Eliminate Restrictive Thought’s About Yourself

IMG_2228Don’t confine yourself by limiting your thought’s and beliefs about you. Your present circumstances may affect your thought’s of you but they’re not permanent. Circumstances can, do and will change! They may have an effect on you but aren’t the deciding factor in life, so don’t limit your thought’s and belief’s to what is now.

You’re not what’s happening to you right now. You’re how you handle what’s happening to you right now! I’ve always felt you should leave a relationship or situation the same pleasant loving way you entered, never thinking less of yourself but learning from that interaction. Extracting positive information and relieving yourself of the negative, which will allow you to grow forward. You’re the person traveling through your present surroundings, you’re not the surrounding itself .

You can’t allow yourself to be limited to what you see before you, your potential is boundless so think beyond your present moment in a positive manner. Only things that matter are the things you allow too! So give life to the boundless, limitless, unstoppable, loving, honorable, respectful, energetic force you are and know circumstances are temporary. You can’t get down on yourself; worry and anxiety blocks your connection to the divine. But have faith and keep moving forward, which strengthens your connection with the divine and fuels your future, opening doors along the way.

Never allow your identity to be determined by your present surroundings, circumstances or conditions. Think and live in the boundless arena which is you, eliminating restrictive thought’s of you, that can stunt your growth!

“Mellow Into The Moment” and “Enjoy A Better You”

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  1. This circumstance is WHERE I am, not WHO I am! Thanks again, Milo; your words are always so encouraging! ‚ô•

  2. Good Morning Milo…
    Again, a beautiful picture…the artist is very deep.

    Thank you again for powerful words. Just yesterday, there were alot of postings about what you think about and how it effects your life. Thoughts are “energy” and even though you are not speaking the words, the “energy” is felt by others. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a bad mood, it attracts the same? Sometimes, people can pretend to be in a good mood, but someone who can read energy will tell them differently and they are surprised.

    It is so hard to pull ourselves up while in a difficult situation…it is easier said than done. But, as adults, we have to take a long hard breath, ask God for assistance, turn it over and to think other thoughts…that is the hard part. I find having positive affirmations are the best tools, when you just can’t think positive for yourself, look at the positive affirmations over and over…eventually, they will help to ease your thoughts.

    So, thoughts are powerful and right now as a collective, the world needs more positive and loving thoughts…this type of energy is so much needed.

    Thank you again Milo, hope I wasn’t rambling…LOL.

    Have a good Week! Hope you get alot accomplished with your writing…Love.

    Gina Marlena

  3. Great Milo. One of your best.

  4. Well said Milo. You can not allow your past to hender your present by keeping you at a standstill. Nor can you allow your present to dictate or limit you future blessings and opportunities. LIFE is about CONSTANT ELEVATION!! Learning from the past, maturing in the present, and preparing for the BOUNDLESS future possibilities. Thank you for the well received message…CYD

  5. Man,How did you know I needed to read (Hear) this TODAY ??

  6. God bless you, I needed that right at this time. I hope you understand this, you are truly helping others and me (yes, I can speak for them) you send me what I need at the right time. Stay in position allowing God to use you. I love you my brother.

  7. Well said Milo.

  8. Milo: The art work is amazing. Three things in life that can save a person…….Is God, Faith, Hope. Like you said in your quote: Don’t confine yourself by limiting your thought’s. Milo you are the best….keep
    it coming. Much love. stay bless

  9. Yes,
    Finally someone who can speak the truth from the heart, we can’t limit ourself with negative judgements but we should elevate ourselves with positive thinking, we are what we think of ourselves and the good Lord has created us perfect.

    Thank you for reminding me that I’m Special!!!!!!!!!!
    May Jehovah Bless you always

    • Yes, you’re special and a pure example of the Lords love.

  10. Thank you for the thoughts, the words, the inspirations, the wisdom. Sometimes we know what to do and how to do it; however, we just need to be reminded… Thanks for the refreshing reminder.

    Peace & Love To You and Yours

  11. Wow, you’re so insightful. How can you know me so well?

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