you encounters true intent. Because if you’re really listening to them intently, they’ll tell you exactly who they are and their true intent concerning you. Listen to them and believe them the first time. See them, for who they are, not who you want them to be. I can’t stress that enough, just look at your relationships and how you didn’t really know that person. You weren’t consciously listening were you! It’s O.K. we all have done it but learn from it. Keep the lesson lose the pain!

Remember, he who lies to himself is a fool! Learn to love, honor and respect yourself. You must be conscious to do that! Forgive yourself for past errors and forgive those who mislead you, taking advantage of your unconscious state of mind. If you make a mistake admit it and consciously make an adjustment, not to do it again. It takes much more energy to be stubborn, rationalize and constantly deny a mistake. Than to say, I was wrong and sorry I offended you. You also learn more about yourself and grow from the experience. People also wont see you as self righteous, controlling and unreasonable. You’ll gain trust and find people more welling to express themselves to you openly and honestly.

The best thing you can ever do for yourself is being aware. So heighten your level of consciousness and watch your world blossom. Watch your potential and self empowerment grow before your eyes. Watch your presence grow and people will see it in you. You’ll give off a great light and the light will be drawn to you.

Are You Conscious?

These are the thoughts and words of Milo Edwards.

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“LOVE”— Part VII of the VII Part Platinum Series

Red RoseI chose “Love” as the last message of my VII part series hoping that your heart is open to love. Hoping you’ve told yourself the truth about what role you’ve played in your life’s drama and what behavioral changes you need to make. If you’ve read parts I – VI of the series, you know what men and women want or have a good idea, you know the worst things you can do to a man or woman. You know how insecurities come about and can ruin a relationship, job, family or friendship. You’ve taking time to heal and remove any negativity from your life. If you were bitter about something in your past you’ve let it go, so you can grow.

Now all we’re left to do is love and be loved, it’s all around us in abundance! I can only give my opinion and I’m know authority on Love but have thought in depth and sought the absolute truth. So here’s my truth!

Love is a number of emotions and experiences related to your sense of affection or attachment to someone or something. Referring to different feelings, state of mind or attitudes, love has diverse meanings. It can be hard to constantly define and compare to other emotional states of being. One thing for sure, it exists in abundance and all we have to do is open up to receive love.

We must expand our capacity to love unconditionally and to help others. All though we all know this, a number of us haven’t put unconditional love into motion, enabling a difference to be made. Giving unconditional love requires you to love without expectations. It may seem tough or a little crazy to love and not expect anything in return in this selfish world in which we live. But, you’ll have to learn to surrender your desires, your self and your ego. The release of these things will allow us to love without demanding anything in return. You shouldn’t expect anything from someone you love. True love makes a way for itself and when you adore someone it comes back around.

When you’re giving love and don’t get any in return don’t complain, always remember by loving someone you receive self satisfaction and bring forth happiness. Yes, you can be happy loving and not getting it back from that person. Doesn’t it feel good to you to help others? You don’t always immediately get help back from them. Have faith that the divine spirit will repay you 10 fold for your loving ways.

You must have will power to love unconditionally! Give more and demand less, become selfless and compassionate. When you love unconditionally, you want the best for people. You’ll want all positive things for them and wish them the success! You’ll give honest sincere opinions for the betterment of others, without any envy or enmity. You’ll even sacrifice a part of yourself to achieve happiness and joy for others.

Remember, you’ll do all of this without expecting anything in return. Never lose hope of loving or being loved. Loving unconditionally will enable you to live an emotionally satisfying, balanced life!

At some point in our lives we all demand some type of love, it’s what drives us from birth! But let that demand come from within and be projected by giving love and being the love you wish to receive. It creates a warmth and positive light that shines so bright within you; others can’t help but see your glow.

Love is free, natural, and inherent to our nature. It is healing and nurturing on every level…and contrary to what people think…it can’t be bought, sold, or mistaken for anything else! It feels good to be able to allow what is and always has been to flow fluently, openly, and honestly. We’re all incredible people whose loving energy can easily be felt and appreciated. Take the time to just love people and allow them to love you back. And, what you’ll discover is that most people who truly love is definitely different than people who are just using us to fulfill their own self-centered agenda. Unconditional love will keep you in a good place and space that is soothing to your soul, spiritually energizing and truly awesome in so many ways.

Choose Love!

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