Your Spirit Is Your Driving Force

IMG_2300Your spirit guides you not your family, friends, lover or associates! They’re passengers, only your spirit is the driving force in your life. Some believe it’s their morals, personality and character that matter. In that case you’ll believe there’s things you can’t do, due to those beliefs. As long as you listen to the passengers in your life, you’ll probably wander in the wilderness lost.

When you’re ready to make a life changing decision, rely upon your spirit as the driving force, not your passengers. Your passengers are always questioning, judging, seeking complexities, looking over your shoulder, pointing fingers and trying to lead you and they don’t totally know you.

The true leader, your driven spirit has it all under control and doesn’t need the passengers advice. If you ask, your spirit will guide you like a GPS system and you’ll never become lost. Because your spirit knows, what to do, when to do it, how to do it and what the end result will be. Your spirit knows when to work, when to rest and what conditions await you in the future. Your spirit unlike your passengers seeks a smooth comfortable ride for you and knows the best way to get it. Your spirit has great concern for your personal growth on this journey and will protect you from the negatives.

Don’t allow the passengers in your life to drive you, allow your spirit to connect with the divine in you and flow. Take a look at yourself and acknowledge how you’ve allowed passengers in your life to drive you. Then make the behavioral change and allow your driven spirit to take control of the wheel. You’ll soon begin to see your spirit guiding you in the direction the divine would have you go. Your Spirit Is Your Driving Force!

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  1. VERY WONDERFUL indeed!!!
    Eventhou Im sometimes confused about things surrounding me, I always try to do my very best to see those in a positive point of view.
    Gotta use my own spirit, my own instinct, my own thoughts to direct which way in life I wanna go.
    I must believe I can.

    Keep it coming, handsome Milo smiley!
    You are such a wonderful and precious gift for us here.

    God bless you and your wonderful heart always.


  3. Very interesting. I have to marinate on this one for a minute.

  4. Yes..I really like this..!!!

  5. Good Morning Milo!
    Beautiful pic again…beautiful Black man walking towards a heart of Healing…

    Well, Bingo Milo…that is it. This last year, I totally disconnected from others to find a path clearly for me. I found others seemed to confuse the direction for one reason or another. I stay in contact, but I do not bring up anything about me anymore.

    So, since that time, I find that in a peaceful space, just sitting in silence, has given me more answers than chatting with people. I also think it has something to do with energy. It is best kept to yourself until it materializes.

    It is so funny how one simple thing, sitting in silence, or just being somewhere peaceful within your own thoughts can give so many answers. Who would of thought?

    As always, so enlightening. You have a way of either making me think about the future or where my current situation is. Keep up the excellent writes. I love to write too and just maybe one day, I’ll make that bold move too.

    Love, Peace, Light
    Gina Marlena

  6. Agin/always/still, thank you for the encouragement!

  7. Hallelujah…
    Well said!!!!

  8. Your SPIRIT will prevail even when others try to stop it. As for the passengers, I WILL HAVE THEM ALL EXIT –STAGE RIGHT——->>> Have a wonderful and prosperous day every1….CYD

  9. Good Morning Milo: Love the pic! my life has been engrossed with many challenges but with my spirit and with my dreams & hopes. God has giving me the faith I needed to get rid of all the pointless drama and the people who create it. I feel real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain. Milo your words
    were special as always keep up the amazing work you do! God Bless you every day! much lox! keep smiling.

  10. Milo…MY WISE AND WONDERFUL BROTHA’, KEEP THE WISDOM FLOWING! You are definitely on target and soaring when it comes to both providing and guiding those in search of the caliber of wisdom that’s essential for power-packed spiritual growth and Xcellence. Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  11. Liked this a lot, a wonderful encouragment, the spirit is in it.

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