Let’s Stay In Love!

Falling in love is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. I’m not talking about just a strong physical attraction or settling for a relationship because you want to be with someone. I’m talking about  that intense, deeper-than-words, almost can’t explain it love. It all starts with “self-love” and your willingness to share that love. I promise you, you’ll  know it when it comes your way. Once you have it, you know you never want to let it go and should hold on and nourish the love so it’ll grow. Below are a few things I feel will keep the fire burning for a long time.

1. When you know he/she is the one for you, you must accept it’s really happening and you’re worthy of love and their worthy of yours. A lot of relationships die because people don’t accept and feel they’re worthy of love. You have to believe that you are good enough and this is really happening to you and you have an option to receive it or let it pass. You must make a conscious effort to acknowledge you’re worthy and accept it..

2. When you have finally been able to truly accept the opportunity for love and know you’re worthy, you’ve got to welcome it into your life. Welcoming love will be easy if you’ve truly accepted it entering your life. Kind loving words spoken to one another helps nurture the love and welcomes more love. Share your feelings with family and friends, they should be happy for you and that’ll help you welcome the love also.

3. Like anything else you want to grow, you must nurture and put something into it. Quality time is very important to a relationship and his investment will be key to your longevity. It’s a give and take process that both must totally commit too. If either of you are the only one giving, there’s a possibility resentment will build and failure occur. Try compromising as part of the investment, you don’t like the mall but go with her sometimes, she doesn’t like the sports bar but go with him sometimes. Trust me, these things make a difference and are well worth it. You need to see her/him enjoying themselves doing things they like.

4. Be available for your partner and offer of yourself to make their day better. This will show you care, express what he/she means to you and how good they make you feel, listen to his/her feelings, thoughts, and opinions. The more you offer of yourself, the more they’ll trust in your true support and feelings and the more you will receive from the relationship. Be open to trying something new, which is outside of your norm, it’ll display trust in them and they’ll appreciate that, in and outside of the bedroom this will keep this fresh. Love is an action word so take action and do something.

5.  Love him/her unconditionally! This will remove all barriers and create a free-flowing love that opens doors. You’ll bond on a higher level, maybe even more than you thought was possible. Don’t hold back, let go and love. Be compassionate, considerate, loving, honorable, respectful and honest. Share your passion about things you like to do and want he/she to participate in and/or lend support. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable to your partner, it’s a gift you give to them and allows them to see inside you.

I don’t claim to know it all and I know I didn’t cover it all but if you communicate openly and honestly. You’ll discover all you need to maintain a healthy loving relationship. You must have self-love, self-awareness and acknowledge the truth and it’s power!

Have a wonderful day and be the difference!

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  1. Milo, this was great.

  2. What a great way to start the day. Thanks.

  3. True….Beautiful words.Thankyou Milo.

  4. Too many people forget The definintion of Being in love to soon.This is a great reminder..thankyou Milo.

  5. Thank You, Milo!!

  6. The DEEPER loves as you have described are rare. But when you think about it, they should be. They require so much more. The AVERAGE loves can never compare to these DEEPER connections. Allowing these connections to come into your life requires both parties to RESPECT, truely LISTEN and be HONEST with each other. This blog in 3 words: Wonderful, Uplifting & Inspiring…CYD

  7. Milo,
    The flowers are beautiful…

    Love between two people…I read this Prayer once and truly felt they were powerful words to cherish and wanted to share.

    It is by the author Marianne Williamson and her book Enchanted Love:

    Dear God,
    May the man I am with
    emerge into his greatness.
    May the woman I am with
    emerge into her glory and her joy.
    May we leave behind
    our broken selves,
    and emerge into the light.
    Heal our wounds
    and bless our dreams.
    Thank you, God.

    Thank you Milo for your words of wisdom.

  8. Thank you. This is great! Every word counts and your words are greatly appreciated.

  9. Thanks Milo! Just waiting for the day I can receive that kind of love. I have given that type of love out in the pass. I believe in reaping and sowing, therefore I’m expecting to reap unconditional, open, honest and passionate love from a loving and caring man! Thanks for reminding me what real love looks like. Forever Thankful!

  10. Hi Milo. I am new to your passionate thoughts put into words…this is my first, but not last, interaction with you. I just want to say that without the self-love that we must have (including understanding that God loves us unconditionally and that it is alright to love ourselves the same) then it becomes very unlikely that we will attract someone who can love us like we need to be loved. Spirits do attract….and a loving spirit will ultimately attract love and find it attractive. You have to BE love to find love because unless you know what it TRULY is you will never know when it finds you. God is love and the more you become like Him the more you will receive what you give to others. At that point, you can then begin to attract those who are similar and willing to love you like you are willing to love them. peace & love ~NAS

  11. Very nice! Thank you so much for the reminders, we can all use them sometimes.

  12. Milo, this is the best one yet, from my point of view. Lovin This Very Much..Thanks Milo my friend..

  13. Milo, this is awesome, all i could say is love me without fear, trust me with out restriction want me without demand, accept me how i am!!!! As long as i have these three things Faith, Hope, Love, no one will never break me. You feel me Milo. much love to you keep
    it coming.

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