Reach for Passion and Joy!

Reach For It!A number of people look upon another person being passionate and joyful as though it’s weird! They’ll call you crazy! It’s because people have had so many disappointments and failures in their lives, they’ve given up! At this point anxiety and fear kills their energy, motivation, faith and trust. “Mellow Into The Moment” and let go of your disappointments and failures. People will always disappoint you because we place trust in them and they don’t come through. Sometimes you fail because of poor preparation, lack of focus and having people take on responsibilities, you should’ve taken on yourselves. Align yourself with what’s truly important to you and move forward doing what needs to be done! Reach for your PASSION & JOY, knowing you can do it despite the past. Step outside of the feasible range of what most call reality and create your own reality. It’s up to you to live beyond the opinion others have of you. They have know idea of the greatness within you. Let go and grow! Reach, Reach, Reach!

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  1. Good Morning Milo. I am reaching, but I must say that your BLOGS are making me reach even higher— STANDING ON MY TIPPY TOES NOW!!!! Have a BLESSED DAY every1……………………………….CYD

  2. Yeeeessss.. Its SO true!
    Your blogs are making me reaching higher too.

    *LET GO, GROW and LET GOD!!!*

    Stay blessed.

  3. Milo, I know you are standing on top of one of those mountains in Cali reaching far beyond the opinion others have of you. They have know idea of the greatness within you.

    Much Love!

  4. Milo…both passion and joy come from within us. So, as long as we remain connected to the divine presence of God who dwells within us, achieving, Xpanding, and maintaining our passion and our joy becomes a much easier process. All I have left to say is “AMEN” to the passion and joy…combined they make life worth living and looking forward to every day! Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  5. Passion and joy are mines! Thx Milo!!

  6. God bless…

  7. I have always lived my life with passion dispite of what people had to say. My motto has always been to do everything in life with passion. My living passionately though has caused me at times to act in innapropriate ways. I have only recently come to the realization that in order to live passionately and not fall into the same old patterns I had to first make sure that I knew what was truly important to me that I wasn’t just waisting my time or fulfilling a temporary gap. So I’ve sat down made a list of the things that are essential to me that reflect the true me and will continue to live passionatly and with joy without feeling guity and regardless of what people have to say.

  8. Milo, I also agree everyone from this morning blog, and would like to add Harmony also. very nice!

  9. Living passionately and joyfully everyday! Call me weirdo and I will wear it proudly.

    Bless you my friend.

  10. Milo,This is awesome!!!!

    reaching for Joy & Passion; There come a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who make you laugh,& that gives you Joy and are very Passion. Thanks sweetie!!! stay bless

  11. Very well stated..

  12. Thanks again Milo for sharing such beautiful insight. I have been so busy with work lately, never got a chance to write back on your articles. Well brotherman, Passion and Joy is what one creates and peceive for themselves. When we don’t let others define who and what we are, we tend to enjoy and be passionate about what we do and decides for ourselves. They may call you weird or crazy, but the thing is they really don’t understand whats inside of you and just be judgemental on what is in the outside. When we put our trust in God, He never dissappoint us, and we never fail because we are solid in His plan. But the moment we put our trust on humans like us, disappointments are bound to happen. So friends lets put our trust in God, and He will always take us to the Higher ground and
    Bless abundantly…. Pen

  13. I love this Milo… My motto is expect nothing from people but expect everything from God… Let Go n put everything in God’s hands He’ll guild u…Passion n Joy comes from HIM….

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