“What Do Women Really Want,” Part III of the VII Part Series!

ValerieWhat do women really want? I’ve talked to many women throughout my life. It has even been a problem in some of my relationships because I love to talk to people period, no strings attached, nothing wanted, I’m approachable and just end up in conversations. I’ve always been interested in what people think and what moves them. Those that have been around me, trust me when I say, I see most of what you do in my presence, I’m conscious. I’ve listened to women and some don’t know, some think they know and some know what they want! It really depends on the woman you ask. The answers will be as diverse as the cultures on earth and their individual experiences in life. I’ve taken my time, listened and thought in depth concerning this matter removing my ego. I’m know authority of nothing but have sought the absolute truth and here’s my truth!
Women like a variety of things. All women don’t want a wealthy man, big house, fancy car, clothes and jewels or a man with a huge penis. A number of women look for things such as trust, honesty, commitment, compassion, love, honor, respect, faithfulness and loyalty. Some seek educated, powerful, confident men; others just want to be loved and feel special. A woman’s wants could be simple or very complex. I’m telling you, just because you bought her a business in her name, the dresses, shoes and other material things doesn’t mean she’ll stay. The women who seem to want material things, most when they get it, they realize there’s more to life and it goes back to the inner being. Women leave men who give them tons of material things all the time. Why? Money doesn’t buy Joy!

Women, just as a flower comes in a variety! I’ve found what they really want comes from within and when they realize who they really are, that’s when they realize, “what they really want!”

The one thing that has been consistent and I’ve always heard women say, is they want a man with CONFIDENCE! Not vain, arrogant, dominating, macho, I’m the man. But a man that exudes, I got this, without taking over and turning into a butthead. He makes her feel safe and doesn’t have to walk around saying I’m bad, with his chest poked out.

CONFIDENCE is an attitude but it doesn’t mean he’s denying any feelings, vulnerability or fear. It’s simply, I’ll deal with it, somehow, someway and I’ll do my best and you know he will! He’ll meet life’s challenges and deal with them in an honorable, respectful manner.

Women even look for clues as to how men handle things and test it to the limit. They see the educator, courageous protector of the community, accomplished leader, kind yet strong and don’t fade when he has a setback type of man. He sees a set back as a time to man up and come up! A man that chose to do something and did it! A number of women wont even consider a man that doesn’t have CONFIDENCE. She wants the, I got this man! You can’t disguise this CONFIDENCE with money, looks and material things.

You must be willing to face life’s struggles to win a woman’s ultimate respect. Although we can deal with a lot of things, she also really wants to know we can deal with her. That doesn’t mean do what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. A mature woman wont commit to a man that’s afraid of her sexuality, intelligence or emotions. She wants a man who challenges her, she’s too independent for “overly nice guys”, who’s favorite line is OK, anything you want baby! Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do! One day she’ll say go out and close the door behind you!

Confidence being high on the list for a woman’s desire, I’ve found other things that make a difference too. Here they are!

1. She wants your word to be your bond, stop lying mature adults don’t need to lie. She has to TRUST you!

2. Remember birthdays, anniversarys and bring her flowers just because you know she likes them. Remember her favorite flower, color, food, spot on her arm where she wants to be touched etc.

3. Let her see the love in your eye when you look at her, show kindness and be gentle. She knows you’re strong, be vulnerable sometimes. Make her feel special, she wants to feel loved and needed. Hug for no reason, kiss her, rub her shoulders, her back, leg and yes her feet too.

4. Make love to her!

5. Go to the mall, hold her hand, sit and watch her try on all those dresses and shoes. Even though you know she’s only going to buy one, if that. Don’t say a word smile and enjoy your woman being a woman.

6. Be considerate and give her fair notice about what’s going on and not just spring stuff on her expecting her to go along with it.

7. Let her know how you feel, communicate with her, so she’ll know what you want and desire from the relationship.

I know I didn’t cover it all and women are too diverse for me to do so. But I’ve written what I’ve experienced, I’ve listened, I’ve learned and I’m open to learn more, surely I will! One thing I know is, women are love and need love. I’m open to give and receive, if we all remove our ego and communicate life would be much easier.

