Drink From Your Heart!

Take a drink from your heart! If you keep giving to others without giving to yourself, you will at some point become depleted! It’s like pouring water from a jug. If you keep pouring without ever refilling it, eventually, it will be empty. So, how do we refill, recharge, re-energize, refresh and replenish ourselves, so that we will have energy and love to share with others and the universe? The answer is: By Acknowledging, loving, honoring and giving to ourselves!

There are many ways for us to love and to care for ourselves. An important way to love ourselves is to nourish and care for our bodies, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Your body is where you live 24/7/365! You may want to “treat” yourself to things like a massage, a facial, a pedicure, a vacation or just a nice leisurely walk.  You can drink from your heart by being in the practice of using positive affirmations. Take some time to come up with the qualities that you most want to embody. Choose two or three to focus on for any period of time and love yourself more. Taking breaks and having fun are important, whether alone or with a friend, you deserve a break today, don’t work yourself too hard, be kind, compassionate and understanding to yourself!

Acknowledge yourself, it’s healthy to bring a heightened level of awareness into your life concerning your success! Say something lovingly to you about you! “Drink From Your Heart!”


I Am Who I Am!

Here’s a daily Mantra that has served me well and I want to share it with you!

I am who I am, what you see is what you get. I am what I say I am and I live in the truth, you can’t change me so please do not try. Don’t criticize me; and I think you need to know…before you go there, that trying to put me down, in an attempt to fit me into the limitations of your box, is a total waste of your good time and energy. It will be far easier for you to accept me as I am rather than try to make me who you want me to be. You don’t have to agree with what I say or do. Just accept me as a human being working on becoming a better me.

I am weak, have sinned, failed and made many mistakes in my lifetime. These attributes, flaws, and differences, however, are all a part of my unique human experience. I will never be perfect, maybe not even the person you want me to be or become. But I will continue to be the authentic me…for that is all that I was designed to be. And as I accept you for who you are, all that I ask is that you also accept me for who I am. We can be friends and unconditional in our love for one another. We can enjoy our lives together and share on a much more empowering level. I am not a bad person just because I do something that might be perceived and labeled “bad.” I am only a person who has committed a bad act. I’m not a good person when I do positive things; I am just a person who has done something positive. I accept myself regardless of my successes or failures. I am comfortable being myself without trying to prove myself. I can critique my actions without criticizing the outcomes. I can compliment my behavior without being self-centered. I believe that accepting and embracing my uniqueness is better than trying to prove and/or berate myself. I humbly admit that I have my weak points, but they do not define who I am. I do not feel the need to define who I am nor do I seek to be defined…I am just diligently working on being more refined.

Success is great but it doesn’t make me a better person. I will not, at any time, struggle to prove that I am a good or bad person. “I am”…nothing more, nothing less. The best and most empowering thing I can and will do is to be who I am as I continue to grow into who I will ultimately become. With an open mind and loving heart, I am who I am and openly share the value of being human and accepting myself with you. And, as I grow into a better me, “Enjoying A Better You” is what you are being challenged to do. Let’s mellow into the moment together and grow into a new and exciting phase of our lives fully fueled by the knowledge that we can embrace self-acceptance and joyfully welcome it into our lives.

Just Let It Go, You’re Only Hurting Yourself!

Do you feel disrespected? Are you harboring old wounds? Frightened? Angry? Ashamed or Guilty? Need to forgive someone or apologize? Need to treat yourself better? Need to let go? Are you stubborn and blaming others? Do you take responsibility for your crap? Are you loving you some you? Are you respecting yourself and others? Do you consider yourself positive but speak negatively? Are people bringing you negative energy! LET IT GO, YOU’RE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF! The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or even care! I’ll say that again so you can hear me. “The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or even care!”

Sit down and tell yourself the truth about it all!

Tell yourself the truth, the truth is absolute, the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, it’s eternal. When you’re courageous enough to examine the truth! You’ll eliminate needs to be anything other than what you are. The Truth allows you to just “BE!” If you really want to make a difference! Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth about you! He who lies to himself is a fool! Are you a fool? Take responsibility for the role you’ve played in the drama in your life. You were there and you participated in the event. So don’t say you had nothing to do with it, you had something to do with it! Whether it was major or minor is irrelevant, take responsibility for your part. Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done and forgive others for what they’ve done to you. Holding on and harboring the past will only filter over into every aspect of your life and ruin future relationships. Forgive and move forward and the past can’t follow. Negativity and positivity can’t occupy the same space, so choose to be POSITIVE! If you allow the negative past into your present life, you’ll open the door to all the past crap to enter also, just let it go, you’re only hurting yourself!

