Life Will Never Give Up On You!

I’m here to tell you today that “life will never give up on you” you’re too special and you have a purpose. Sometimes you may believe that life is working against you. You must understand that life’s experiences strengthens you, every weakness you have is strengthened through experience. You may be ready to give up sometimes but when things get tough it’s good to remember it can’t stay that way forever. A setback is a setup for a come up! What you’re missing is the fact that your character, which is developed over time creates the strength and essence of you. How you respond when your back is against the wall speaks volumes about your character. Your character is continually being adjusted and fine tuned especially for you and your life.

When life sees an opportunity for you to grow, it’ll move the universe out of your way so you can step into the light. Your character must move you to respond appropriately and step into this perfect place of being. Take time to develop and allow your character to shine. Focus on being full of faith, trust, consideration, joy, awareness,  acknowledgment, acceptance, kindness, compassion, patience, love, honor and respect! These are tools used to create and fine tune your character, determining your response to life’s ups and downs, circumstances and situations.

Be patient and allow the divine spirit to work divine order, “life will never give up on you” you’re too special and you have a purpose.


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  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Milo! I especially love the phrase “Focus on being full of faith, trust, consideration, joy…” It’s true, we need to FOCUS on those things, not just wait for them to develop within us. When things get ugly, it’s easy to just wanna give up, but just because something didn’t come easy doesn’t mean it’s not coming at all! Focusing on those qualities will help us all to become better people, and more ready for the blessings that are waiting to come into our lives.

  2. True Milo….

    Yu know i had a hard father was an Alcohol and used to beat us all up…i married young so i can get love and warmth,and to forget my past..but that didnt work either…i dated and fell in Love,but the guys i met,rather took than gave…so i came to the result to stay singel and invest my love and warmth to my boys..i keep tracing yr interviews and videos hoping to find a mistake am doing..i learned a lot in the past 6 yrs..and ready to learn more…and hope to find what am looking for…love and warmth in return….Peace

  3. Beautifully stated my brother.!!!

  4. Great article! It appears that this came for the bottom of your heart. It is obvious that your mind is working at full capacity. That is in the area of thinking and thoughts. You know a good friend of mine is an Executive Chief of the top restaurant here in Pasadena. Every time you see him cooking he has a big small on face. You can tell that a lot of love is put into his food. Just as you put a lot of love into your writing.

    Be Well,

  5. Excellent advice. When your back is against the wall, it is time to dig deeper for the inner strength we all have. Sometimes life can be like one pop quiz after another. We are always going to be caught off guard at one time, or another in our life. It is how we deal with these pop quizzes, and challenges that is most important. When you gather strength from the MAN above, NO challenges can overcome you. He will always protect you, and keep you. Remember the poem FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND when the man questioned GOD’s disappearance by stating at his most most saddened, and troubled times he looked to see if GOD was still walking with him, and he only saw one set of footprints. GOD’s reply was, “My precious, precious child, I love you, and I would never leave you during times of trial, and suffering. When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” Blessings to you all, and Keep the FAITH at all times!!… CYD

  6. Milo…but it definitely will turn on us when we are engaging in activities that are counter-productive to the process of positive growth and evolution of its organic cycle. I’m truly glad that I’ve learned how to live a God-centered life. Which, in turn, rewards me with the ability to maintain the balance, harmony, and wisdom that’s essential for maximizing the quality of life…across the board!!! THANKS FOR THE MID-DAY SPIRITUAL SNACK (SMILE). Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  7. Words to live by, I remember looking back at what I thought were hopeless times and the end result was a much better outcome than I ever thought could be. I understand why people give up though, it’s a lack of faith. We assume that we should see everything now, but if we look back over the years, he’s always brought us through.

  8. yep…all true..characater is developed when it is attacked…Loria

  9. I believe when you’re back is up against the wall you will panic and lose your sanity momentarily. I’ve learned that I need to calm down, step back, and rethink in order to not lose me. My past experiences have taught me to remember them and use them as a reference as I move forward and let my light shine. I see the universe moving. 🙂

  10. Sooo true….I look back at all the trials i been through now and I can honestly be gratefull for them-or how else would i have grown into the woman that i am today…Every experience,pleasant or unpleasant is an opportunity for us to Grow,learn,strengten our spirits and move into the future better that ever before.And if we remember this:One will allways rise above almost anything…..and come out on top- on the other side!Thanks for sharing Milo!Love.C.

  11. Thank You Milo! I love this because no one said life was easy, but I love the fact that everything I’ve been through has built my character. Life has definitely helped me have more faith and comparison for others. I like the phase “A setback is a setup for a come up!” I had many setbacks, but I love my life now and how I have come up just a little higher and how things are looking brighter. Thanks for reminding me life can be good if I remember that it will not give up on me!

  12. My purpose is simply to help others in any way I can so that they may have a happy, healthful and successful life!In helping others I also help myself!

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