Moving Forward In Life? Focus!

When moving forward in life we must have the ability to focus. The mind must be free and clear concerning what needs to be done. My advice would be to focus on what is most important and is a priority. If you do not focus on what’s most important; you could be in real trouble in the future.

Moving forward in life you’ll need the ability visualize success. If you’re unable to visualize success then you may never feel inspired to seek success. There must be something inside your mind that enables you to visualize success and drive you to move in that direction. If you look at most people who have done well moving forward in life; you will see that they had the ability to visualize success, make a plan and proceed.

Moving forward in life involves the ability to free the mind, to recognize possibilities are infinite. Sometimes life will deal us a harmful body blow, causing us to become stagnant and lack motivation. Instead of standing strong and facing the issue head-on, we may become withdrawn and want to quit. This actually is the time we must pull ourselves up by the boot straps, put on our spiritual armor and step to the plate stronger than ever. This is the kind of attitude we must possess to move forward in life and be successful.

There will be times we’ll need support from others when moving forward in life; it’s a natural and sometime necessary fact of life. We are all here to help one another, and the sooner we realize it, the better off everyone will be. We can move forward by helping each other and having total faith in the support of the divine spirit.

As you move forward in life, visualize your future and know you’re going to make it happen. Looking forward will enhance your view and your ability to achieve success. Keep moving forward, one step at a time and never stop moving towards your destiny!

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  1. I’ve stepped to the plate and making sure I am ready to take that swing! Thanks Milo. Great post.

  2. I needed to really see this in writing on THIS day Milo. Thank you for your tireless efforts to engage and inspire.

  3. I am reaching for my goal, I have seen the vison and now it is in the makings. thanks milo for your encouraging words. Be Bless

  4. This was for me! I thank you….and “focus” is the word!

  5. Milo, you already know I am moving forward. I had lots of help. God put specific people in my life in the last two years that has help me to move forward, including yourself. I see myself in the future, successful, happy and fulfilled. My focus right now is self, but as I grow, I hope that I have many opportunities to help and support others as they move forward. xoxo

  6. Hi Milo!
    As always, great to receive your wonderful posts. Yes, moving along in life and I find visualizing a project or where you want to be in this time of your life is key.

    I once saw on Oprah that a good way to do this is through a vizualization board. Get a medium size white board and in the center of the board, put the most important aspect of your life, be it religion or family. From there, cut out images of how you see yourself in the future surrounding the most important aspect.

    Well, on that note, I will start hunting for some pics, got the board already. 🙂

    Take care Milo and have a good week.
    Love, Peace, Light
    Gina Marlena

  7. Oh yes Milo, it’s so important to look forward as it gives one motivation when done positively. Dreams come true when we believe…There’s so much power in thoughts, that it becomes action. Thanks for that encouraging and motivating piece, Milo. Warm hugs♥

  8. FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Successful. I am DEFINITELY moving forward.——–>>>>
    Wonderful Advice…CYD

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