Then make a BEHAVIORAL CHANGE that will change the world around you. Hopefully it’ll have a positive ripple effect on the people you meet and pay forward! Be the type of love you want to receive. Open your heart and soul to the abundance of love ever-present in your daily life. It’s boundless but can’t get in unless you’re open. So welcome love into your life and have a wonderful day. Love is your natural existence, so come home, love is waiting for you!

Tell yourself the truth, face it and do it soon, just let go, you’re only hurting yourself!

Believe In You!

There are times when we believe in everything and everybody but ourselves. We tend to search for mentors, role models and teachers, when they all exist within us, we’re complete.

We’ll never receive a more brutal beating than the one that we inflict upon ourselves. We make one mistake and we count ourselves out before we get started. He who says he can and can’t is always right!

We beat ourselves down into a state of depression and don’t forgive ourselves and move forward. Dwelling in that shallow puddle of water and have misery for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But you must lift yourself up and move forward forgiving yourself for errors, change the behavior and remember when you do something bad, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a person exhibiting a bad behavior, so change the behavior and love yourself more. Have compassion, love and kindness for your being. This should be the starting point of your day and all that enters your day.

Have you cried? Well if you cry about something today, don’t you cry a minute past midnight! Crying may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalms 30:5). Dry your eyes at midnight it’s over.

Rise up, love yourself and put a smile on your face. It’s a new day and joy is here! Today get your bibles and read Psalms 30 completely and extol God for lifting you up each day to live and share the love which is your natural existence. Believe in you, trust in you, have faith in you!

1.  Be open and honest with you about you!

2. Have faith your dreams will come true, move towards them and wait earnestly!

3. Don’t worry or become anxious, it blocks your connection with the divine spirit from which all blessings flow!

4. Discover the Authentic You by living in a state of conscious awareness and the truth!

The Altar of Sacrifice!

When your dreams or goals aren’t coming fast enough and you get frustrated, you may be holding on too tight. You must let go and let God handle it, showing trust and faith he’ll come through. Choose to be happy regardless of life’s circumstances, circumstances change and you should always have faith in your dreams coming true.

Release it to God and watch God work!!!

Just say, “God I desire to have positive results in my life and I pray in the name of Jesus for it. I’m releasing it to you to do as you will. I have faith you’ll take me where I’m supposed to be. Amen!” Then take positive steps toward your dreams and desires worry free and wait earnestly!

Don’t become so consumed with your dreams, wants and desires. Surrender all and let it go. Lay it on the “altar of sacrifice” and let it go! When one door closes another opens on your road to your destiny. There’s freedom in giving up control, it belongs to God not you. Put on your coat of love  and peace, knowing the divine spirit has control and you’ll get what’s yours in due time.

So relax! You don’t have to be worried or frustrated, God is working overtime for you. If you put your trust in the Lord you’ll never be permanently disappointed. You can be happy right where you are, so be grateful. God has it all figured out. Anything you feel you have to have the enemy will use against you. So lay it on the alter and move freely and peacefully. Put it in God’s hands! He’s the one that gave you your dreams, and also laid the blueprint for you to follow.

He’ll make setbacks a comeback. Release your worries and concerns to God, your best days are ahead of you.

Lay it on the “Altar of Sacrifice” and let it go!

Live In The Truth!

The truth is absolute, it’s the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. When time calls for you to speak, speak the truth and speak it well.

Becoming consciously aware of your real feelings is a powerful way to, “live in the truth” and be true to yourself. Ask yourself how you really feel about situations and be truthful about your feelings. Acknowledge and admit your feelings to yourself, being honest with your self at all times. This Self-Truth shall be your foundation! If you’re not living truthfully with yourself, surely you can’t live in truth with others and the universe.

You’re entitled to all of your emotions and they’re valid. So, when you feel fear, compassion, anxious, nervous, desperate, loving, pity, misunderstood, shame, etc. You must honor your emotions, they deserves to be honored. Once you admit your feelings to yourself and honor them with truth, rather than judge them harshly or condemn them. You will set living in truth into existence within you. When living in truth with yourself, you become your own best friend, living in a state of awareness and consciousness that promotes growth.

