SurrenderSURRENDER, achieve an emotional and mental state of peace. Dealing with people can cause a serious buildup of frustration, anger, fear, rage and other negative emotions that cloud your mind. If allowed it’ll grow and seep into every aspect of your life and cause serious trouble. So, “Mellow Into The Moment” face the facts and SURRENDER, no need to win or be right. No situation has power over you! Give it up, it’s not yours!

Heavenly father I SURRENDER unto you everything, it’s not mine to deal with it’s yours!

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  1. A GOOD WAKE-UP/EYE OPENER/MORNING INSPIRATION/HATER SHIELD slash slash slash so many other things –just insert your answer “here”. AMEN to this! I am prepared for 2day, got my game face on, head right, hater blocker applied and morning dose of the FOOD for the SOUL—-I AM PREPARED. Nothing needs to be said after that except BE BLESSED and have a wonderful day Milo and FB Family…………..CYD

  2. Milo,

    I hear you loud and clear and I turn it over today. Thanks again for another day of making my day.


  3. Milo what a rich and powerful message you’ve unloaded on us again. It was right on time. I receive it completely. Thank you so much my friend for allowing God to use you to assist us each day. I am praying for your continued favor.

    Be Forever Blessed

  4. Powerful! And yes I surrender…my past, my present and my future. God has my back and it’s all working out for my good! Thanks again for awesome words of encouragement Milo!

  5. The mere fact that you included me in this is amazing in itself .. I am grateful to be on your radar.
    Have an amazing day Milo.
    Smooches … Kris*

  6. Milo, God’s love is wonderful! Too high to get above it and too deep to get under it. Have a wonderful Day!!!

  7. Praising God this morning as always and including you in my thanks to Him for being a constant encouragement in our lives. “Singin’ and swingin’ and gettin’ merry like”…Tuesday! Thank you Milo for all you do! We keep YOU lifted up in prayer also – you are a blessing as well! Have a wonderful, blessed day! “Heidi”

  8. YES..!!! Praise our Almighty God!
    We should and must surrender our lives and ALL things unto His loving hands because He’s the ONLY One who knows what’s BEST for His children.

    Your words of wisdom such a very delicious breakfast for my soul and other people as well.

    God be with you and all your loved ones always.

  9. Milo…without the wisdom to surrender and the willingness to live within the vastness of the divinity of our presence in the world there is little opportunity and much chaos internally…as well as Xternally. “SURRENDER” leads to total freedom and total freedom unleashes unlimited potential. All I can say is “I HUMBLY SURRENDER TO YOUR WISDOM AS WELL AS THE WISDOM, WIT AND WONDER OF LIFE ITSELF!” Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

  10. Nice!

  11. Yeeessss… Praise our Almighty God in good and bad times!
    We should and must SURRENDER our lives and ALL things unto Him because He is the ONLY ONE who knows our BEST needs.

    Your words of wisdom is such a very delicious food unto my soul and others as well.

    God be with you and all your loved ones always.

  12. Milo,
    Thank you for allowing God to use you to encourage his people. Even though we can find encouragement in the word of God, you make it a little more accessible by posting what the spirit gives you. I am a witness to these truths because I get the same message during prayer and or study time. Thanks again for being an instrument God can use and for being dedicated to the cause. I pray God enlarge your territory and keep his hand upon you IJN amen!

  13. Confirmation that we need to let things go. Harboring this anger and resentment causes mental,physical illness and everything in between. Thanks for the food for thought.


  14. Milo,

    I truly loved reading this awesome reminder of how we should SURRENDER daily. Thanks for sharing your amazing wisdom and blessings.

    Joyful Karen

    All to Jesus I surrender;
    All to Him I freely give;
    I will ever love and trust Him,
    In His presence daily live.
    I surrender all,
    I surrender all;
    All to Thee, my blessed Savior,
    I surrender all.

    Thanks Milo!

    • Thank you, Joy!

  16. I have to constantly surrender to the Lord all of my concerns. He says to cast all of our care upon him for he cares for us. Well that’s the best surrender I know. Thanks for sharing dear!


    • Lisa now that’s what I’m talking about. It’s not yours, it’s the Lords to deal with!

  18. Thank you all for your comments, as we surrender we open ourselves up to new positive possibilities to enter our lives. Let go and let GOD!

  19. Thank you Milo for sharing such an insite. Its so true we live our lives clouded with a lot of baggage that we really don’t need to carry. God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or wish for. As we surrender to Him today, I believe He is able to take control over any situation that we might be facing, so lets just let go and let God be!!

  20. Thank you again Milo for your words of wisdom and inspiration. It is so true that dealing with certain people in our lives can cause a build up of frustrations, anger and other negative emotions that cloud our mind. You are right, this, in the long run can only lead to serious trouble. It can lead to confusion and it does end up affecting all aspects of our life. So I am surrendering and facing the facts.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  21. Very powerful… Thanks Milo for speaking on this subject… I Surrender all because He is my guild n I’m nothing without U Lord… U know there are people who are afread to Surrender n give it to God because of fear that He will make them do something they dont wanna do… But thats not God He not going to have u do something that will make u unhappy He will give u the desired to do what He have planed for your lives…God is love n He want His people to be happy… God bless n thanks again Milo

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