Live In The Truth!

The truth is absolute, it’s the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. When time calls for you to speak, speak the truth and speak it well.

Becoming consciously aware of your real feelings is a powerful way to, “live in the truth” and be true to yourself. Ask yourself how you really feel about situations and be truthful about your feelings. Acknowledge and admit your feelings to yourself, being honest with your self at all times. This Self-Truth shall be your foundation! If you’re not living truthfully with yourself, surely you can’t live in truth with others and the universe.

You’re entitled to all of your emotions and they’re valid. So, when you feel fear, compassion, anxious, nervous, desperate, loving, pity, misunderstood, shame, etc. You must honor your emotions, they deserves to be honored. Once you admit your feelings to yourself and honor them with truth, rather than judge them harshly or condemn them. You will set living in truth into existence within you. When living in truth with yourself, you become your own best friend, living in a state of awareness and consciousness that promotes growth.

Once you’re living in the truth and honor your emotions, you become conscious of your choices. Hopefully you’ll choose to not engage in anything degrading your being and choose to only allow people in your life who are supportive. This choice will change your relationships for the better and provide you with the love, honor and respect growth deserves.

Remember you have a choice in the types of people you want in your life. It’s all in your control; no one has the right to treat you bad. Choose loving, honorable, compassionate, kind people invested in positive growth.

Always remember, that there are three people involved in a relationship: you, the other person, and your relationship. When working harmoniously, in a healthy relationship, together you’ll enjoy a mentally, physically and spiritually healthy experience. If there is abuse, control and manipulation, problems will soon follow. Life itself brings its own challenges, you living in truth and having a solid foundation based on truth will enable you to weather life’s storms. You can weather the storm and grow stronger by living in the truth of your being.

There will always be a need in life, to revisit and revise. Anything not based in truth and life enhancing, you must let it go. No one can determine your truth but you and you’re the only person that can act upon your truth. Have the courage to live in truth and live a positive, peace filled, loving life. “Living in truth,” can and will play a major role in the outcome of your life. Your mental, physical, and emotional health is dependant upon this. So have the courage to live in truth and watch how it changes your life for the better.

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  1. Milo, this is so very true!!

  2. Thank you very much for your publications Brother Milo. They are inspiring, uplifting and exhilirating. These type of publications make me want to continue being the positive person that I am. It feels so, so, so good when a black male has positive food for my soul. My father always had positive things to say to me and others, how I hunger for that type of brother every day – seldom do I see one. I thank God for you. Please keep it coming.

    Your sister in truth,


    • Thank you and I’ll continue to be the difference I want to see in the world and share the type of love I want to receive.

  3. Milo, Milo, Milo,
    First off…very nice pic.

    Wow, your words are nothing but the truth. Thank you for such inspiring words, love, and kindness.

    Living in our truth creates the amazing blossoming effect that brings nothing but good for yourself and your relationships. Everything that was not mean’t to be will fall by the wayside and everything mean’t to be in your life will be there to support you.

    Living our truth brings energy into our lives that attracts loving people like you Milo. So, keep up the excellent job of inspiring us…

    Love, Peace, Light
    Gina Marlena

    • Thank Gina and I love your art work!

    • Thanks Gina and continue to share and experience the love of truth. It’s a peaceful place to be.

  4. Wonderful ! Thanks for sharing… VC

  5. Thanks Milo! This confirms what I had to do today. I had to Live in the Truth. I had to express my feelings very strongly today. It was so strong that I ran someone away. I wasn’t rude, but I had to be true to my feelings. I didn’t allow that person to degrade who I was or what I stood for. I’m learning to value me. I appreciate you being tuned into the spirit. xoxo

    • Always honor yourself with the truth Sylvia, you’ll sleep better.

  6. Milo,

    Hi, the TRUTH shall set you FREE!

  7. I love this message, years ago I had no ideal what it meant to live in the Truth, but over the years I have learned from my mistakes, and that will take you into the Truth- Truth of who you are and where you are going. I Love the Life I have, I Love Me, my Husband, my Family and Friends but frist of all I Love God. My motto is “Life, It’s still Good”. No matter how bad things are or seem” Life, it’s still Good” It’s so wonderful when you know true peace deep down in you soul, and nothing can mess with it. You may not like something thats going on or that has been said and get angry or hurt but its not going to mess up my whole day. Now thats true peace. Now that don’t just happen, but only after I’ve had a talk with God. I Have so much I would like to say but Im at work, so I’ll have more later.

    Have a Bless Day


    • Peace is where the truth leads us!

  8. Milo, this is so right and I have to realize that I am moving to fast and slow down. I understand what and need to do, being true to myself first is the only way i can be true to someone else. Good topic today.

    • As long as you’re flowing in truth you’ll be fine.

  9. Mr. Edwards, I appreciate these words you speak. I’m so glad I stumble onto your site. I was looking for something else and found your video instead…I’m impressed. “Living in the Truth” is what I’ve tried to do all my life and guess what? I’m still trying to live it. Truth is so much better than false. Trying to find those who want to live in the truth is a journey, but one worth traveling. Thank you again for your thought provoking messages…they touch the heart and reach our minds.

    • Living in truth is a continuous work in progress that requires awareness and a conscious effort. I’m working on it at all times, it’s a lovin place.

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