Spread Love No Matter What Has Been Done!

_MG_3062In a perfect world everyone would be nice and loving. Unfortunately we’re not living in a perfect world and not everyone is on the road to spiritual enlightenment or even willing to join you on the journey to Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love. There’s a huge portion of our society in a great deal of pain and consciously or unconsciously they’ll project and inflict their pain upon you.

People will speak and act negatively and  for no good reason. They’ll attempt to punch holes in all your positive efforts and return a favor with a negative slap in the face. They’ll lie, betray your trust, wish bad upon you and may even physically attack you if they’re sick and hurting enough.

When hurt by others, it’s a natural reaction to get mad and insult them in return, try to hurt them with a betrayal or a deed worse than what they did to you. For us to grow spiritually and stay on our divine path, we must not counter a bad act with a bad act. Instead we must be loving regardless of the ill will presented by the other person. A large portion of society would say punish those who hurt you! In the spiritual realm we see the more unloving a person is, the more they need love and healing.

If someone is mean to you, speaking unkindly and trying to project negativity into your day. “Mellow Into The Moment” and know they’re in pain and it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them and what’s going on in their lives. Counter their negativity with a loving reaction, taking the life out of their negativity and keeping the negative energy off you. Hopefully they’ll see the love, recognize the error of their ways and respond in a positive manner. But if they don’t, you stand your ground in a loving positive manner and don’t allow your bright light to dim!

Seek peace first and always spread love no matter what has been done!

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  1. I have to “act right” just becaause is IS right, not because that’s how someone acted towards me. Be PROactive in my kindness, not just REactive. It’s not because people necessarily deserve receiving it; it’s because I deserve the benefits (to my own growth) that come from giving it! Thanks for the reminder, Milo! ♥

  2. AMEN

  3. Milo,
    That’s what I have always told my son growing up as a kid. Never let someone take your “JOY” you own it so claim it. I live by that today, yes some times people can take you there, but like you say Milo “Mellow INTO THE MOMENT”. Have a great Thursday Milo


  4. @RACHAEL—–well said.

    Milo another eye opener. Now if we can ONLY get the ones that need their eyes opened to see this message also. Keep doing what u do. I am sure you can convert them 1 by 1. GOOD MESSAGE and THANK U……..CYD

  5. Preach brotha Edwards!

    I agree with Chontei, if we can get others to read it and start to
    change. Reach one teach one!!

    Thanks Kathy

  6. Milo,
    Thank you for the reminder. I actually had something happened yesterday and felt this person would continue.

    I received a message from the Emerging Earth Angels and it gave me more insight in what is happening now…here is the link:

    So, after reading the message, I decided yesterday that the person lived in the old energy and I decided to move on from it. I had mixed emotions about it, but, it seems everything that we knew is turning topsy turvy. We have to decide and choose the direction, either stay in the old or move into the new.

    Thank you so much Milo for the reminder.

    Love, Peace, Light
    Gina Marlena

  7. Keep up the good work Milo. I want to hear your thoughts on the effects of materialism on relationships. I hear the #1 cause of divorce in America is finances.



  8. Great words my man – appreciate the wisdom and insight!! I have had a to employ this approach a time or two myself and I agree that darkness is swallowed by the light – definitely best to respond with positivity and not feed “the beast.”

  9. Milo…so true and soooooooo sad that so many people are in so much pain and are angry with the world and everyone in it. If they would learn to go inward and find the solace and peace they need they would be much better off and this would be a much better place. But, unfortunately for many the Xtent of the work required to face one’s self is far too frightening and difficult a task. Their “BAD!” However, as long as we possess the ability to see and recognize those who are chronically addicted to emotional pain, physical suffering, and die-hard misery, we will always be able to steer clear of them…for there is little we can do to help people who aren’t willing to help themselves. THANKS FOR THE REMINDER AND THE LOVE! Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  10. Hey Milo.

    I needed this one today…WHEW! I live in the mind-set of positivity, peace and happiness but every once in a blue moon…somebody attempts to mess with me!!! Thank you for reminding me that I have to keep it together for me and walk forward with love regardless.

    “Bring it On…I love you still…You need a Hug?”


  11. Thanks for the reminder of what simple kindness can do! Was just talking to a friend and we were sharing the thought that it is a much different world than we grew up in, specifically that so many teenagers struggle with basic manners in their tone of voice and how much junk is in reality TV. Don’t know why so many people seem fascinated in watching others be brought down, etc. It all starts at home learning to be kind and respectful to other people. Would love to know what other people think on this subject! Have a great weekend! Jeannette

  12. Love it Milo! We all know most of the universal truths. Intergrating them into our everyday lives, however, sometimes proves to be a challenge.

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