“What Do Men Really Want,” Part IV of the VII Part Series!

Mental Flight!

What do men really want? I hang with the fellas and pay attention to what they say and do, even when they’re playing, because there’s some truth in their play. Every man will be different but a large number of men are drawn to the same thing. I promise you it’s not always a beautiful face and body, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder and men are not as shallow as some think. Women, you thinking that way is a huge error and will turn a man off quickly, it’s insulting. The looks we love, when it comes too woman are as diverse as our thought’s. In order for you to keep the attention of a loving, honorable, respectful man, you must first do the same for yourself. What men really want seems to puzzle a number of women but it’s simple and rarely complex. Most women have tried to solve this puzzle many times in their lives and have a tendency to over think things, bringing about failure to understand. So ladies please keep it simple! I do not have the collective conscious or subconscious thoughts of all men. I can only give my opinion and I’m no authority of nothing but I think in depth, remove my ego and seek the truth. So here’s my truth!

Men love a variety of things and yes, your physical appearance makes a difference but not like you think. Some men like them skinny, some thick, some fat, big butt, no butt, thin legs, big legs, long hair, short hair and it goes on. Lord knows we love sex too but sex without mental stimulation can get old quick, men love delightful conversation with their women. Yes your man wants to hear you speak and speak well, not gossip, blame, complain and other negatives. I know that when a woman is crazy about a man she wants him to feel the same way about her! Guess what, he’s the same way.

There are some things I’ve heard men say they really want and each are equally important. I will highlight the four I heard most and add others at the end.

If a woman exudes CONFIDENCE and loves herself being exactly who she is, it’s like wow! If you do that you’re very likely to catch the heart of a man. He’d love to be chosen out of want rather than desperation. Be CONFIDENT and create a full rewarding life of your own and watch his eyes light up. ATTITUDE, men do not find a woman who’s negative, attractive. You can physically be the most beautiful woman in the world but if you have a bad attitude, he’ll dump you, yes have sex with you then dump you. If you can make a man smile and laugh, he’ll love being with you. Men want a woman who’s happy and knows how to have fun. This will grab his attention and make him want to be around you.

Men also love INDEPENDENCE, unless you unfortunately find one who wants total control of his woman but some women like that. When you show you can handle your own, you’re ambitious and willing to take risk, his brain takes notice and heart swells. He sees you as a woman who makes things happen and wont be waiting on him to do it all. He’ll be willing to and offer to help you anyway possible to reach your goal and be excited about it. He’ll find you irresistible for your INDEPENDENCE. There is no room for JEALOUSY in a relationship, if you want to keep him get rid of JEALOUSY. If you display this it shows, lack of confidence, insecurities, lack of trust in him and you’re not self-assured. This makes a man very uncomfortable and he doesn’t know when you’ll decide to act up and become embarrassing and putting him on edge isn’t a good thing.

I’ve found other things that make a difference also and here they are:

1. Men want women who know how a man is to be treated. A woman who competes with a man and attacks his flaws kills his genius. Acknowledging what he does right is a better route and he’ll work on his flaws just as you work on yours. Don’t attack and don’t always make him wrong. Treat him well and let him see the love in your eyes and concern for his being. Yes we can see it!

2. Men want to be appreciated, give him your undivided attention sometimes in a positive way and don’t greet him with a bag of complaints. Greet him with a kiss and ask how his day has been. Thank him for what he’s done to make your day easier.

3. Be respectful, it’s a solid foundation for a loving relationship. He doesn’t want to be put down in public, he wants to be treated with dignity, show the same respect you want.

4. We just want to be loved too. A tender touch, a soft word, a loving smile. Yes, we’re tough and can take on the world but need some tenderness in our lives too. Don’t forget about or minimize our emotions.

5. Men want honesty in communication, no trick questions meant to deceive which starts a fight. Say what you want, we’re not always trying to read between the lines. We’re not mind readers! Tell it like it is, let’s talk and move towards our joy. Men don’t like beating around the bush, say what you mean the first time. Also being manipulated will not be tolerated for any length of time.

6. We love a woman who can laugh at herself and has courage and strength. We find her emotionally stable! An emotionally secure mature woman brings about a long-term relationship.

