There are people in our lives who always have a problem, something just has to be wrong! The old saying, “if it isn’t one thing it’s another,” has a photo of them next to it. They’re constantly talking about they have to help their, sister, brother, mother, kids and the list go’s on. They’ve become enablers or staying busy to distract them from looking at themselves! Tell yourself the truth about why you do this and take a good look at yourself. Are you growing or are you hiding from something by diving into others crap?  It’s OK, to have COMPASSION! When giving to others, sacrificing your needs for theirs, yet, not depleting yourself! Don’t take over, don’t try to control, don’t enable, don’t deplete yourself. That only handcuffs you and cripples the one’s you’re trying to help, stunting both parties growth. “Mellow Into The Moment,” and support, comfort, nourish, love and honor others, which equals COMPASSION! Being healthy, loving and honorable, makes COMPASSION easy! Look into the mirror and ask, am I enabling, staying busy hiding from myself or being COMPASSIONATE?

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  1. Two word for this…REALITY CHECK!I am looking in the mirror…do I like what I see? For that’s a question for me and Big G…Thanks Milo

  2. Milo, Milo Milo, this picture’s worth a thousand words my friend. You nailed it this morning! Great, Great…
    I can’t write I’m so full..Love Ya. Yummmy..

  3. Another dose of GOOD FOOD FOR THE SOUL served HOT this morning. My,my,my. You can not hide from the truth or yourself forever. Good1 as always Milo. Have a blessed day everyone………….CYD

    p.s. you did say this morning food is ZERO caloriee right?

  4. Thanks for the food this morning Milo!

  5. I am a teacher, I teach you how to fish, vs providing the fish for you. If I continue to enable you, you will never learn. I didn’t automatically know this, it took some hard knocks. Learning to say no is hard, but sometimes necessary.

  6. SOOOO wonderful…!!!!
    Just be our own self and DO NOT FAKE so we don’t have to hide anything that could grow potential problems in the future.

    Stay blessed!

    May God continue to be with you and keep you safe ALWAYS.

  7. Milo..Man talk about hitting close to home on this one. I too like Yummy, am to full to write. However,Thanks for this reminder. you just do not know how this has touched me this morning.Maybe i’ll respond in your inbox later on..Thank you my brother.THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU.!!!

    One Love,
    Micheal L. Nesbitt

  8. Milo…As I stated in my response on “Facebook,” I just finished a piece for the “SISTAH POWER” Newsletter for SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER that mentions the importance of “COMPASSION!” After reading your posting for today, however, I had to go back and make sure that I was absolutely clear about the life-saving and enhancing value of compassion. Again…as always, thanks for your passionate insight, profound confirmation, infinite wisdom, and heart-smart “COMPASSION.” Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  9. Awesome, Milo! This is so true! I think so many people try to hide from their own inadequacies behind doing things for others – and then complaining about the amount of things they have to do, to make sure you recognize their efforts!!! It’s like they are trying to get ‘credit on their character’ by sacrificing their time.

  10. Absolutely wonderful!

  11. Milo,You are wonderful, kingly men who deserve to be honored everyday, and appreciated for the unique individuals that you were created to be. Your words are
    sooooo!!!!! outstanding. I’m constantly leaving people behind as i continue to grow and move in the direction to achieve my full potential once again another great food for thought.

  12. Milo I truly belive that way too often we get in God’s way. Sometimes the only way for people to learn their life lessons is to to through life’s troubles. If someone you know is experiencing the same type of issues over and over it is because they have not learned that their actions and decisions lead to the consequences they are experiencing. It’s important to have compassion and to give support, but sometimes you have to let people solve their own problems. This will probably make them mad at you, but you are truly doing a very loving thing. Too often people rely on other people as their source and are angry when they don’t come through. Those who are wise know that God is their source and not only turn to him in times of trouble, but follow his wisdom in their daily living.

    People ruin their own lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord. Proverbs 19:3

  13. Wow, thats so true. Thanks Milo for just reminding us to be true to others and mostly true to ourselves. Because really sometimes we tend to be hovering too much on others lives, and loose who we are in the process. To have compassion is wonderful especially when we do it for the right reasons…. Thanks again Milo

  14. Thank you all for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. I learn from you and I’m grateful for your input.

  15. LOL! Milo, you are something else man. Try your best to stay the way you are. The thing that give your words such impact is the fact that you are unpretentious and speak in laymens terms.

    Last thing we need is another Dr. Phil who doesn’t even sound like he believes his own “crap.”

    Loving it; keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, I try to keep it simple, just like my life. Simple terminology reach’s a broader audience!

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