Always Choose Love!

Milo EdwardsSometimes in life, regardless of what kind things you do or try to do. There’s going to be people out there that just don’t like you. Stay kind and positive anyway, don’t fight them, forgive them for they know not what they do!

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  1. *ALWAYS CHOOSE LOVE* is one of the best TITLE I’ve ever read.
    That’s really true.
    As long as we have love for ourselves and others, there’ll be no more wars and hatred in this world.
    Living peacefully is what I always want in my life.

    VERY good works, Mr. Milo!!
    You do deserve millions thumbs up… ^_^

  2. Remember the Lobster story Milo? They are just trying 2 pull u down cause u are on the come up sweetie. 1st step is 2 identify the HATERS and the cleverly disguised Smooth Operators –2nd step eliminating the OPPOSITION– 3rd is enjoying the fruits of a job well done and basking in the SUCCESS that you are headed towards. YOU CAN NOT STOP A FORCE THAT IS BURSTING THRU THE DOOR!!! They can slow u down a bit, but what is 4u is 4u PERIOD. No matter what they do, they can not take that away. So if u have haters, that means u are doing something good for them to want or admire or hate on. Consider them FANS but in reverse. The ying and the yang. You can not have 1 without the other. Don’t worry I keep cans of WHIP ASS in the truck just in case. You need some?? CYD

    • Thank you Chontei, I choose love and let’s it roll off my back like water on a duck. They hate you for smiling, being a good friend, helping them and others. I just wonder why people fight not to be joyful but claim that’s what they seek. It truly baffle’s me! I CHOOSE LOVE!

  3. Milo,
    This is a true statement, I truly believe to move on in life you have to forgive. Life is too short to worry about if they have forgiven you.


  4. Milo, our “Friday Late Night With Milo” show was great. That’s what I’m talking about, “robust”. Sometime I like my meat raw! speaking tongue-in-check of course. “Humorist and enthusiast”. Always Choose Love, was without question a great topic. My appreciation for the blog has just deepened! Love ya.. Yummy…

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