Assuming Isn’t Clarity!

During your lifetime you’ll meet people who assume they have all the answers, some who think they know and some who are total impostors of understanding. They’ll smile and laugh with you all the while leading you down the wrong road. They’ll tell you all is well and you should feel great about what they’re saying, “trust me” is what they’ll say. They’ll tell you they understand, they’ll tell you they know and want you to be comfortable with their decisions because, THEY KNOW!

But when it comes to the confirmation of understanding, all you’ll get from them is bad representation, communication and interpretation. Then in the end you’ll be blamed for all that has happened due to the misunderstanding. Sounds crazy huh? This happens everyday, all over the world.

People will mimic knowledge, kindness, love, honor, respect, compassion and concern to uplift themselves and convince you their on your side. Then they’ll abandon you, leaving you wondering what happened and why!

When this occurs don’t be shocked and surprised. When dealing with other people you must accept they’re not always on your side  or the same page as you. You must heighten your level of awareness and consciousness, so you’ll have a better chance of gaining clarity in the beginning and not when it’s too late. Unless you seek clarity in the beginning and stop assuming people know what you want, where you’re headed, you’ll end up behind the eight ball in awkward situations in life. People will continue to impersonate and mislead you until you take responsibility to make sure, YOU KNOW!

Assuming isn’t clarity, KNOWING IS! Take the time to gain clarity in all situations, it’ll make life’s direction clearer and smoother. Don’t assume others know how you feel, what you want or expect. Express yourself clearly by defining what you want and what you expect to happen.

Clarify what you’re saying, what you expect, what you understand and know, not assume! GAIN CLARITY!


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  1. Thanks for clearing that up, Milo! (SMILE!!) Misunderstandings lead to hurt feelings and resentment. Making sure we know everyone’s intentions, their level of commitment and their individual strengths will lead to better communication and results. I appreciate the reminder!

  2. Hi Milo,

    We’ve all heard the cliche about what assuming makes…lol God’s word tells us that even when we get wisdom, that alone isn’t enough. He says with wisdom, get understanding. Clarity is so important. Some purposefully mislead, others because of their own ignorance. Make sure YOU know what’s going on before moving forward or agreeing to anything

  3. Hi Milo,

    Tremendous thanks for expressing and sharing these vital truths.


  4. Hello Milo~
    nice picture…

    Assuming, you know what they say about assuming, “You make an a** out of you and me.”

    Milo, you are right about having clarity. It is good to be clear on your part and then when asking for advice, etc., it will either be confirmation or not.

    It is good to do your homework or research to fully stand on your own two feet. You made a good point about don’t assume the other person will know exactly what you want. When you are clear, it also opens up communication and dialogue for rightful decisions to be made.

    I also find not talking about it as much, keeps it on an energetic flow.

    Thank you Milo for your openness.
    Have a good week.
    Gina Marlena

  5. Communication, Communication, Communication are key in any friendship, partnership, relationship, ANY union period. Even though some do not practice communicating CLEARLY, if you are mentally where you should be, it should not take you long to recognize the SABOTEUR…CYD

  6. Milo, Thank You!!

  7. Thanks Milo! Thanks for the reminder. In the pass I have not been clear about what I want from relationships. Because of this it has cost me a lot of hurt feelings and money. I will no longer assume others know what I want or what I expect and I will ask question so I will not assume what they want or expect! xoxo

  8. Milo yr an adorable person….am glad that yu show and teach us so much…just like a closer family Member,elder brother….smile…thats how yu make me feel….and God bless yu for each moment yu spend and investing precious moments and energy into certain people with out having second thoughts just a pure Heart……THANK YU.
    Well it takes me a while until i check out certain people around me and let them into my world…maybe years.for a good reason..testing and seeing how this person will pass the test..unfortunatly Life tought me a lot..and there is a German say..When the Lion shows his teeth,that doesnt mean he is laughing….lol lol…Blessings Jasmin..

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