Once you’re living in the truth and honor your emotions, you become conscious of your choices. Hopefully you’ll choose to not engage in anything degrading your being and choose to only allow people in your life who are supportive. This choice will change your relationships for the better and provide you with the love, honor and respect growth deserves.

Remember you have a choice in the types of people you want in your life. It’s all in your control; no one has the right to treat you bad. Choose loving, honorable, compassionate, kind people invested in positive growth.

Always remember, that there are three people involved in a relationship: you, the other person, and your relationship. When working harmoniously, in a healthy relationship, together you’ll enjoy a mentally, physically and spiritually healthy experience. If there is abuse, control and manipulation, problems will soon follow. Life itself brings its own challenges, you living in truth and having a solid foundation based on truth will enable you to weather life’s storms. You can weather the storm and grow stronger by living in the truth of your being.

There will always be a need in life, to revisit and revise. Anything not based in truth and life enhancing, you must let it go. No one can determine your truth but you and you’re the only person that can act upon your truth. Have the courage to live in truth and live a positive, peace filled, loving life. “Living in truth,” can and will play a major role in the outcome of your life. Your mental, physical, and emotional health is dependant upon this. So have the courage to live in truth and watch how it changes your life for the better.

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Being The Authentic You!

To become your authentic self, you must begin by taking the time to get to know yourself. You must seek and gain the knowledge of understanding human nature. Take an awareness break; What can you change and what can you not change, your personality habits, learned behaviors, values, sense of fairness in society, needs, goals, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses and motives. You must merge these to form your own model of how you interact with people.

Understanding what guides you throughout your life, realizing your signature strengths, and the true stature of your being are extremely helpful on your journey to the authentic you. Apply those signature strengths toward your authentic goals. Becoming an authentic person by positioning your self-image, public-image and stature to flow naturally in a state of awareness. Gain the confidence to be compassionate, loving, honorable, respectful, forgiving, humble and content.

To understand the gap between who you are now and your authentic self, write a list of words that describe who you want to be and who you believe you can be. Concentrate on words that describe who you are, not what you do. Now write down a separate list of words that describe who you are now. How many words are the same on both lists? How many are different? How closely do the lists compare? What changes do you have to make?

You must ask yourself how much do you value relationships? Do you desire and are you willing to be your authentic yourself and have authentic relationships? Are you open to change, growth, being vulnerable and transparent to others? Unless you can answer yes to all three questions, it’s futile to hope for authentic relationships with others or yourself. Because you’ll always be hiding something!

Here are a some things I’ve observed in authentic people:

1. Authentic people are not afraid to be who they are, show who they are and share with you openly. There is no acting, posturing or deception. They feel no need to build themselves up to look better to you nor tear themselves down to look worse. They are secure in their being. They know their strengths and use them in a loving, honorable, respectful, kind and compassionate manner. They know their weaknesses and when they fall into them, they catch themselves and make changes not beating themselves up about it. They are, “keeping it real” but never have to say it!

2. We know when we’re in the presence of an authentic person because we feel relaxed and safe. We feel their attention and respect, we feel important and interesting because they listen. Authentic people make us feel that way because that is how they see us, and through their insight we in turn see ourselves. We see the promise of our own lives, infinite possibilities and boundless living capabilities through their enlightened vision. We trust their vision and know it’s possible because they make us see it. It’s a wonderful gift they give us and in turn we can share with others. But we can only give it if we’re authentic. Authentic people know nothing is more important than the present moment.

3. Authentic people are interested in others thoughts and feelings. They have learned that having an authentic relationship holds the key to joy and happiness. It’s effortless to them and they just flow without judgment. It is natural because they have developed this ability through wisdom and understanding. They no we all are one and see a part of themselves in others, which is part of the divine spirit.

4. Authentic people are approachable. It doesn’t matter what position they hold in society or what activity they are presently engaged in, you will always be treated in a honorable, respectful and loving manner. We know when we’re in their presence through their energy getting into us. Authentic people live day-by-day, in the moment, giving situations all the importance each one deserves.

5. Authentic people know their place in the world and fill it with joy. They may hold a position of power and influence or one of many humble means. It is not the occupation or position that distinguishes them, it’s their knowledge of and ability to know and be themselves, and have meaningful relationships with others.