Permission to reprint is contingent on credit to Milo Edwards


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  1. I like this, well spoken. Thanks for sharing

  2. Milo once again you have brought tears to my eyes…I love this piece. It is such a warm and tender display of accurate observation of what a mature woman really wants….Once again I must say, you get! You get it! Thanks for sharing…A big hug from me to you. Much love ,peace and Joy ;~)

  3. This is so insightful and well-written. I absolutely love it!

  4. Thank you again Milo, for listening and “drinking” us in. It’s wonderful for us to know that YOU know but we must share you. I hope your readers are sharing your writings with the men they know and love. I share some of your thoughts and experiences with my 19 yr old son who is totally and completely baffled by the young women he encounters. His father has passed so he doesn’t have that male to talk with about “affairs of the heart” – a mature male to provide sage advice. You provide a consciousness for him that I believe will help him as he begins his path to the never ending quest to understand females and the relationship process! I hope your readers number heavy in males, as well. They need to hear you and practice what you preach – you’ve got it right! Blessings to you and yours! Have a great day!

  5. I am so tickled~
    I accept that I am not perfect but the quality essentials are present, and that’s what I attract. Nice to see the list though~
    Thanks Milo~

  6. Hello Milo,
    What this women wants: First, to be WHOLE in God and in a relationship with a Man of God, integrity, one who respects leadership, himself, me and my children. A man who seeks God above all else when he is pressed up against the wall, he knows where his help comes from. Therefore, this man will pray, take his family into the church and give Praise and honor unto the Lord. He loves hard through the knowledge and understanding of God’s love. Lastly, a man who is confident thus in God, not due to the things his has obtained of this world. In addition, the things that transpire within the marriage are to remain secret as husband and wife. *wink* That is what Kim White wants.

    And, thank you Milo for such wonderful words of insight. Be blessed everyone!!

  7. Thanks Milo I simply love it. You have pointed out everything a woman wants in a relationship and more. I totally agree with you when you say that what we want comes from within and after we have realised who we really are. I know that thanks to you I have learned a lot about myself and have come to the realisation of what I really want in a relationship and in a man. Thanks again.

  8. Hey Milo…WOW! See…we are not that complicated, emotional at times, but not complicated! You addressed very good points in a simple and realistic way! It can happen, we as women can receive our blessings…the key…knowing who we are first, putting the plan in God’s Hands and being so true to ourselves that it sometimes may hurt. I think that sometimes we are afraid to really be true with our needs and wants that we set ourselves up for failure. BUT FEAR NO MORE… MILO has set the stage! I am going to make sure that I do my part to share your observations because they are so on point! Thanks for taking the time to share. Great Read!

  9. Wow Milo this is beautiful just took my breath away… I’ve always known my worth n know what I want in a relationship n in a man… I just put it in Jesus hands because he’s first in my life thats where all my blessings come from… Thanks again WOW I feel so special…

  10. Milo can u please send me part 1&2 thanks again

  11. This was excellent. You went to the source and got to the root of what MANY women look for, desire, and want in a mate. Excellent observation Milo. Enjoyed this BLOG tremendously……………..CYD

  12. You nailed this! I only hope many men will read this and get it. The knowledge can make for a happier relationship. I have a great one!

  13. Milo…once again right on time! Confidence is definitely one of the things that is a very high priority for me. As you stated, not arrogance or dominance, but a man that is flat out confident! A protector, a leader, and courageous….I got your back kind of man. It takes a lot more of course but I definitely wanted you to know that you hit the nail on the head once again. I so appreciate your thoughts, wisdom, and perspective. You’re awesome!!!

  14. You are RIGHT ON IT!!! I think men want many of those same qualities but do not know how to express it so eloquently. You know, you have such a gift for making others feel great…truly what an amazing gift and glad you share! Hope you and all reading have a fabulous week! BTW…I think your latest photo captured a great look(and it doesn’t hurt it makes you look like a “young” Blaire Underwood)!

  15. Milo…I’m really feeling #1, 3,4,6 & 7. You are definitely a man who is fully in tune with both your masculine and feminine power. A man who is a real man…who is also in tune with the feminine component of his creation is truly rare and greatly appreciated. You definitely Xhibit God’s loving and Xtremely powerful presence in your life. Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  16. Milo, this was Awesome!!! I feel very special, to have read the words of a wise and special man. You went to the source and got to the root of what most ladies look for and desire in a man.

    This is what I feel I need in a good man. Confidence, Challenger, he should always remember what I like, Be gentle, know my special touch,make me feel special, be considerate, be upfront about everything, TRUST, Communicate, Lose the Ego with me, Be yourself. Thanks again. Stay bless

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