Mellow Into The Moment and Acknowledge the Unattended

Do you want healing? Do you desire to be healed? We have a tendency to make excuses for not healing and seeking healing. Allowing things to just linger in our lives. We have unfinished business, ongoing drama and non-existent inner well being. So take time to, “Mellow Into The Moment” and ACKNOWLEDGE you have left things undone, unattended, incomplete and not expressed. The first step to healing is to honestly ACKNOWLEDGE what’s going on. When we don’t ACKNOWLEDGE we sabotage, defeat, defy and hurt ourselves and others. Devote today to honestly ACKNOWLEDGING  what’s really going on and has not been attended to in your life!

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  1. Milo, you received this message from me because you provided a guide toward many positive changes to help others bring their lives in balance. This is only the beginning! I want to find out more. Please allow me to bcome a friend and not just a fan of your work. Thanks you for discovering the truth of who we are and why these challenges exist. “This is truly the push my soul needed and my soul really needs this! It is time for us to take a new direction in our lives even though we probably don’t feel like it. We need to focus on the hard stuff today, as much as we may want to avoid it. We have to have a mind set for dealing with the big issues and unresolved ones also. I have to take care of me right now, by taking the necessary time alone to heal and process my emotions is a good place for me to start. Even if it means a week away alone,or some individual therapy sessions or a support group to help me. At my age (46)and single, I have to consider it a gift that comes with wisdom, strengh, courage and freedom that we do not always possess when we are younger. I belive a world of infinite possibility awaits a woman like me. I call this (Inner Healing for the Soul). The ultimate goal of this is self awarness and understanding.
    Keep empowering us with your words of wisdom!!

    With warm regards, Joyce Reed

  2. Thanks Milo for my Food for Thought today.

  3. You have such a very good blog here.. ^_^
    Keep up the good spirits
    and God bless your wonderful heart always.

  4. Today I have truly been acknowledging what’s going on in my life and have come to clearly understand how it can effect and hurt others. Thanks for helping to trigger a thought that should have been dealt with a long time ago.

  5. Sharon Gotowonderful excellent job. you touched on so many things that good men need to here but are so miss lead.Hopefully they can take a turn for the better. Thank you Milo

  6. Thank you for the reminder Mr. Milo…I’m off to Acknowledge!

    Wishing you an awe inspiring day!

    In Light,


  7. Thank you very much for spending the time and energy on helping to focus people on healing themselves. Let’s get out of denial and own up to the truth of the matter concerning our lifes. In other words, get to the root causes in your life. If you can’t fix yourself, love yourself and be content with yourself. How can you give to others? Well, you can’t do so with success. I want to stop the vicious cycle of self-sabotage. I must trust that the process is not in vain and to be patient and not too needy until the healing and empower is complete. You might get something/someone less than what you truly desire or deserve because you didn’t wait! Perfection is a process that must continually be perfected. Love to all God’s People in this journey ~

  8. I just failed to check the box to be notified of comments on this blog..healing is key to a successful life. God Bless you Brother are doing a work for the People in the universe!

  9. Keep spreading the love!!! There’s so many men out there that will benefit from your words!! Women share these words with your friends, uncles, lovers, brothers any man who wants and need a change in their thinking!! Thank you my dear!!

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