ClosureCLOSURE, the act of bringing something to an end. Mental and emotional detachment to the point of completeness, honoring what you feel. “Mellow Into The Moment” and be truthful about what you feel and the role you played in the drama that has unfolded in your life, surrender and let it go. People enter your life for a purpose! It may be for a season or a lifetime, recognize it and respect it! Honor what you feel, address it and close the door on it. Don’t allow it to turn into luggage and you carry it around with you, seeping into every other aspect of your life causing problems.

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  1. I really enjoy your writing. Very uplifing and informative! Always on time too!

  2. Excellent advice. SO important to be truthful about what’s being felt, but still let it go… the relationship, emotions can get turned into luggage/baggage for sure if this place isn’t honored. Great advice! And can be applied to everything. A bad habit, a way of thinking, a person, a thing, a job…everything has it’s time and place in our life.

    Thank you Milo!

  3. Funny I was just looking at the part I played in the end of the demise of my marriage. I would fight and plead for counseling since ’01, but it was constantly denied. As a direct reflection I would become fed up in May ’07 thus acting out in a major way. I would gather myself in Oct ’07 go back and when no change still came I said f&*k it in Sept. 08 and started doing me again. He would then ask me to go to marriage counseling in Nov. 08 but by this time I was like hell no I am done, thus leaving in Dec. 08.
    I had to ask myself this week the hard questions about my actions in the end. Was I wrong for not going to counseling because he didn’t go all those years I begged him to go? Cutting him off completely and doing me while still in the house? I have accepted the part I played in the last year and half of the marriage, but I realized that I must forgive myself for my actions in the end and bring closure to that 21 year relationship in order to have an effective relationship in the future.

    Thanks again for allowing a forum for me to express myself as it is has been a great benefit to my healing process.

    • We all need to heal from one thing or another. Thanks for being aware, acknowledging and moving towards the peace you deserve!

      • True indeed! It takes courage to move on. Speaking from experience here and still stuck. 🙂

        Some things can’t be fixed; don’t beat yourself up for not being willing to try again. It wasn’t in your heart, so you did the right thing.

  4. There is sooo much peace in closure, when we finally stop being angry, or sad or “right” or or or…
    When we just realize, it’s DONE, and b..r..e..a..t..h..e. I always tell my baby girls, “Let go of the mistake, hold on to the lesson it taught you!”
    Thanks, Milo!

  5. Closure is a necesity to moving forward. I think of it like computer files, if you have too many files open your computer is slow and you exhaust your memory.

    • Nice way to see it and I agree with that!

  6. Milo my brother is was for me and your right don’t hold on let it be a lesson,and what a lesson mine was thanks God blees you for keeping it real.

  7. sorry, bless

  8. Closure is so important. The most important thing about closure is that we give it to ourselves. Sometimes we wait for someone to give it to us, or for a situation to resolve itself, before we have closure.

    If waiting on something or someone else, you may never get the closure you need. I love what you have written Milo, because it cause us to face the fact that closure is something we lovingly give to ourselves. Bless you Milo!

  9. Thank you for this reminder.

    miss charity

  10. Thanks Milo,

  11. CLOSURE is always good. It always us 2move on, heal and/or grow from an experience. CLOSURE however is usually associated with something sad or bad that has taken place as well. BUT we can put a spin on it by saying we are closing one chapter in our life to begin writing the next chapter—which should become a PROGRESSIVE story of personal experiences also known as LIFE!!! BE BLESSED AND INSPIRED EVERY1..CYD

  12. Milo,
    So clear, so truthful…
    I honor you.

    Love and Peace,
    Gina Marlena

  13. Love it Milo.

  14. Milo,

    A lovely picture, you have a very keen eye. I truly enjoy your readings, you have a lot of wisdom to be so young.


    Denise Vallier

    • Thank you, I’m also a photographer!

  15. Milo, do you think men who’ve committed find it harder to move on than their female counterparts when it becomes obvious the relationship can’t be repaired?

    I feel there is so much stigma attached that men would rather stay in a bad relationship than leave and be said to have abandoned their responsibilities.

    • It’s actually the same on both sides, there’s just a different stigma attached to each sex reaction. I think men stay in bad relationships due to some being surface thinkers and not recognizing how bad the relationship really is and the stress it’s causing them. Women try and try, get feed up and they’re done, really done!

  16. Milo, I already left some ‘Louis Vuitton’ luggage behind. It cost me a pretty penny, but I survived. I realized I could not control the circumstances, but I could control my response. I found out that ‘When you get out of the boat and start walking on water, get ready for all hell to break-loose’. I learned that often God breeds greatness from the worst situations in our lives. I didn’t make it through my life without pain and brokeness. To my sisters and brothers, God is able is heal any hurt or heartache, even if it has been broken and shattered into a million pieces. When God restores your life, He brings you to wholeness. He gives you the courage to love again… the courage to face life.. the ability to experience life to the fullest. People always return to a place of pleasure. Create a new pleasure of your own…

  17. hmm… looks like easy, but feels hard, difficult… or its me who make it difficult??? I cant stop loving, how to close the door ?

  18. Well put… I really needed that!

  19. Milo, love the sunset, I have been through alot of closure, but you know what…… when life gives me a
    hundred reasons to cry, I show life a thousand reason to
    smile. God wouldn’t give me the ability to dream without the ability to make my dreams come true. Milo thanks again. Your the best!

  20. Thanks Milo, arriving at the closure hasn’t been easy but it has been necessary in order to get rid of the excess luggage that has caused all sorts of problems and has prevented me from growing and finding my true self. I take it one day at a time and I am already feeling so much better.

  21. Very wise and useful words. Truth and eloquent come to mind. Sounds like Wisdom and Clarity. We need all of this sometimes to be honest with ourselves. To recognize what may be holding us back from life the way we want to live it. Face what you must to move on.

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