Program Your Mind For Victory

ThinkerPROGRAM YOUR MIND FOR VICTORY! Speak kindly to yourself at all times and know your blessing are chasing you down. All you have to do is get out of the way of yourself! Your mind works perfectly fine at allowing you to become exactly what you think. Whatever you want to be expand your mind focus on it, be and become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, dentist, chef, entrepreneur etc. So think positive and become stronger, having greater results by programming your mind for success. Get in agreement with the divine spirit and know you have favor. Start acting like you have favor, be thankful for it and live by faith. Stop putting things off and seeking excuses, stand up and say, “this is what needs to be done today” and do it. Speak your future into being and move in the direction of growth. Take action with what you know, just knowing isn’t good enough. The richest man in the world isn’t the smartest, he’s the one who took action. Stop denying yourself and make a change now.

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  1. Thanks Milo this was right on time. Keep it coming my friend..

    The more I read all your inspirational words here, the more I realize that there are still LOTS and LOTS OF THINGS that I must learn in this life to be a better person.
    PLEASE dont forget to tell me when your book is published. I wanna send some of those to my country.

    Have a VERY blessed day always and everyday.

  3. Love this! Refreshed from your birthday and better than ever…
    Thanks, Milo! ♥

  4. The mind is so powerful and we haven’t begun to understand the infinite powers contained in what we think, beleive and speak. We must speak health, love, peace, wealth, joy etc to ourselves if we ever intend to see those things in our lives. I love your positivity and your wisdom. Thanks for the inspriation!

  5. The words you write speak directly to me. Thank you for bringing such moving points to conscious thought.

  6. Welcome Back! You came back stronger than ever. This is good for the soul. Right on time as always!

  7. Nice…..

    I’ve always been told that faith without corresponding action is dead. This is why I have chosen to pursue and succeed in the field of law. Anything worth having in life does not come easy but after its all said and done the reality becomes your VICTORY!!!!!!!!

    Be blessed,
    Kim Williams

  8. Good Stuff Milo.


  10. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear 2day. WELCOME BACK and thank you for helping me keep it PROGRESSIVE. Have a wonderful day …. CYD

  11. Its was refreshing and everyone should listen to those words and live by them.

  12. “PROGRAM YOUR MIND FOR VICTORY!” That phrase alone speaks volume…Thank Milo…

  13. Your words were a conformation to me. I had to take action on yesterday. It was not easy, but it was needed. I will program my mind for victory as well as embracing change!

  14. Could not have said it any better my friend….

  15. Preach Brother! Here’s to striving for excellence always! God Bless You!

  16. Milo,
    Thank you…you said it with grace.
    Gina Marlena

  17. Milo, very true and well said. I thank you for your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. You are truely blessed and a blessing. Be safe and God bless.

  18. Thank you for the simple but powerful message. It is a gentle reminder that what ever you think and focus on most grow.

    Kimberly Oglesby

  19. Thank You, sometimes all you need is confirmation!!!

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