You Have A Purpose

IMG_0398We were all created to be productive in this world, none of us are inherently bad. We each were born to fulfill a purpose! We each have talents and abilities that may seem similar but are like no other person. Everything you do plays a role in your understanding of your purpose in life. Every relationship and interaction contributes to your understanding and encouragement of your purpose. Relationships and interactions are opportunities to extract information that’s useful to you reaching your goals.

You need to become clear about where you’re headed by focusing on your ideas and plans. Then you must stick to it and not allow yourself or others to get you off track. People have a tendency to be influenced by their environment and lose touch with their authentic self  and their purpose on earth.

The information you need to get back on track and pursue your purpose is readily available to you, because it belongs to you and you’re worthy of having it. Having a healthy balance of mind, body and soul will help bring forth the authentic you and reveal your purpose. You’ll be driven in the direction of your purpose and all you’ve learned along the way will enable you to succeed.

You may still be wondering what your purpose is? Sit down, think of what moves you, your life’s experiences and ask your creator for help and instructions. The divine spirit is available 24/7 and waiting to assist you, just ask. Your purpose awaits your presence!

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  1. Thank you, my friend! Your encouraging words are always right on tme!♥

  2. Good job Milo. I needed this little kick in the pants today. Have a good one.

  3. Hey ~Milo~…
    I’m sorry…but were you reading my mind when I woke up this morning? I really really really think you were! Thanks…
    ~Chi-Town Michelle~

  4. Good Morning Milo!
    Thank you again for your inspiring words…I just love this by you:

    “You may still be wondering what your purpose is? Sit down, think of what moves you, your life’s experiences and ask your creator for help and instructions. The divine spirit is available 24/7 and waiting to assist you, just ask. Your purpose awaits your presence!”

    I love it Milo…I am going to the beach…a little windy though and just sit. Sit in it all, watch, observe, feel and take it all in. I find in the quiet moments, words come to me from the divine and of course, I will have my notepad in my pocket…SMILE!

    Have a good rest of the day Milo! Thank you.

  5. This is apropos to what I’ve been struggling with lately.

    Thank you and please keep sharing!

  6. Again, On Point and On Time. I was just having a conversation last night about this very thing. That God did not put us here to simply “exist”, we need to get about finding our purpose and sharing our gifts. Thank you again, Milo for sharing.


  7. Milo, you have touch my life in such a positive, that I work on being the best “ME. What I have just read is so true. Thank you for being in position.

  8. Hi Milo, thanks for the encouraging words! I know my purpose, but it has been put on hold for so long, I find it hard to grasp it. I will ask my creator for help and instructions. I love the last line…Your purpose awaits your presence! I am looking forward to the day I find myself in the mist of it!

  9. Bless you! Im encouraged by the profound words Delivered to me by God threw you By my sister, so on time!
    conformation that Im listening to the right Spirit!

    what your doing! this is my purpose too! I can
    mosey on up the straight and narrow road, focus to
    where Im lead! Again thank God! and you!


  11. Yes, Milo Purpose great topic!

    My purpose is the present, I am trying to be the change
    I want to see. If i could imagine it, than i can achive it, and when i dream it, I know one day i will become it. God has place me on this earth for a reason and purpose. God bless Milo your encouraging words always makes my nights. Stay bless keep it coming along with the smile. Much lox.

  12. Milo~
    Your words are very inspirational. Although, I feel that I am a lost soul. There is much darkness in my life and it is extremely difficult to (allow) any light into my life for many reasons. I want this light, but do not feel worthy of it….never have. I could use your help. Would you have time to write to me at my provided email? I can also be found on Face Book; that’s where I found you. I could use a friend like you…before I lose everything. Thank you~

    • I am here fro you Shari and you’re not a lost Soul, you just need to have faith and stand-up. Their are no lost souls, just people who’ve lost touch and are a little off the path. With meditation, faith and prayer you’ll be back in no time.

  13. This is so what I needed to hear to help me keep my FOCUS. Thank u Milo. PEACE…CYD

  14. Thank You again for such Inspiring words!! God Bless You!!

  15. Talk to me about this topic and I will listen forever! Tell me all you know…now…please!

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