Believe In You!

There are times when we believe in everything and everybody but ourselves. We tend to search for mentors, role models and teachers, when they all exist within us, we’re complete.

We’ll never receive a more brutal beating than the one that we inflict upon ourselves. We make one mistake and we count ourselves out before we get started. He who says he can and can’t is always right!

We beat ourselves down into a state of depression and don’t forgive ourselves and move forward. Dwelling in that shallow puddle of water and have misery for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But you must lift yourself up and move forward forgiving yourself for errors, change the behavior and remember when you do something bad, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a person exhibiting a bad behavior, so change the behavior and love yourself more. Have compassion, love and kindness for your being. This should be the starting point of your day and all that enters your day.

Have you cried? Well if you cry about something today, don’t you cry a minute past midnight! Crying may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalms 30:5). Dry your eyes at midnight it’s over.

Rise up, love yourself and put a smile on your face. It’s a new day and joy is here! Today get your bibles and read Psalms 30 completely and extol God for lifting you up each day to live and share the love which is your natural existence. Believe in you, trust in you, have faith in you!

1.  Be open and honest with you about you!

2. Have faith your dreams will come true, move towards them and wait earnestly!

3. Don’t worry or become anxious, it blocks your connection with the divine spirit from which all blessings flow!

4. Discover the Authentic You by living in a state of conscious awareness and the truth!


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  1. Thank you..I needed that more than you can know.

    • Anytime Jan, I’m always here for you.

  2. Milo

    You are reaching into my soul with a healing salve. We have never met, yet I feel a kindship with you.
    Thank you for following your path..and in turn helping me get the courage to follow mine.

    • I’m grateful to be able to make a difference.

  3. Uplifting, and Beautiful! A great way to start this day, week, and month. Thank you. PEACE…CYD

  4. Very beautiful words..Thanks Milo!!

    • Thanks Lana!

  5. Milo,
    Words that are so much needed right now. Thank you. We are all in transition and it does feel we are beating ourselves up…with nothing happening. Yes, right now, it is what it is…nothing…we are in transition to the new.

    So, yes, take good care of you…wait, wait, wait, it is a coming. 🙂

    Thank you dear for the inspiring words that melt my heart and soul. Have a great week Milo!
    Gina Marlena

    • Gina you have a great week also and thanks for your kind words.

  6. You’re words are always on time and I am stepping in the right direction. Thanks, Milo.

    • I’m glad to be on time Yolanda and let’s grow forward.

  7. This is really nice Milo. I’ve actually had a long day just feeling sad for some reason and don’t know why. I’m going to cry “but not a minute past midnight”.

    Thanks for the message!

    • At Midnight it’s done!

  8. My dear, sweet, brother Milo. I trust you understand you are more than talented — that you are, indeed, a gifted healer. What an awesome blessing and huge responsibility for that beautiful lady’s baby boy out there in California…. Your words continue to heal me through a very painful time in my life. It’s just about midnight, brother, and my eyes are nearly dry…

  9. Thanks Milo, your words are always inspiring, I love the pic for the first of the month. I always do me first, but at one time i never did, but i learn from my past.. Thanks sugar keep it coming. Your the best

  10. Thanks Milo, I needed what God gave you today. I just experience hurt, failed a test and was about to give up on my dream, but your words have given me hope and now I am going to forgive the person who hurt me, forgive myself for receiving the hurt, study harder and pass the test and will not give up on my dream of success! xoxo

  11. Thanks Milo, God have given you a spiritual gift! Thanks for sharing your words of encouragment to help us realize the power and strength we need is already within ourselves…XOXOXO

  12. Milo,
    You’ve done it again! It always amaze me where you get your topics to motivate others…a friend told me this morning, after viewing my page, I have positive people surrounding me and when I thought about it, I do. Your words remind me of a dear friend whom I miss dearly. Thank you for your words, they make us dig deep within ourself and find that gem that’s been hiding all the time. 🙂

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