Stop Criticizing So Much!

_MG_2053Why deprive yourself of a great experience because you wont open up to the divine within you. You’re so protective of yourself, confined to a small group of people recycling the same ideals over and over, never growing or venturing from that spot.

You’re busy putting people down and judging so much, you’ve lost your way! You criticize your friends, associates and people you don’t even know! Criticizing their life styles, ideas and their associates. People will get fed up with you because all you do is criticize. Does it make you feel better about yourself to put others down and/or question the validity of any and everything they say and/or do? Is that how you drag people into your crap? Do you need to be right? Accepted? Confirm your own thoughts whether right or wrong? Makes you feel big?

Stop and take a look at you, odds are you’re talking about yourself! It’s not them it’s you! Stop criticizing other people, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything! Seek the positive in all things rather than the negative. How long are you going to hold on to things that aren’t in your best interest? Things that aren’t productive are counter productive!

“Mellow Into The Moment” and take the opportunity to let go of old beliefs, behaviors, thought’s and ideas. Your criticism can stand in the way of your desires and really promote worthlessness, rather than growth and a higher level of consciousness. Focus on the positive and let the negative go! Be love and promote love!

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  1. People criticize others usually to take away from looking at themselves CLEARLY. It is easier for them to latch out at others. They do not want to CONFESS and CONFRONT their own hidden demons. Usually people of this nature will be around other individuals with their same views and opinions—-which are other SIMPLE MINDED PEOPLE. Unfortunately, like you have stated on numerous occasions—until that person is ready to GROW, LEARN, and ACCEPT their OWN shortcomings and issues—-THEY WILL CONTINUE TO GO AROUND IN CIRCLES.

    Thanks for the GOOD WORD this morning………….CYD

  2. How arrogant to believe that my way of thinking is the only “right” way! And so what if I AM right about some specific? What did I have to go through to learn that? Shouldn’t other people have the same opportunity (without criticism/judgement from me) to learn it for themselves? Bringing people down is not “my thing.” Goodness knows I have plenty of my own issues to work on! Thanks, Milo!

  3. This is an interesting post Milo. I don’t quite know where I am with it although I agree in principle, I do also feel that we raise valid points at times by finding the “faults” or “flaws” with some things. I was told by someone just yesterday that they felt that I was “pessimistic” because of the subjects of my blogs and other observations. Her reason for saying that I was probably a pessimist was because my blogs dealt with the fact that “something was wrong” as opposed to what is right in the world. My feeling is that pessimists and optimists both have to deal with negative things, its the perspective that makes a person optimistic or pessimistic, not just the subject that their addressing.

    I certainly do find that I address problems, negative situations or even can be critical at certain times, but I don’t do it (especially in my blogs) unless I am willing to address the situation with positive solutions to the situations I see. I won’t go on too much longer, but I guess you can see where that would position me to want to see myself as the exception to your statements (although I agree with them) as opposed to one of the “projecting” people that finds fault in things because of the issues they have within themselves.

    Just sharing my man, but as always – happy to see you spreading love and knowledge.

    As a side note thanks for your inside info/comments regarding the industry you shared. That was quite valuable…VA

  4. Good Morning Milo…

    This is a very nice peaceful picture of you…Love.

    Oh, critizing is a difficult one because once you are in that mode, it is very difficult to shut off. It all comes from the ego and the ego loves to fed.

    We have to recognize it for ourselves and then detach from it. This could include getting new friends, etc. The more you stay in the mode of critizing, it will continue to attract the same over and over in your life.

    Good point:
    “Your criticism can stand in the way of your desires and really promote worthlessness, rather than growth and a higher level of consciousness. Focus on the positive and let the negative go! Be love and promote love!”

    Again, thank you Milo…Have a good day today.
    Gina Marlena

  5. Criticism is something that I had to check myself on. I realized that there were some things that I didn’t want to acknowledge within me. Everyone has comfort zones but it is a lack of faith why we stay within certain confines at times. Let’s try to learn from each other rather than criticise. After all, we are equal in God’s eyes. God’s richest blessings to everyone!

  6. Its really sad that as humans we spend so much time trying to find whats wrong with others, forgetting to see ourselves and be critic of our own mistakes. Life is too short to dwell on other peoples business, lets enjoy each other and support one another in all things…

  7. I always focus on the positive things in life, and i let
    the negative go! I always try to promote love!

    I feel Gina words stood out when she said everyone should recognize it for there self, and then detach from
    it. Hey Milo like the pic! but your not smiling. Stay bless and keep up the good work.

  8. Milo…Xtremely powerful and sooooooooo true! We’re here to be, become, and love. All other “Acts” are based on superficial illusions that perpetually produce nothing more than unfulfilling outcomes. People need to wake up, get up, and get real before they spend their entire lives sinking into the abyss of the criticism, ignorance, and misery…they themselves draw to them. Nothing else need be said! Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  9. you are amazing …

  10. How about us being positive and using a words positive.
    The title being insted of <>
    …and start seeing people open up to the divine within them. Be careful what are you focusing on too. You are causing all the time. Lets redirect our focus and words. I know where you are coming from. I care where you are going. God bless…

  11. As I have surmised from reading your post criticizing is a result of being fearful.

    Therefore, Speak Love to fear and suddenly we’ll find that criticizing becomes impossible.

    Wonderful words.

    Btw, I found one of your earlier posts on facebook and was compelled to subscribe to your blog. I choose a steady diet of Love and positivity. Thank you.

  12. Milo, I requested you as a friend because I have followed your comments for some time now from the site of a Mutual Friend. I’m not one to comment on blogs or fb comments but I feel it’s a value to come across individuals who really have something to say. I would be quick to admit my guilt in judgmen/critique of others. Not so much as to put others down, but to question a persons thought patterns. It took my daughter to bring that side of me to my attention (she’s 16). She would become so annoyed when I would make comments about people everywhere we would go; It’s like a disease or something. But in the same token, I would compliment anyone deserving of it as well (deserving in MY terms). I wish I had an answer as to why we judge or “Criticize”, but I don’t. I do however, look within but find myself thanking God that that’s not me. How vain is that? I appreciate your inspriring words and I am thankful for the reminder to “Mellow into the Moment” I hope all of us that are guilty of this become Mindful!

    Thanks Milo.

    Great Respect, Angela

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