7. Men want fidelity!

I know I didn’t cover it all and women are too diverse for me to do so. But I’ve written what I’ve experienced, I’ve listened, I’ve learned and I’m open to learn more, surely I will! One thing I know is, women are love and need love. I’m open to give and receive; if we all remove our ego and communicate life would be much easier.

Permission to reprint is contingent on credit to Milo Edwards

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  1. AGREE…100%

  2. The only thing I differ with Milo, and you know I rarely do. It seems the more you try and love a man, the more he pulls away. It seems men want the bitches, they want the women that are high maintenance. I see it everyday, a man finds a good woman (all of the characteristics you mentioned above) he can’t handle it, he distances himself.

    • He’s a weak man and they seek weak partners. That’s the type of woman you described in your comment. A strong man wont pull away, he’ll move towards the characteristics I pointed out!

  3. Good Morning Milo,

    This is good……smiling


  4. Milo, I agree with some of what you are saying to us women. I agree that women who have their own lives, and are doing their thing, and have it going on, may cause men to appreciate us more. It shows that instead of needing you to occupy our time, we want you despite having other’stuff’ to do. It sounds to me that men want the same things as women, to be loved, unconditionally!
    This is the short version of my response by the way! a detailed (note) will follow-up.

    • Everyone wants to be loved and those that say they don’t want to be loved even more!

  5. Good Morning Milo. A Good Read. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly as far as the What Men Want versus the What Women Want issues lately. Simply put, what we ALL want is LOVE but TRUE LOVE. When you “TRULY LOVE” some1, all of the above mentioned traits are there. RESPECT, FIDELITY, ENCOURAGEMENT, SUPPORT, PEACE, HAPPINESS, COMMUNICATION, STABILITY all equates to L.O.V.E. You know that look/glance some1 gives you that let you know they are either in love with you or on their way. We have ALL seen it (hopefully). Just in case you have not, after reading Milo’s insights to the male point of view HOPEFULLY that will change……..BE BLESSED AND ENCOURAGED EVERY1………..CYD

  6. We all really want the same things on both sides. The complexities men and women create is where the problems start!

  7. Its REALLY true!
    I have 2 brothers who told me a lot about men’s thoughts, wants and needs, and sometimes it did scare me.
    My younger bro who will be 34 yo this year still can’t find the right woman cuz he wants these requirements that you say here.
    He told me that he just wanted to get married once and once only.
    Outside apperance will decease, but the TRUE inner beauty will last forever.

    But I think in the end 1 word cover it all which is LOVE

    Learning and listening are the best ways to be a much better person.

    Thank you SO much again for sharing this.
    Im very grateful.

    Stay blessed.

  8. Milo, I must say you bring honesty to your communications. How is it there were only positive agreaable comments from the ladies when you describe their needs as opposed to skepticism on the part of some as expressed above. I dare say there are more skeptics whom have chosen to reserve their speech.

    Can we discuss the feeling of entitlement that women have developed? Nothing wrong with having your expectations, but life is a two way street ladies. Us men have wants and needs too believe it or not.

    Thanks again Milo. Good stuff!

    • I’ve told a number of women before, I write about you and you talk about you. I write about men and you talk about you, lol.

  9. Thank you for your insight. You sharing this information is a confirmation of some of the things I recently learned.

    Keep it comin..

  10. Milo,
    I don’t know how I missed reading this before, but this was some good reading! I totally agree with what you have said. It is nice to have someone who is willing to share the thoughts of men in such a beneficial way. You are giving women valuable information for “Free”, that others charge a hefty price for. Thanks for being one of the few brothers who is willing to help a “Sista” out! Continue to use your gift of writing. Is your book out already? If not, when will it be ready and where can I get a copy?

    • Thanks Evelyn, I’ll continue to be the difference I want to see in the world and give the type of love I want to receive. Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

  11. Greetings, Milo. Haven’t read your works yet, but thanks for coming out ‘in defense of women’. You seem like one of those rare persons I feel I could converse intelligently with. (Just kinda ‘lazy’ right now.) But, shoot one at me and I’ll bet you could get me to talking. Bless up!

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