Heighten Your Level of Consciousness

ThinkerWe all desire to be totally focused but at times have trouble and wonder off our path. The universal mind choreographs everything with precision and intelligence. Intelligence is the ultimate and is in every fiber of existence. One way to increase this intelligence is to be conscious.

Some will say, I’m conscious! I’m living, breathing, walking, talking and making decisions. I’m conscious! Are you really?

Maybe you are but by heightening your level of consciousness you obtain and retain more information, allowing you to make better decisions because you have more information to choose from. Have you ever said why the hell did I do or say that? Thinking it made sense and was correct when it was totally wrong? In an unconscious state you’ll do a number of things wrong and rationalize they’re right. You must wake up or you’ll find people exiting your life.

When you walk down a street in a conscious state of mind you’ll recognize the structures, people and plants. You wont step in that pothole or trip over the curb and twist your ankle because you’ll be conscious of its presence. That same consciousness will help you not trip over the potholes of life.

Walking through life in a conscious state will expose every person you encounters true intent. Because if you’re really listening to them intently, they’ll tell you exactly who they are and their true intent concerning you. Listen to them and believe them the first time. See them, for who they are, not who you want them to be. I can’t stress that enough, just look at your relationships and how you didn’t really know that person. You weren’t consciously listening were you! It’s O.K. we all have done it but learn from it. Keep the lesson lose the pain!

Remember, he who lies to himself is a fool! Learn to love, honor and respect yourself. You must be conscious to do that! Forgive yourself for past errors and forgive those who mislead you, taking advantage of your unconscious state of mind. If you make a mistake admit it and consciously make an adjustment, not to do it again. It takes much more energy to be stubborn, rationalize and constantly deny a mistake. Than to say, I was wrong and sorry I offended you. You also learn more about yourself and grow from the experience. People also wont see you as self righteous, controlling and unreasonable. You’ll gain trust and find people more welling to express themselves to you openly and honestly.

The best thing you can ever do for yourself is being aware. So heighten your level of consciousness and watch your world blossom. Watch your potential and self empowerment grow before your eyes. Watch your presence grow and people will see it in you. You’ll give off a great light and the light will be drawn to you.

Are You Conscious?

These are the thoughts and words of Milo Edwards.

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  1. Beautiful and truthful as always Borther Milo..Thanks my brother.!!!

  2. E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T! I hope every1 continues to see the POTHOLES and remove the ROSE COLORED glasses as well. THANK YOU for the morning inspiration…………..CYD
    well done

  3. Good morning Milo,
    ummm, your pic put me in a higher consciousness right off…smile.

    Yes, I agree with heightening your level of consciousness thru becoming aware…becoming “present” in everything we do. When you become present in your life, you see the world with a brand new pair of eyes. Everything becomes so much more alive…given the gifts you received from God, your sight, your touch, your smell…take it all in. When you spend a little time on becoming present, a special love will follow.

    Then with your new set of eyes, sit in silence. It is amazing what comes out of silence. It is your higher consciousness revealing special things to you. In this revealing, yes Milo, forgiveness of things gone, will come into your thoughts and then forgive or sometimes you will just cry. In the crying, you will shed it all…that is only God reaching his hand to you. This is key in moving further into a higher level of consciousness.

    So, yes, become aware, become present…

    Thank you Milo for the morning inspiration…as always your words speak to my heart.
    Gina Marlena

  4. Milo, Eloquently conveyed.Thanks.

  5. That was awesome Milo, it makes you step back and really take a look at “yourself” and say am I really conscious.
    Thanks again Milo ( smiling )


  6. Good job Milo. I agree with your views and needed to read that today. Thanks.

  7. Good words Milo, reading that made a number of things come to my mind…Thank you for the nudge…

  8. Milo, wow!!! that picture takes me in a higher consciousness right off the back,come on give me that big smile. Dam……….your the best! you just made my day, I was feeling pretty down, and than all of the sudden there was your face on my profile, I lite up like a dam xmas tree, for real(smile)your words was right on point as always.

    I needed that inspiration today, and you made it happen. just like you said you must obtains and retains it makes you more knowledgeable.your the man you got my voted!!! stay bless and keep smiling.

  9. Hello Mr. Milo!

    Always insightful, enlightening and elevating! Thank you for being the ‘Light’ that you are…!

  10. I am noticing more and more that people do not listen and the premium on thinking is at an all-time high due to how much of it is not taking place. This is a great entry because i think that the number one source of drama/downfall for most people is their cognitive disassociation with how their actions and words affect their existence.

    Well done my man and this is what we need more of – people sharing the value of living in a more conscious state. Excellent!! VA

  11. Milo

    Your insight brought me to a quote which is still profound today!!!!!!!

    St. Augustine:

    “People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and THEY PASS BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT WONDERING.”

    • They pass by themselves without wondering is exactly right! Thanks Judy! Lets communicate and grow in a conscious state of being!

  12. Why does it always seems like your talking to me…..lol

    • I am talking to you!

  13. Milo this was great!

    You never cease to amaze…Thank You!

    It’s nice when you can read a blog or a book or an article and truly walk away with a message that relates to yourself. I am definitely going to take your advice and walk away with a “Higher Level of Consciousness”!

    Keep up the great work!

  14. We are connected, and I thank you Milo~

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