Tell Yourself The Truth & Let It Go!

IMG_9621When was the last time you had a good heart to heart talk with yourself? Are you harboring old wounds? Frightened? Angry? Ashamed or Guilty? Need to forgive someone or apologize? Need to treat yourself better? Need to let go? Are you stubborn and blaming others? Do you take responsibility for your crap? Are you loving you some you? Are you respecting yourself and others? You consider yourself positive but speak negativity?

Sit down and have a heart to heart talk with yourself!

Tell yourself the truth, the truth is abosolute, the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, it’s eternal. When you’re courageous enough to examine the truth! You’ll eliminate needs to be anything other than what you are. The Truth allows you to just “BE!” If you really want to make a difference! Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth about you! He who lies to himself is a fool! Are you a fool? Take responsibility for the role you’ve played in the drama in your life. It wasn’t all the other person, IT WAS YOU TOO! You were there and you participated in the whole event. So don’t say you had nothing to do with it, you had everything to do with it!

Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done and forgive others for what they’ve done to you. Holding on and harboring the past will only filter over into every aspect of your life and ruin future relationships. Forgive and move forward and the past can’t follow. If you allow your old past into your new present life, you’ll open the door to all the old past crap to enter also, just let it go!

Then make a BEHAVIORAL CHANGE that will change the world around you. Hopefully it’ll have a positive ripple effect on the people you meet and pay forward! Be the type of love you want to recieve. Open your heart and soul to the abundance of love ever present in your daily life. It’s boundless but can’t get in uless you’re open. So welcome love into your life and have a wonderful day.

Have a Heart to Heart with yourself and do it soon, so you can let go and grow!

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  1. What I’ve come to understand about my relationships is that just because the other person may have been MORE, wrong (infedelity, abusive words, violent behavior)I still hold some reponsibility in the breakdown as well. Were my actions loving, and sincere? Were my words kind? Was I a positive motivator? Ummm, not always. It doesn’t excuse their beshavior, but that honest evaluation of myself helps me to develop and improve my own charater. All I can fix is me, and trust me, that’s a big enough job all on it’s own. ♥

    • I do the same thing…evaluate my part in the disagreement.

  2. I have this type heart to heart discussion every week.Thanks my friend for reminding me to be honest with “ME”.It really helps me to be honest with others..!!!.God bless you my brother.!!!

  3. Milo, great topic today. I bought a new mirror to make sure I was seeing clearly, so I could really see the real me. I’m lovin me some me…Thanks

  4. All to true…be the love, you want to recieve. This works on all levels. You want someone truthful, kind and smart? Tell the truth, be considerate and read a few books.

    You want someone sexy, in-shape, and open-minded? Join a health club and look outside physical appearances.

  5. Milo, This is a great way to start off the week.


  6. Once again you have spoken truth without prejudice..Love Ya ..”Loria”

  7. Milo,
    Thank you again for your writing. It makes me think…and I love it. It is good to receive reminders. It is tough to move forward and find the unconditional love we all seek or some have. It is our past, the “pain bodies” that linger. We find ourselves in the same situations, whining with a friend, or complaining about others.

    The key is once we realize or staying aware of what we are doing, to immediately stop or change the situation around. Getting out of the way is the best medicine…move on. Stopping the cycle will attract better things in your life.

    Milo, you are a blessing…
    Gina Marlena

  8. This is IMPORTANT information Milo, let GO and let GOD!

  9. The reflection in the mirror is sometimes the hardest one to look at. People get use to commenting on or about others that they DO NOT see their role in what has taken place OR see no fault in themselves. When u point the finger at a person REMEMBER there are 4 more fingers pointed right back at u. A great eye opener this morning Milo—-LET GO AND GROW–good information 2 use……..Have a wonderful day every1……CYD

  10. Thanks Milo I luv this message because it speaks the truth n reminds me of the day I forgave family members in the past n freed myself…

  11. Milo, thanks once again for the truth. One of the most striking lessons is that life is ever-changing and so are we. Change doesn’t always feel great, but it doe’s allow for new possibilities, “Life is not likely to deliver only pleasant events, faith entails the understanding that we don’t know how thing will unfold even so, faith allows us to claim the possibility that we ourselves might change in ways that will allow us to recognize and trust the helping hands stretched toward us. I enables us to aspire to a better life than the one we have inherited. Stay bless Milo and keep smiling

  12. Hello Milo,

    Thank you for sending me the link to this. I love writing and admire the great works of others. The deeper I draw into my faith in the Lord the better person that I become. I notice that negative thoughts no longer idolly enter my mind, letting go and forgiving others has become quite easy. I realize that I can not continue to grow in my spiritual faith or my will here on earth if I harbor and hold on to past hurts, with that said I also had to own up to hurting others in the past. I found my old boyfriend from high school, and wrote him a brief but very to the point e-mail apologizing for anything that I may have done, said, or cause him hurt or pain that may have hindered his growth in any of his current relationships. He replied thanking me for acknowledging and making the decision to reach out. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you necessarily need to be with them, or have them as friends in your life if their purpose is to drag you down. The relationship that your in and the company that you keep should enhance and compliment who you are.

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