Don’t Get Stuck With A Label!

Don’t become stuck with labels people have pinned upon you and you don’t have to live down to their opinion of you, live beyond! Times change and so do people (who are open to change), you may not have been the most loving, honorable, respectful person growing up but that doesn’t mean you have to be the same as an adult. I wasn’t always nice and have done things that would make your jaw drop, at times a down right ass, but as an adult I take responsibility for what happened in my youth and my ignorance as a young adult. I forgave myself for my misdeeds and those who committed misdeeds against me.

You can become aware of you and your past, acknowledge your mistakes, accept and apologize for your mistakes (if able to contact the one one did wrong), forgive yourself and others and make a behavioral change growing forward towards, “Enjoying A Better You!”

If at that point you encounter someone from your past that wants to drag you backwards with actions or words. Inform them you’ve grown forward, if they can’t except it let them go! People will try to keep you down! They’ll use your past against you in an attempt to bring you back to what they want to be or feel is your reality. But it’s your past not your present, if they choose to stay in the past, let them stay. Let them know, “yeah, I did those things in my past and you know I behaved in that manner but I don’t live there anymore! I’m loving, honoring and respecting myself and others!”

Don’t ever punish yourself over and over for mistakes you’ve made! Don’t allow people to punish you over and over for mistakes you’ve made. People will always hold on to the negative and throw it at you to gain an edge in an attempt to make themselves feel or look better. If you’re aware, acknowledge, accept and moved forward, there’s no need to fear being exposed. The authentic you is real and present! The authentic you came about from your past good deeds, errors and formed you for your present being!

I wouldn’t change a thing about my past however unfortunate an action, word or circumstance. That change may change everything about me in the present! I forgive myself, I forgive you and ask you forgive me! I love who I am today, my past brought me here and I wont apologize for it over and over! I will change what I can and not worry about what I can’t and I can’t change the past, neither can you!

Today, stop punishing yourself and allowing others to punish you in action or word for your past! Let the label go!


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  1. Very true.

    We can do nothing about the past – even if we wanted to – and I’m sure we all have things in our past we are not proud about. I know I have.

    When you look at people who have made an impact on society, a great many have had a difficult past. So much so that, as my past is not that deprived, I feel at a disadvantage!

    Labelling people is always a disaster as everyone is different. A millionaire friend of mine told the story recently that his young son was at school when the teacher asked the class what their fathers did. My friends son responded by saying ‘My father is at home all day, he hasn’t got a job.’ That evening, he returned home with vouchers for free school milk and meals….

  2. Good Morning Milo!

    Yes, so true about labels…they box you in. We have to keep moving forward with our growth. What, when and how we did something in the past, is exactly the past.

    It is difficult to walk in another’s man’s shoes, but with unconditional love and compassion, we can. We all have stories to tell one way or another, but moving forward is the best medicine.

    In the moving forward, we learn, forgive and give back in return. So, let’s keep our heads up high and look forward to our gifts God gave each and every one of us. He gives obstacles in our path to only make us stronger and wiser.

    Love to Light-
    “A Journey to Love is like being a diamond in the rough. As you chisel yourself into a beautiful diamond, it speaks of Love and Joy.”
    Gina Marlena

    Be the diamond…shine and don’t look back.

  3. I believe same, Milo. I truly don’t walk backwards in my life. The power to forgive others who have hurt me has me on a high:), most importantly I’ve forgiven myself, because sometimes we believe others owe us apologies bypassing the fact we may be just as responsible for that rift.

    As long as you forgive yourself your past, and others you can safely move on with a comfortable heart and sleep well, even snore:)

    Who cares what others think of my past? I don’t judge any on theirs, I judge them on their now – In fact, I have no right judging anyone – no one should – we all have our imperfections anyway. I live in the ‘now’, not yesterday – everyone deserves a second chance…. See More

    Milo, are we communicating here? :). Love your flow. Beautiful!. Great piece and it’s the blunt truth as always from you. Love it. Hugs and blessing ♥

  4. Love it!I think most people are hardest on themselves!

  5. I totally agree love,

    I believe in new beginnings a fresh start and not living in the past… Ridding old friends that never really was your friend. Getting rid of all the excess baggage that just brings you down and just moving on learn from your mistakes. People and don’t look back You can rule your own destiny…

    Audrey. F

  6. Love it Milo! I heard a message early in my life that I need to forgive myself and others. Forgive myself for mistakes I made and things that were done to me. I refuse to let people label me. I am not my mistakes or my passed. I have grown as an adult, but still make mistakes. But I have learned to immediate forgive myself. Just today I had to let someone know that yes I did something I was not proud of, but just because I did it don’t mean I have to do it again. I asked God for forgiveness and have forgiven myself. I know I have to let that person go as you said, because they will not be able to forget and move forward, as I have done. Forever thankful! xoxo

  7. Once again, very well said. While working with others as a coach, I find this is coming up 2nd place in the way people look and feel about themselves.Personally one of my biggest challenges in marriage was belieiving what my husband used to say about me. He was abusive and it took awhile after the divorce to realize I wasnt this ugly evil person. We all have to search inside and see us as we really are not as someone else tells us we are. Love the blue shirt by the way the color is so becoming to you.

  8. Good Morning Milo: Love the picture! Great accomplishments often come off bitter disappointments instead of dwelling on your past, consider all the ways you can create a bright future. Forgiveness is not something we do for other people, we do it for ourselves to get well and move on. which i lean the hard way, but i have move on. Now i don’t count the days any more……………I make the days count. You feel me sugar. much love to you as always.

  9. The hardest thing is learning to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in the past!!! Once you can do that as the pereson said above you have to make the days count!! Thank you, Dear!!

  10. Well Said. Your past has helped to shape, and mold you into the person you are now. You can not allow any mistakes you made to hinder yourself. They should only be seen as life lessons helping prepare you for your future. Learn from your past mistakes, but definitely do not repeat them…CYD

  11. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

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