“LOVE”— Part VII of the VII Part Platinum Series

Red RoseI chose “Love” as the last message of my VII part series hoping that your heart is open to love. Hoping you’ve told yourself the truth about what role you’ve played in your life’s drama and what behavioral changes you need to make. If you’ve read parts I – VI of the series, you know what men and women want or have a good idea, you know the worst things you can do to a man or woman. You know how insecurities come about and can ruin a relationship, job, family or friendship. You’ve taking time to heal and remove any negativity from your life. If you were bitter about something in your past you’ve let it go, so you can grow.

Now all we’re left to do is love and be loved, it’s all around us in abundance! I can only give my opinion and I’m know authority on Love but have thought in depth and sought the absolute truth. So here’s my truth!

Love is a number of emotions and experiences related to your sense of affection or attachment to someone or something. Referring to different feelings, state of mind or attitudes, love has diverse meanings. It can be hard to constantly define and compare to other emotional states of being. One thing for sure, it exists in abundance and all we have to do is open up to receive love.

We must expand our capacity to love unconditionally and to help others. All though we all know this, a number of us haven’t put unconditional love into motion, enabling a difference to be made. Giving unconditional love requires you to love without expectations. It may seem tough or a little crazy to love and not expect anything in return in this selfish world in which we live. But, you’ll have to learn to surrender your desires, your self and your ego. The release of these things will allow us to love without demanding anything in return. You shouldn’t expect anything from someone you love. True love makes a way for itself and when you adore someone it comes back around.

When you’re giving love and don’t get any in return don’t complain, always remember by loving someone you receive self satisfaction and bring forth happiness. Yes, you can be happy loving and not getting it back from that person. Doesn’t it feel good to you to help others? You don’t always immediately get help back from them. Have faith that the divine spirit will repay you 10 fold for your loving ways.

You must have will power to love unconditionally! Give more and demand less, become selfless and compassionate. When you love unconditionally, you want the best for people. You’ll want all positive things for them and wish them the success! You’ll give honest sincere opinions for the betterment of others, without any envy or enmity. You’ll even sacrifice a part of yourself to achieve happiness and joy for others.

Remember, you’ll do all of this without expecting anything in return. Never lose hope of loving or being loved. Loving unconditionally will enable you to live an emotionally satisfying, balanced life!

At some point in our lives we all demand some type of love, it’s what drives us from birth! But let that demand come from within and be projected by giving love and being the love you wish to receive. It creates a warmth and positive light that shines so bright within you; others can’t help but see your glow.

Love is free, natural, and inherent to our nature. It is healing and nurturing on every level…and contrary to what people think…it can’t be bought, sold, or mistaken for anything else! It feels good to be able to allow what is and always has been to flow fluently, openly, and honestly. We’re all incredible people whose loving energy can easily be felt and appreciated. Take the time to just love people and allow them to love you back. And, what you’ll discover is that most people who truly love is definitely different than people who are just using us to fulfill their own self-centered agenda. Unconditional love will keep you in a good place and space that is soothing to your soul, spiritually energizing and truly awesome in so many ways.

Choose Love!

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    “When you’re giving love and don’t get any in return do NOT complain, ALWAYS remember by loving someone you RECEIVE self satisfaction and BRING FORTH happiness.”

    YES, choose love and… live.

    Thank you SO much again for sharing your wonderful words.

    Keep smiling
    May God continue to be with you and bless you always.

  2. Milo I love this one. Very few people are able to actually do it, but you can sure tell the ones who put this into practice.

  3. LOVE- The greatest commandment is LOVE.

  4. This was a great and powerful message compacted into these few paragraphs.


    These four words sums it up totally. I hope many drop by and check out this BLOG. If we all practice this, maybe it could spread like a disease BUT a disease you want to catch.


  5. Milo, You are L O v E to us all, and you are loved by all of us as well…(smiling)..

  6. Hello Milo,

    Thanks for sharing your truth, you have hit it dead on. Some people take a lifetime to figure this out, but loving unconditionally take a special heart, and soul to do this. But it can be achieved when we put
    “GOD” first.

    Denise Vallier

  7. Thank you Milo…Love to You…loving writing on your part…

    On my FB page and website…I have the following words dedicated to a group of art called Love to Light…for transformation and healing.

    “A Journey to Love is like being a diamond in the rough. As you chisel yourself into a beautiful diamond, it speaks of Love and Joy.”

    The journey of transformation can take some work, but there is light at the end of the tunnel…always listen to your heart.

    Love and Peace,
    Gina Marlena

  8. Wow!!! Once again, Mr. Milo, you’ve so eloquently expressed the ‘essence’ of Love…may we all experience the Light…Thank You!

  9. Milo’s words> “Referring to different feelings, state of mind or attitudes, love has diverse meanings. It can be hard to constantly define and compare to other emotional states of being.”

    I truly believe that everything we do, think or feel is determined by only two emotions “FEAR & LOVE”. No matter how much one examines and dissects their feelings and actions everything comes from these two places.

    I choose LOVE first and foremost. Love for myself, humankind, animals, the planet and most importantly GOD!

  10. Milo,Your the best, love is a great topic!

    Love is difficult to define yet very easy to recognize,love is the greatest gift. Love changes life, it brings warm light to the cold darkness, it preludes joy where there was none.

    The more love you get the more love you will have, The less you demand of love, the more it will bring to you. The few conditions you place on love the more perfectly it will suit you.

    And the more meaningful it will become. What is built and nurtured with love can with stand any challenge.

    Love understands, forgives, enables, protects and Inspires. Love can make a powerful! Positive! difference what ever it is present. And love an work its magic in ever corner of your life with love the impossible become real.

    Stay Bless and keep smiling.

  11. Great affirmation and words of encouragement, bruh. It all begins with God and self… everything else will manifest accordingly in due season.

    Much love,

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