Just Let It Go, You’re Only Hurting Yourself!

Do you feel disrespected? Are you harboring old wounds? Frightened? Angry? Ashamed or Guilty? Need to forgive someone or apologize? Need to treat yourself better? Need to let go? Are you stubborn and blaming others? Do you take responsibility for your crap? Are you loving you some you? Are you respecting yourself and others? Do you consider yourself positive but speak negatively? Are people bringing you negative energy! LET IT GO, YOU’RE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF! The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or even care! I’ll say that again so you can hear me. “The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or even care!”

Sit down and tell yourself the truth about it all!

Tell yourself the truth, the truth is absolute, the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, it’s eternal. When you’re courageous enough to examine the truth! You’ll eliminate needs to be anything other than what you are. The Truth allows you to just “BE!” If you really want to make a difference! Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth about you! He who lies to himself is a fool! Are you a fool? Take responsibility for the role you’ve played in the drama in your life. You were there and you participated in the event. So don’t say you had nothing to do with it, you had something to do with it! Whether it was major or minor is irrelevant, take responsibility for your part. Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done and forgive others for what they’ve done to you. Holding on and harboring the past will only filter over into every aspect of your life and ruin future relationships. Forgive and move forward and the past can’t follow. Negativity and positivity can’t occupy the same space, so choose to be POSITIVE! If you allow the negative past into your present life, you’ll open the door to all the past crap to enter also, just let it go, you’re only hurting yourself!

Then make a BEHAVIORAL CHANGE that will change the world around you. Hopefully it’ll have a positive ripple effect on the people you meet and pay forward! Be the type of love you want to receive. Open your heart and soul to the abundance of love ever-present in your daily life. It’s boundless but can’t get in unless you’re open. So welcome love into your life and have a wonderful day. Love is your natural existence, so come home, love is waiting for you!

Tell yourself the truth, face it and do it soon, just let go, you’re only hurting yourself!


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  1. Good Morning Milo, I love the pic!I feel you on everything you said, I am a leader in my own right. I am strong and possesse an attitude full of style and grace. I love myself and I respect other. Thanks 4 your kind words as always. Keep it coming sugar. Stay bless

  2. I know there’s more to that . I was just reading and some reason I got to the end and found myself looking 4 more,lol….Wow u know ur good at what u do…I had a fear,called dyslexia, I didn’t want know one to know,but what was hurtin me the most I was stagnant. I learning 2 understand let go of things and people that are hendering me. Thx ,Milo.

    • Samona, I have a form of dyslexia, you’re not alone. Face it, don’t fear it! There’s nothing to fear but fear itself!

  3. Thanks Milo, I really needed to hear that today! ❤

  4. So True!I ask myself these questions,Do you feel disrespected? Are you harboring old wounds? Frightened? Angry? Ashamed or Guilty? Need to forgive someone or apologize? Whatever I thought or felt I chose to “Let It Go” I’m hurting myself by not choosing to forgive and forget and to stop remembering and being reminded!As you stated earlier,“The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or even care!”
    Thanks for sharing Milo!
    Be Blessed!

  5. Thank you Milo,
    Love your pic…your eyes look almost blue…maybe because of blue shirt..smile.

    This came right on time. My oldest sister who has been pretty positive in the past is now negative about alot of things in her life. It hurts me to hear her being negative. And, I am not helping her or myself by listening and agreeing. (ol’ saying of lending a ear)

    So, I have decided when I am having a conversation with her to remind me and her to be more positive. That positive will bring positive results. 🙂

    Thank you Milo…Hope your week is going well and have a great weekend!

    • Gina, you’ll be honoring and loving your sister by letting her know!

  6. Love this..Be the love and truth in which you seek!!!

  7. you know there are things in my life that are going wrong i don’t know why but you are so write in every word you say sometimes i wonder the things im going through is it ever going to stop i need to get my life back on trace

    • It’s up to you to take your life back. Face whatever is going on in your life, acknowldege, admit, accept, tell the truth, forgive and move forward. You have to desire letting go and growing.

      You can do it, let’s go.

  8. I’ve let go and forgiven and it feels good.

  9. Thanks Milo! I have been through so much, that if I didn’t learn to let it go; I would be hurting not only myself but others. I do acknowledge my part in want I been through. Today, I’m happy, waiting for love. But until then, I will take your advice and receive the love around me. My students shower me with love everyday. Thanks for the encouragement. xoxo

    • Your welcome and thank you for making a difference.

  10. I’m reflecting on the power of “Are you loving you some you?” – and awakening to the thought that if I would uplift *me* the way I selflessly uplift others with pure love, I’d be some kinda alright! Have a good weekend, dear brother…

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