Don’t limit your thoughts!

Don’t confine yourself by limiting your thoughts and beliefs about you. Your present circumstances may affect your thoughts but they’re not permanent. Circumstances can, do and will change! They may have an effect on you but aren’t the deciding factor in life, so don’t limit your thought’s and belief’s to what is now.

You’re not what’s happening to you right now. You’re how you handle what’s happening to you right now! I’ve always felt you should leave a relationship or situation the same pleasant loving way you entered, never thinking less of yourself but learning from that interaction. We must extract positive information and relieve ourselves of the negative, allowing ourselves to grow forward. You’re the person traveling through your present surroundings; you’re not the surrounding itself.

You can’t allow yourself to be limited to what you see before you, your potential is boundless so think beyond your present circumstance in a positive manner. Only things that matter, are the things you allow too! So give life to the boundless, limitless, unstoppable, loving, honorable, respectful, energetic force you are and know circumstances are temporary. You can’t get down on yourself; worry and anxiety blocks your connection to the divine spirit. You must have faith and keep moving forward, which strengthens your connection with the divine spirit and fuels your future, opening doors along the way.

Never allow your identity to be determined by your present surroundings, circumstances or conditions. Think and live in the boundless arena which is you, eliminating restrictive thought’s of you, that can stunt your growth!

Think and be Free!

“Mellow Into The Moment” and “Enjoy A Better You”


Give Without Expectation of Receiving Anything in Return!

Giving isn’t always about helping someone, it’s about serving. It’s about giving what you have to offer the world without the expectation of receiving anything in return. It’s about doing what needs to be done without being asked to do it. You’ll be giving of yourself and giving attention to things and people around you without taking anything anyway from yourself. Anything less than this is an injustice to the essence of giving and anything more is a potential domination based action.

Give of what you have without expecting to receive anything in return. Do what needs to be done; nothing more, nothing less! Give lovingly and joyously, there’s nothing more to do or can be done. There are many things you receive daily that were given by others out of the kindness of their hearts. We’re all guilty of not noticing these free gifts that are a blessing in our daily lives. We don’t even know what person to thank in most cases. But they were given because it needed to be done and someone took the responsibility to make it happen.

Put forth an effort to give! This is a reward within itself for you, the universe and those who benefit from your thoughtfulness. Sit for a moment and think of what you know needs to be done and go do it.

Someone will be grateful and it will not deplete you, it’ll display the love, joy, kindness and compassion that lives within you! Your service to the world is to share your message and talents! The only responsibility you have is to deliver and not judge!

I Am Who I Am!

Here’s a daily Mantra that has served me well and I want to share it with you!

I am who I am, what you see is what you get. I am what I say I am and I live in the truth, you can’t change me so please do not try. Don’t criticize me; and I think you need to know…before you go there, that trying to put me down, in an attempt to fit me into the limitations of your box, is a total waste of your good time and energy. It will be far easier for you to accept me as I am rather than try to make me who you want me to be. You don’t have to agree with what I say or do. Just accept me as a human being working on becoming a better me.

I am weak, have sinned, failed and made many mistakes in my lifetime. These attributes, flaws, and differences, however, are all a part of my unique human experience. I will never be perfect, maybe not even the person you want me to be or become. But I will continue to be the authentic me…for that is all that I was designed to be. And as I accept you for who you are, all that I ask is that you also accept me for who I am. We can be friends and unconditional in our love for one another. We can enjoy our lives together and share on a much more empowering level. I am not a bad person just because I do something that might be perceived and labeled “bad.” I am only a person who has committed a bad act. I’m not a good person when I do positive things; I am just a person who has done something positive. I accept myself regardless of my successes or failures. I am comfortable being myself without trying to prove myself. I can critique my actions without criticizing the outcomes. I can compliment my behavior without being self-centered. I believe that accepting and embracing my uniqueness is better than trying to prove and/or berate myself. I humbly admit that I have my weak points, but they do not define who I am. I do not feel the need to define who I am nor do I seek to be defined…I am just diligently working on being more refined.

Success is great but it doesn’t make me a better person. I will not, at any time, struggle to prove that I am a good or bad person. “I am”…nothing more, nothing less. The best and most empowering thing I can and will do is to be who I am as I continue to grow into who I will ultimately become. With an open mind and loving heart, I am who I am and openly share the value of being human and accepting myself with you. And, as I grow into a better me, “Enjoying A Better You” is what you are being challenged to do. Let’s mellow into the moment together and grow into a new and exciting phase of our lives fully fueled by the knowledge that we can embrace self-acceptance and joyfully welcome it into our lives.

Just Let It Go, You’re Only Hurting Yourself!

Do you feel disrespected? Are you harboring old wounds? Frightened? Angry? Ashamed or Guilty? Need to forgive someone or apologize? Need to treat yourself better? Need to let go? Are you stubborn and blaming others? Do you take responsibility for your crap? Are you loving you some you? Are you respecting yourself and others? Do you consider yourself positive but speak negatively? Are people bringing you negative energy! LET IT GO, YOU’RE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF! The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or even care! I’ll say that again so you can hear me. “The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or even care!”

Sit down and tell yourself the truth about it all!

Tell yourself the truth, the truth is absolute, the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, it’s eternal. When you’re courageous enough to examine the truth! You’ll eliminate needs to be anything other than what you are. The Truth allows you to just “BE!” If you really want to make a difference! Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth about you! He who lies to himself is a fool! Are you a fool? Take responsibility for the role you’ve played in the drama in your life. You were there and you participated in the event. So don’t say you had nothing to do with it, you had something to do with it! Whether it was major or minor is irrelevant, take responsibility for your part. Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done and forgive others for what they’ve done to you. Holding on and harboring the past will only filter over into every aspect of your life and ruin future relationships. Forgive and move forward and the past can’t follow. Negativity and positivity can’t occupy the same space, so choose to be POSITIVE! If you allow the negative past into your present life, you’ll open the door to all the past crap to enter also, just let it go, you’re only hurting yourself!

