Remove Bitterness From Your Life! Part VI of the VII Part Platinum Series!

BusinessI’ve talked to a number of people on the subject of bitterness. It turned out to be more dangerous and widespread than I thought. I wont speak about particular incidents that were shared with me. I’m grateful for those who share their experiences with me and will always respect the confidentiality I promised. I’ve always been interested in what people think and how they function, also how they respond to any given situation. I’ve listened intently and thought in depth concerning bitterness, I’m know authority of nothing but have sought the absolute truth and here’s my truth!

Bitterness has become one of the major mental problems existing in our present society and a clear showing of a fragmented life. Due to the failures and let downs people have experienced bitterness has consumed a large portion of our society. There seems to be a fine line between bitterness, anger wanting revenge and deep hurt! The blurred grey area seems to be where people feel they’ve crossed the line or their actions are rational. Bitterness is never rational!

Bitterness is a deeply rooted anger that eats away at you and becomes extremely painful and resentment filled due to bad experiences or feelings of unfair treatment by others. It can be harsh and unpleasant to accept what happened in your past, filling you with anger that seeps into every aspect of your life and causing you huge problems.

Bitterness can alienate you from people you care about and who care about you and also cut off new opportunities. Your bitterness punishes family, friends and the general public for things that have nothing to do with them. Eventually they’ll tire of your ways and just leave you alone. Which will create a gap and make way growing apart and losing the positive connection you had and yes you have a connection with the general public too. Long time frustration can lead to bitterness. Many times you don’t even realize it has seeped into your life, creating a resentful attitude clear to everyone but you.

Bitterness can and will put you in a bad place with the divine spirit! It causes the loss of your divine connection, which is the channel to receiving your blessings and the rewards the divine has in store for you. Bitterness causes you to be cruel, antagonistic, arrogant, vengeful, implacable, condescending, stubborn, grounded in self-pity and expressing hatred.

Bitterness isn’t rational; it’s your worse enemy and will consume you. Bitterness is the main cause of breakups within a family and in marriage! It is difficult to maintain any type of relationship with a bitter person. They’re antisocial, inconsiderate, withdrawn and indifferent to normal social behaviors, even strangers avoid bitter people, they suck the air out of the room and no one can be happy around them.

How do we get rid of bitterness? The first thing to do is release it to the divine spirit and recognize it’s not yours. It’s Gods job to make things right, when you surrender it all to the Lord and truly let it go, you’ll feel the relief! It’s as simple as saying, “Lord I surrender unto thee all that I have! The good, the bad and the ugly, do with it as you see fit it’s yours to handle!” When you say it, you have to mean it and let go of whatever has happened. Tell yourself the truth about what happened in your life, the role you played in the drama and surrender it. There’s nothing more you can do! You’ve told the truth, now you must let it go!

Also, be thankful for all the good things in your life, concentrating on the boundless possibilities of positive things in the future and not focus on anything negative. When people start talking to you about negative things, tell them you don’t want to go there, you’ve chosen the positive route. You’ll start to feel better, enjoy peace and contentment, rejecting negativity. Negativity can’t get into your life unless you allow it, it’s a choice and so is bitterness!

Once you surrender and make the choice to be positive, loving, honorable, respectful, compassionate and all the other positives that come along with true love and the joy of living. You’ll be enjoying yourself, loving people and they’ll be loving you and your company. They may even tell you how much they missed the person that disappeared into a dark place and are glad you’re back. Think about it, there’s nothing more attractive and lights up a room like a joyful person being loving, warm and approachable. When you make that change and move towards the positive light, you’ll experience beautiful things happening in your life, doors will open just as your heart has and the abundance of love that surrounds you will step in and lift you to new heights.

Choose, peace, love and joy! Let the bitterness go, it’s not yours or meant for you!

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  1. Although it’s so easy to do when someone has done me dirty; I refuse to let them change who I am, or how I react to people/situations. Holding on to bitterness changes your spirit, and robs you of joy within yourself. Allowing that change to happen gives the “wrong-doer” power, and it also means that no one else gets to benefit from the gifts you have inside. When ugly wins out, we all lose. Thank you again, Milo, for the wonderful reminder.

  2. Its NOT easy to forget about the BITTERNESS in my life.
    I sometimes wish I could wash up my brain or clean it up or even.. change it 😀
    I sometimes wish I could turn the back time so I wouldnt do the wrong things I did, but then I realized that everything has its own purpose and I must be able to put all those things behind and LEARN from it so I wouldnt do the same mistakes.

    You’re SO right that we should pray, “Lord I surrender unto thee all that I have! The good, the bad and the ugly, do with it as You see fit it’s Yours to handle!”
    Thats a very wonderful and powerful prayer to put peaceful thought in our hearts.