Authenticity does not happen overnight and not easily obtained. People are full of arrogance and selfishness, which cuts them off from their authentic selves. People are so wrapped up in their agendas, busy with their own lives and preoccupied with shallow things. We need to take more time to know ourselves, “Mellow Into The Moment” so you can start, “Enjoying A Better You!” Our concerns with ourselves and only ourselves can change with a little will and desire. If a deep authentic relationship is important to you, you must become authentic. Nothing is impossible and you can do it, just open up and take one step at a time towards positive growth, through knowledge and understanding of self. As time goes on you will become more authentic, you will enjoy deeper relationships, also better mental and physical health. It’s well worth it to explore ourselves and become authentic.

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Moving Forward In Life? Focus!

When moving forward in life we must have the ability to focus. The mind must be free and clear concerning what needs to be done. My advice would be to focus on what is most important and is a priority. If you do not focus on what’s most important; you could be in real trouble in the future.

Moving forward in life you’ll need the ability visualize success. If you’re unable to visualize success then you may never feel inspired to seek success. There must be something inside your mind that enables you to visualize success and drive you to move in that direction. If you look at most people who have done well moving forward in life; you will see that they had the ability to visualize success, make a plan and proceed.

Moving forward in life involves the ability to free the mind, to recognize possibilities are infinite. Sometimes life will deal us a harmful body blow, causing us to become stagnant and lack motivation. Instead of standing strong and facing the issue head-on, we may become withdrawn and want to quit. This actually is the time we must pull ourselves up by the boot straps, put on our spiritual armor and step to the plate stronger than ever. This is the kind of attitude we must possess to move forward in life and be successful.

There will be times we’ll need support from others when moving forward in life; it’s a natural and sometime necessary fact of life. We are all here to help one another, and the sooner we realize it, the better off everyone will be. We can move forward by helping each other and having total faith in the support of the divine spirit.

As you move forward in life, visualize your future and know you’re going to make it happen. Looking forward will enhance your view and your ability to achieve success. Keep moving forward, one step at a time and never stop moving towards your destiny!

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Gift Of A Lifetime!

Everyday is a gift and God has given all of us great gifts!

Everyone of us have more than one gift but people have a tendency to look at other gifts and not see their own. When you get your gift, you must have the character and self-control to use it properly. Don’t become overly impressed with what other people can do or what you can do. People become stupefied with pride and impression of self, because of their gift they get full of themselves.

If you display love, honor, respect and faith, you’ll bear the fruit of your gift. Gifts are given and fruit is developed!  You have to keep letting go of yesterdays mistakes and grow forward in the light. When you seek, love, honor,peace, patience, self-control, humility, respect, joy, compassion and other fruit of the divine spirit, beauty will continuously come to you.

You must have self-control, without it all will fall a part. Live in a state of awareness and move forward in a loving way. Patience is a gift and the fruit of patience can only be developed under trial. In order to get your gift you have to do what the divine wants you to do. People tend to want everything but don’t want to do the work. Discipline yourself, be patient, exercise your self-control and watch what God will do for you.

Being that God gives these gifts to people, for you to be jealous of what other people have, is for you to be jealous of God.

Look inward and appreciate the gift you’ve been given! It’s the gift of a lifetime, designed and meant for specially for you!

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You’re A Prized Possession!

You’ve been hand-picked for greatness, you have the talent, power and strength to do all things in your divine plan. You’ve been chosen by the most high with plans for good not evil. People may reject you but the divine spirit accepts you and even though life is not fair God is. Start seeing yourself as hand-picked by God and he’ll pay you back double for your shame. Don’t let someone steal your destiny or minimize your self-worth. Put your shoulders back, left your head and go receive the beauty of Gods gift made from the ashes of your life. You have made mistakes but you must get rid of the blame, shame and disgrace. Stop beating up on yourself, you’ve already been forgiven. The divine spirit will roll away the reproach if you only believe and have faith.

Your future is full of joy and beauty! Just say I’m a masterpiece and I won’t allow other people to determine my value. I will live beyond their opinions of me.

A $100 bill has the same value regardless of its condition and even though you may be soiled, stained and a little beat up. You have great value and nothing can take that away. Stand up and move towards your destiny it awaits you!

You’re Gods prized possession!

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