Then make a BEHAVIORAL CHANGE that will change the world around you. Hopefully it’ll have a positive ripple effect on the people you meet and pay forward! Be the type of love you want to receive. Open your heart and soul to the abundance of love ever-present in your daily life. It’s boundless but can’t get in unless you’re open. So welcome love into your life and have a wonderful day. Love is your natural existence, so come home, love is waiting for you!

Tell yourself the truth, face it and do it soon, just let go, you’re only hurting yourself!

What Is Your Spiritual Plan?

Let’s start the work week off by remembering, acknowledging, trusting, having faith and expressing gratitude for the divine spirit seeing us through and bringing us to this exact moment in time. Now do you have a clear spiritual plan? Do you know where you want to be and where you’re headed? You cannot achieve success without spiritual stamina and strength. How do you achieve and maintain it?

A spiritual plan clearly states your intentions, what growth you want to experience within yourself and what needs to be done to make it happen. It’s not only prayer and meditation but it’s actions concerning what you will and wont do and what you can and can’t, in order to achieve your goal. You must be willing to have a real open honest heart to heart talk with yourself about where you are and how you arrived there. Then you’ll have to truthfully ask yourself if that’s where you want to be. If not you must make a behavioral change to eliminate or incorporate what’s needed to grow forward. This must be done for you and by you, if you’re really serious about spiritual growth.

Take the time to examine where you are, how you got there and what’s needed to get through it and grow. You can’t grow spiritually until you clear the way and you must have a plan to clear the way.

Remove Bitterness From Your Life! Part VI of the VII Part Platinum Series!

BusinessI’ve talked to a number of people on the subject of bitterness. It turned out to be more dangerous and widespread than I thought. I wont speak about particular incidents that were shared with me. I’m grateful for those who share their experiences with me and will always respect the confidentiality I promised. I’ve always been interested in what people think and how they function, also how they respond to any given situation. I’ve listened intently and thought in depth concerning bitterness, I’m know authority of nothing but have sought the absolute truth and here’s my truth!

Bitterness has become one of the major mental problems existing in our present society and a clear showing of a fragmented life. Due to the failures and let downs people have experienced bitterness has consumed a large portion of our society. There seems to be a fine line between bitterness, anger wanting revenge and deep hurt! The blurred grey area seems to be where people feel they’ve crossed the line or their actions are rational. Bitterness is never rational!

Bitterness is a deeply rooted anger that eats away at you and becomes extremely painful and resentment filled due to bad experiences or feelings of unfair treatment by others. It can be harsh and unpleasant to accept what happened in your past, filling you with anger that seeps into every aspect of your life and causing you huge problems.

Bitterness can alienate you from people you care about and who care about you and also cut off new opportunities. Your bitterness punishes family, friends and the general public for things that have nothing to do with them. Eventually they’ll tire of your ways and just leave you alone. Which will create a gap and make way growing apart and losing the positive connection you had and yes you have a connection with the general public too. Long time frustration can lead to bitterness. Many times you don’t even realize it has seeped into your life, creating a resentful attitude clear to everyone but you.

Bitterness can and will put you in a bad place with the divine spirit! It causes the loss of your divine connection, which is the channel to receiving your blessings and the rewards the divine has in store for you. Bitterness causes you to be cruel, antagonistic, arrogant, vengeful, implacable, condescending, stubborn, grounded in self-pity and expressing hatred.

Bitterness isn’t rational; it’s your worse enemy and will consume you. Bitterness is the main cause of breakups within a family and in marriage! It is difficult to maintain any type of relationship with a bitter person. They’re antisocial, inconsiderate, withdrawn and indifferent to normal social behaviors, even strangers avoid bitter people, they suck the air out of the room and no one can be happy around them.

How do we get rid of bitterness? The first thing to do is release it to the divine spirit and recognize it’s not yours. It’s Gods job to make things right, when you surrender it all to the Lord and truly let it go, you’ll feel the relief! It’s as simple as saying, “Lord I surrender unto thee all that I have! The good, the bad and the ugly, do with it as you see fit it’s yours to handle!” When you say it, you have to mean it and let go of whatever has happened. Tell yourself the truth about what happened in your life, the role you played in the drama and surrender it. There’s nothing more you can do! You’ve told the truth, now you must let it go!

Also, be thankful for all the good things in your life, concentrating on the boundless possibilities of positive things in the future and not focus on anything negative. When people start talking to you about negative things, tell them you don’t want to go there, you’ve chosen the positive route. You’ll start to feel better, enjoy peace and contentment, rejecting negativity. Negativity can’t get into your life unless you allow it, it’s a choice and so is bitterness!

Once you surrender and make the choice to be positive, loving, honorable, respectful, compassionate and all the other positives that come along with true love and the joy of living. You’ll be enjoying yourself, loving people and they’ll be loving you and your company. They may even tell you how much they missed the person that disappeared into a dark place and are glad you’re back. Think about it, there’s nothing more attractive and lights up a room like a joyful person being loving, warm and approachable. When you make that change and move towards the positive light, you’ll experience beautiful things happening in your life, doors will open just as your heart has and the abundance of love that surrounds you will step in and lift you to new heights.

Choose, peace, love and joy! Let the bitterness go, it’s not yours or meant for you!

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