_MG_3114Do you think you’re worthy of a miracle? Do you feel as though incredible things should happen in your life, like in the lives of others? Do you think if you asked for a miracle, it’ll become part of divine order and the divine spirit will grant your request?

Miracles are possible if you’re willing to open up your heart to receiving. You must have faith and be open for the divine to work miracles in your life. If you believe it can happen, it really can happen because miracles happen all the time but only if you believe you’re worthy of the miracle and you’re open to receiving it.

Feeling worthy may be a new feeling for you but it’s like any other new feeling. You’ll be a little uncomfortable at first, but as time goes on you’ll become more comfortable. With that comfort comes less doubt, more confidence and with confidence comes the belief you deserve more for the positive work you’ve put in.

This new feeling is part of the path to receiving miracles and believing you’re worthy. Just keep asking the divine for miracles and working on moving in a positive direction. Providing positive service to the masses and increasing your self-worth, which will increase your divine connection and probability of receiving your miracle.

So open up your heart, nourish and honor your dreams, believe in miracles, know you deserve your miracle, you’ve done the work and you’re worthy!

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  1. I’m waiting and watching for my miracle everyday, but each day I do question why they seem to happen all around me, but not to me. When my sister was sick, I prayed for a miracle everyday, but yet she didn’t make it. I don’t believe that I am not worthy, it’s just not my turn yet. I believe in miracles, but I think that it’s God’s divine design and not our own. It would be easy to give up on God and not believe in miracles, but I choose to believe and wait for my turn.

  2. I do believe in miracles and I do have the faith. Make it a wonderful day ahead of you.


  3. Iam WORTHY because Iam made of God’s IMAGE:)

    If you believe you’re worthy of the miracle and you’re open to receiving it, you’re already there.

  4. Miracles happen in the lives of those who are attentive because God is intimately concerned with the short-term details of His special unique creation …. you & me! If you are patient with God and do not seek the fast answers to the deep issues of life, His timing will unfold before your very eyes but only when the time constrainst have been taken off. Yes I believe in the miraculous work of the almighty as I have faith to believe and I have seen…

  5. I think when you are good person, the miracle come one day !!! I believe !!! I believe so much !!! but we have to keep our eyes open and give a love around !!
    And one day, when the moment comes, the miracle comes too !!!

    I agree !!! take a time and stay positive and you will get it !! ^.^

  6. Milo…I am definitely a believer of “MIRACLES.” Thanks for helping me to refocus. Right now I could truly use a miracle. Life can, sometimes, truly drain even the most strongest person! Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  7. Milo – thank you for your insite.
    Where I am today has been a journey, for twenty-one years I was my husband’s wife and my children’s mother. I had no identity, but I woke up in 2001 to my reality. Make it happen sistah and I am happy to know that I deserve to take sometimes. Being a giver is who I am but receiving is in my heart also. Everyday I tell myself,” DREAM IT, BELIEVE IT, RECEIVE IT.
    It is ok to be single if settling for less is the only other option.

  8. Milo,
    Thank you for this…I was just sitting here wondering if I will have a miracle happen in finding that special someone. I do feel worthy in finding that special relationship I have been praying about. So, I will be patient, worthy of myself, and keep giving until the divine decides it is time.

    So, that is where faith, prayer, love, and feeling worthy comes in…and, then in the course of Divine timing…out of no where, appearance shows.

    So, I hear you Milo…yes, I am worthy! Let the miracle begin…lol.

    Thank you for sharing…
    Gina Marlena

  9. Beautiful message 2day. We all have 2 realize our WORTH and acknowledge the miracles that happen throughout the day that go unrecognized because we are looking for something BIG. Waking up each day, a sunrise, a sunset, the moon & stars, and all other gods creations and/or gifts are MIRACLES! If you continue 2 receive him, when the TIME is right, you will be blessed with ALL you seek….CYD

  10. Milo, Your word today reminded of me the song ” He is worthy to be praised”. We must continue to praise God each and every day.

    From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same,You’re worthy to be praised

    For the rest of my days, I will give You praise,
    You’re worthy to be praised.

    Praising God keeps me focus on his goodness even in the bad times.
    Thank You! Kathy

  11. Thank U Milo for an OUTSTANDING message. I am worthy the moment I open my eyes each morning. I then know that My Lord has given me another opportunity to go after my Inheritance.

    Blessings and keep sharing the Love!

  12. I feel I’m worth any and all miracles and thanks to God I’m finally seeing them slowly but surely. If you feel your worthy then believe it and don’t complain because it hasn’t come to you because HE MAY NOT COME WHEN YOU WANT HIM BUT HE’S RIGHT ON TIME. MZ D


  14. Your quite correct with this one..

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

  15. Admirable writing…

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