    LET GO and LET GOD… and GROW to be a BETTER person.

    Thank you SO much for sharing your insight thoughts about BITTERNESS.

    Have a great week
    May God continue to bless you abundantly.

  3. The problem with bitterness is that it also sneaks up on you. Just when you think you’re over this or that, something happens that brings it up again and before you realize it, you’ve said something hurtful because of this latent bitterness. Thanks Milo, I need to pay better attention to my “latent bitterness.”

  4. I know it’s God, your always so positive but I know it’s because you have been where we are coming from and I say to you keep uplifting people and making a difference God bless you Milo.

  5. Milo, I’ve read quite a few of your blogs and you do a very well job with them. I am enthused by your positive,encouraging, and divine quest. This one here… OMG…I love it!! I have a really close family member who suffers from BITTERNESS and has been for quite some time… It is heart wrenching to witness a loved one ruin their own life as a result of bitterness… LONELINESS is the predominant consequence of their suffering, and they just don’t get it… An occurrence that happened well over 20+ years ago, still has control over their live this day, and it is sad… Only if they would just “LET GO & LET GOD…

    Thank you for this.. I’m going to forward this blog to them.

    Keep allowing God to use you.

  6. Milo,

    I just shared this word with my mother and she wrote me back and said ” this message has help her with some issues she had been struggling with”.

    Thank you for delivering GOD’s words.


    • I’m always grateful to help and I’m glad she’s letting it go!

  7. Enjoyed reading your thoughs and I totally agree.
    I feel that everything happens for a reason. Except responsibility for the situation. Review and analyze the situation both good and bad. Forgive myself as well as others. As forgiveness alumminats it bring peace, joy, happeness all those pleasure of life. Therefore when new found freindships happen I can be open to what has been promised to me. Because I trully believe that God only wants the best for me.

  8. This is something I struggle with all the time. Bitterness eats away at your very core and tricks you into thinking that it’s healthy. After being deeply hurt so many times, your brain naturally wants to go to the reaction of bitterness, but your heart must pull you back and say no, let’s be rational.

    Thanks Milo, good read and reenforcement.

  9. Milo,
    Yes, bitterness creates “dis-ease” in all areas of our lives. If you hang on to it, it will fester into a disease for yourself. The more bitterness we have and hold on to, it will keep coming in your life. Take a deep long breath….and go back to how the bitterness was created and “Forgive” each and every person, thing, or circumstance that created the bitterness. Lastly, and most important, “Forgive Yourself.” Much Love for today, and this week to all.

  10. @Rachael—-that was beatiful.

    BITTERNESS will rob you of your rewards. It will act as an INVISIBLE BLOCKER SHIELD around you preventing success and blessings from penetrating thru. Best advice u stated, chose PEACE, LOVE & JOY as your weapons of choice instead. As always every1, have a BLESSED & PROSPEROUS DAY……………..CYD

  11. Yes,this is all correct. You said it all so well. We do allow bitterness to control us. What I have learned being a christian and all is to accept the bad things that happens to me in my life as I would the good, and learn from it. Of course it hurts but it doesnt last long. That’s when it turns to bitterness, when you dwell on the situation, rather than learning from it and moving on. Milo, thank you so much for all that you do….Be safe and God bless.

  12. Milo, I agree with my FB sisters, and I’am unclaiming any unresolved bitterness that I know of. I will try to use my quite voice from now on! Thanks..

  13. The words that you speak are so true. But it takes courage and patients and a lot of prayer to dig deep down within yourself to release that bitterness. Some people have to apologize to others in order to be free, because of what bitterness led them to do or say. I was in that position, but I wanted something more from life and being angry like I knew it was not going to happen. So I let all the anger, all the resentment, all the hatred GO. Ever since then I have been so happy and filled with joy that it really is unbelievable. Not only do you glow from the love of GOD but you can feel it, and it’s a wonderful feeling. I can be dressed in rags, hair not done and just running errands, or stopping to pump gas in the car and get a compliment about how happy I seem and the joy that others see shining from me because now I smile all the time.

  14. Letting go of the past mistakes and negativity associated with it is the key to resolving any bitterness left. I agree with you when you say it is important to focus on the good things in our lives and concentrate on the positive things of the future rather than anything negative. Negative thoughts as we know create negative actions. It is paramout to keep the good,loving, joyful energy alive in order to create a positive environment.

  15. Milo this was a amazing on bitterness.
    Letting go of mistakes and negativity associated with it, is the key to resolve any bitterness. forgiveness is not something we do for other people, we do it for ourselves to get well and move on. Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain. Stay bless

  16. […] Bitterness has become one of the major mental problems existing in our present society and a clear showing of a fragmented life . Due to the failures and let downs people have experienced bitterness has consumed a large portion of our …Continue Reading […]

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